Saturday, August 09, 2008

Examining Edwards

Sometimes even grocery store tabloids get the story right. I wonder if the Edwards supporters feel betrayed tonight? And, did you watch the interview he did with Bob Woodruff for Frontline? Narcissism is only one of this guy's problems.

The news that Edwards is coming clean about the affair and potential paternity of the child involved breaks in late afternoon and the interview is announced for the late night viewers. It's Friday. It's the opening of the Olympic Games. It's late night television. Buried enough for you?

Not so fast, Johnny boy. The story was all over the place and every pundit available on short notice to talk about Edwards and his former campaign were on the talking heads shows. It was Edwardsapollooza. And Elizabeth issued a statement of her own, but she didn't appear in the television interview.

Yes, I watched. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and then I tuned in. It was pretty amazing, I'll give him that. This guy is still so consumed with himself that he has no idea how stupid he sounds. Or, he just doesn't care.

What was the icing on the cake for me was when Edwards dragged McCain into the conversation. Yes, that's right. He said he knew he wasn't the first public figure to do this and said, for example, John McCain cheated on his first wife.

Let's review. This McCain first wife story has been told over and over by all involved yet the Democrats are determined to fabricate. John McCain, after coming home from being a POW for 5 1/2 years in Hanoi, was not the best of husbands to his wife who had been involved in an auto accident and was recovering with disfiguring injuries. However, the split was amicable and when he met Cindy in Hawaii they were already separated. McCain, who adopted the first wife's two sons when he married her, married Cindy after the divorce and the two adopted children remained in McCain's life. Today one son is the Comptroller for Cindy's multimillion dollar business and the other is on the campaign trail with John McCain and Cindy and Meghan. The ex-wife is supporting his candidacy. They remain friends.

No comparison to any common whoring around story.

And, to Elizabeth Edwards. I felt sorry for her that she had to deal with this in public while terminally ill. I was talking to my son about it and he asked why I felt sorry for her. He said, "Mom, you thought she was so strong for wanting to continue with campaigning even though she was sick, why do you think she needs pity now?" And, he's right.

Then, John Edwards said he told Elizabeth about the affair in 2006. So, she's known all this time. Even as he ran for President and denied any questions about it. She supported his bid for President. She was standing there smiling and waving and making speeches all the while knowing her husband was so selfish and arrogant as to run for his party's nomination while this affair was hanging over them. A time bomb waiting to go off. What if he was the nominee and this came out two weeks before the convention? What does that do to all the supporters and the hard work of the campaign workers?

So, no. No sympathy for Elizabeth this time around. It is not her fault she is ill. It is not her fault he was unfaithful and maybe fathered a child with this other woman. It is her fault, however, for enabling her husband to continue on with his exercise in self importance at the expense of his party and the process. And the wonderful family man storyline? She stood by as he received Father of the Year in 2007 and for all the press for their 30th wedding anniversary.

Shame on both of them. What dismal examples they set.


Chuck said...

The reality is that he probably didn't feel threatened about the story breaking. He's a Democrat, that's a free pass from having the story covered by the media. Your fogetting the "it's a private matter" mantra when a Dem gets caught getting it on the side.

Z said...

and leave us not forget that he was at the hotel with her 3 weeks ago...Nobody's much asked about that!'s only used to propel the 2006 story that he was having an affair and denying it...only as a "Now we KNOW it was true in 2006.." And WHY won't the mother of this poor child allow a DNA test?

What's poor Mrs. Edwards doing about the situation of 3 weeks ago? And you make an excellent point; to think a presidential contender's wife knew her husband's unfaithful and a cad and still campaign for this man for president speaks volumes for her and the Democrat party. I just read a quote from Edwards slamming Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal..ironic.
Carville's remark was "everybody knows many men do this"

I'm sure Mary Matalin was thrilled, huh?

Good piece, karen.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Busted! As a real playa - kinda gives a new twist to the "2 Americas" rant he used to preach!

Off topic Karen - any intell or upcoming stuff on rowdy Russia from your other half? Specifically - the energy concerns Russia has solidified and possible Russian chicanery with Georgia's pipeline?

Karen said...

Haven't had a chat with the hubs about the Georgia/Russia situation yet, except when the first news broke - he was called out to troubleshoot a drilling rig in the Gulf Friday night.

I haven't even told him I saw an article in the paper about Iraq exploring for oil for the first time since Saddam days.

heidianne jackson said...

great post, karen. it doesn't surprise me in the least that elizabeth knew all of this all along. it is no different than with hill & bill when he was caught on the lewinsky stuff.

they stand by their men, not because of undying love, but because of what it can do for them personally. elizabeth covered it up because, ultimately, SHE wanted the power as much as john did.

srp said...

I think there is a high probability that Edwards also lied to his wife.... she may have thought he was finished with his affair when he really wasn't.

Having been there myself... it didn't take me two years to figure him out... but it did take a bit of time. Men tend to downplay the extent of the affair if they do admit it.... as I came to find out....

The proof will be in what she does now.

Mommy on a mission said...

I just read People magazine's feature about Elizabeth Edwards and her decision to 'stand by her man'. Her husband is an idiot and I won't be surprised to find that he is the father of his mistress' daughter (lucky girl).

And while I agree with others comments that she should have never stood with him during the campaign, I do understand why she does it now.

She is a mother and she is dying. A day will come sooner rather than later when she will leave her young children. And even though he's a narcissistic jackass, he is still their father and I think she believes its better for the kids to have one parent around when the other passes away.

I always liked her. She seems intelligent and articulate and during the 2004 campaign, I often thought she should have been the one out front - at least more than Kerry's wife.

Her decision really isn't about him. And quite frankly, its about time that something isn't.