Monday, August 25, 2008

Democrats Begin Convention

Today is opening day for the Democrat Convention in Denver. Tonight brings such stellar excitement at Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, perhaps an appearance after the tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy, and then the hyped up appearance by Michelle Obama.

Michelle tonight will attempt to tell you she is 'every woman', as her bff Oprah says. She's just a regular wife and mom. Except she lives in a million dollar mansion with the help of friends with high dollar bank accounts, her salary at Univ of Chicago Med Center almost doubled when her husband became an U.S. Senator and helped push money her way there, and she gives speeches with a nasty boulder sized chip on her shoulder to ordinary Americans.

Other than all that, she's just good old Michelle.

And, she encourages regular Americans to not go the working for a hedge fund route,not go to law school route, not concentrate in making money route. She's all about public service. Easy for her to say, with a salary of a quarter of a million and big bucks for sitting on corporate boards.

She doesn't get it any more than Barack does. So, they are a perfect match.

Speaking of perfect matches, how about the selection of Joe Biden for VP? They shouldn't have much problems meshing with their personalities. It's all about both of them. They both think very highly of themselves. And both plagiarized with free abandon. While there are some clear problems with issues between them, I'm sure that will all be water under the bridge - Biden voted for the Iraq war; Biden voted for the bankruptcy changes in legislation and Obama didn't; Biden's son is a lobbyist for MSNA, the credit card entity based in Delaware and has been made a millionaire in a hedge fund position; and both are very liberal - Obama being the most liberal and Biden almost there with him.

Obama is in favor of all abortion rights, including a move deemed infanticide by his opponents. Biden voted to ban partial birth abortions. Obama favors mandatory health care coverage for children. Biden called for more access to health care coverage for all children and adults.

Biden has been in the Senate longer than McCain. Biden lives in a family 'compound' in Delaware. Biden is a virtual gaffe machine. Where does all this fit in with the change mantra all the chanters chant?

The Republicans are at the convention to combat the smears to come. The McCain group has been good at instant retorts to the nasty stuff, which Obama is suppose to be above. He has Biden to be a tag team now with Michelle,(the Closer) and he can act as though he has nothing to do with any of it.

And, the celebs are still Bush deranged, bless their hearts. Madonna equates McCain to Hitler. Wow, that's original. Madge didn't graduate from high school so we can't really expect too much from her. Remember that old Saturday Night Live skit with the original cast members, Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin? Ackroyd refers to Curtin as, "you ignorant slut". That phrase popped into my head when I heard of Madge's stunt.


Paul is a Hermit said...

So far so good, I've managed to watch not one second of the anointment. Except for a few seconds my local news snuck in before I could hit the mute button.
It's not that I don't want to know, it's that I already know.

Karen said...

My thoughts, too. Been there, heard it all. Not watching any of it, a waste of time for me.