Thursday, August 28, 2008

Noriega Trashes Texas in Denver

While at the Democrat National Convention in Denver this week, the challenger to Senator John Cornyn, Rick Noriega, wasted no time in trash talking his state.

Proving to be just another untrustworthy; not ready for the challenge Democrat, Noriega has chosen to go negative on his own state while trolling for campaign dollars in Denver. With his recent unsuccessful efforts to gain ground in the Senate race, Noriega is now begging for bucks from Western and North Eastern liberal fat cat donors.

According to the Dallas Morning-News: "Being a Texan today, Mr. Noriega said, means always having to say you're sorry." "I immediately feel compelled to just apologize to all of you," Noriega told high rollers at the now infamous gathering of highrollers and about a dozen Democrat senatorial hopefuls. This must be the same gathering, at the Brown Palace Hotel, where Obama's campaign staffers insisted on the ABC News producer be arrested while filming - on a public sidewalk - the attendees, all high ranking Democrat Senators, leaving the hotel. The Sheriff's deputy leading the Senators out of the building was puffing on a cigar, according to reports. How cozy.

Obama, still doing it the Chicago way.

ABC News sent an investigative team to report on the goings on of the big donors to the Democrat party. For all of his protestations of not being beholding to the same people all other politicians are beholding to, especially a standard issue pol from the south side of Chicago, he has proved himself no better. No hope of change with him, no matter how many times he tells his flock otherwise.

Texas is the fastest growing state in the union. Recently, CNBC named Texas the #1 state in which to do business in America. Senator John Cornyn is proud of his state's accomplishments. He is a happy warrior. He is predicted to handily win re-election.

Noriega will learn the hard way that doom and gloom don't sell. Just as the Democrats are busy bashing America for percieved problems - the worst economy ever, according to lying Joe Biden - the facts show otherwise. Noriega should be his own man, not a party puppet. Stop listening to Chuckie Schumer, who refers to Noriega as State Sen. Noriega. Noriega is a State Representative.

Party on, Rick.


Layla said...

That is so unbelievably sick! Yeah he has to say he is a fool - "for being such a hypocrite and a liar!"

I do not trust any politician anymore - not even McCain. As for Bush he will be gone soon and none too fast for me.

They are all corrupt!

Layla said...

I meant, Yeah he has to say he is sorry for being a fool - .....

Sorry, my bad! :)

Chuck said...

This man needs to be "Dixie Chicked" by the voters of Texas. If this isn't a carbon copy of what they did in London, I don't know what is. This kind of crap makes me mad.