Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin: Fire and Nice

Last night, after the Democrat convention was finished, Senator John McCain ran a commercial congratulating Obama for his achievement as the party's nominee. McCain is a class act and showed it once again.

This gesture is lost on the Obama campaign. The likes of David Axelrod and his Chicago political machine of Richard Daley are not class acts. The Obama people are arrogant and without class. Today, before the rally even began and the announcement of Palin official, the Obama spokesman, Bill Burton, released a statement criticising Palin's "small town" mayor experience with no foreign policy experience.

Did the campaign not get the message that voters don't appreciate arrogant wealthy politicians belittling 'small towns' and the people there? Do they think we don't know that Joe Biden was picked as Obama's running mate for his foreign policy experience - and Obama's complete lack of said experience?

And, whereas McCain continued on with is promise of reform and change in Washington, Obama did what he is known to do and went back on his word for fighting for 'hope' and 'change'. Biden has been in Washington longer than McCain and his son is a big time lobbyist with a very lucrative career in D.C.

So, bash away, and the American voters, now alert and paying attention, will be the judge of which ticket is worthy of going to the highest offices in the land.

I wrote about Sarah Palin a while back and she is very impressive. That's what has the Democrats in such a snit. My post introduces some of her story. She is very accomplished at the age of 44 years and that has the other side worried, too. She is not a standard issue politician, as Hillary was, because she is very well-rounded. Hillary was tunnel-visioned solely into politics and her own rewards.

Sarah Palin is the daughter of elementary school employees. She was born in Idaho and moved with her parents to Alaska at the age of 3 months. She went to college in Idaho. She's been a union member and her husband is still a member of the steel workers union. She's a athlete, a former point guard on her high school basketball team that was State Champs. She entered a beauty pageant and walked away with Miss Congeniality. She's a hockey mom (move over soccer moms) and began her ascent into elected office by way of the PTA. She was voted onto her town's City Council and then Mayor. From there she ran as a fresh visionary for Alaska, a state fraught with corruption. She's made impressive inroads into cleaning up the state's politics. She sold the state's jet as an unnecessary expense. She drives herself around in her VW Jetta. She has an 80% approval rating as her state's governor, a number to be respected by anyone in the arena.

Today is her 20th wedding anniversary.

Her husband is just as well-rounded. Besides his union membership, he is a commercial fisherman, and an oil production manager on the North Slope. He shoulders the majority of kid raising duties. Sarah and he have 5 children, the youngest born in April. The oldest enlisted in the U.S. Army on 9/11/07 and is in a striker brigade. He is set to be deployed to Iraq soon.

Palin has been to Iraq. She is the only candidate on either ticket to have executive experience. The Obama people want to belittle her experience but they do so at their own folly. She is change and reform. She is a breath of fresh air. She acknowledged Gerry Ferrero and Hillary in her acceptance speech. She is gracious and mature.

For Obama to come out of the shoot so quickly and try to stomp on her announcement, shows insecurity. No one knew who Obama was just a matter of months ago. He still has no real resume to be President. He's at the top of his ticket. His VP, Biden, picked solely on his foreign policy experience, his a gaffe machine. He even has already made a mistake in the military terminology he used in his own acceptance speech. He is a 6 term Senator, longer serving than McCain. He is also arrogant, as is Obama, and while trying to use his Scranton, PA Joe routine, was raised in an upper middle class home on the east coast and now lives in what is referred to as the 'family compound'. Change?

Sarah Palin, as governor, told Washington, D.C., "Thanks, but no thanks, for that bridge to nowhere." She said, "if we wanted a bridge, we'd build it ourselves." She is for drilling in Alaska but stands up to the whipping boys of the Democrat's lingo, Big Oil, and demands the state receive a bigger share of revenue from them. She's serious on energy policy, the Obama policy people are clueless. Obama says there is no alternative energy policy in D.C. now? It's a lie, and if he doesn't know that Bush began with funding alternative energy policy in 2001, then that would be his own inexperience showing. Surely he wouldn't just be dishonest for the sake of a speech, would he?

Today is John McCain's birthday. He gave us a terrific present in the selection of Sarah Palin.

Typical McCain being McCain.

Country first. Two mavericks and two reformers united to turn around Washington, D.C. Together.


DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Obama wanted a CHANGE...
Well he got one that don't wear a Pant Suit!

Jennifer said...

Palin is impressive as a human being. Her politics? Well, that's subject to serious debate. The judgment used in picking her over Ridge, Romney, Hutchinson, Whitman, et. al. to be next in line as the leader of the free world? Clearly that's a easily debatable subject, as well.

One voter's "class act" is another's rapidly diminishing nightmare.

For the record, he ran the ad before the speech, and if you'd have us believe that he placed in when and where he did because he's such a pure hearted swell guy and not because he wanted to implement the political strategy of superimposing his face in the middle of the wall-to-wall DNC coverage, I've got a couple of over-mortgaged properties to show you.

Arrogance in politics and commentary walks a fine line. You can't throw your pie in someone's face and eat it too.

Nikki said...

great piece Karen and looks like the dems are going with a walking dead 72 year old President scenario. Nice political change. :)N

Karen said...

Actually I saw the McCain ad on Fox News after the speech when Brit Hume was doing the panel's discussion. Maybe you saw it on another channel.

Palin is a good choice. She was 8 yrs old when Biden was elected the first time. She's a smart fighter. We'll see how it pans out.

The Obama campaign is void of class regularly. It's my opinion. I'm a partisian in this election and don't pretend otherwise. I'll support McCain/Palin.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I think it's an excellent choice for McCain. Obama is in big trouble and many on the left know it.


Chuck said...

Last night, after the Democrat convention was finished, Senator John McCain ran a commercial congratulating Obama for his achievement as the party's nominee"

Let's see if Obama does the same during the GOP convention, anyone want to take bets?

voters don't appreciate arrogant wealthy politicians belittling 'small towns' and the people there?

Just another 'clinging to guns and religion' moment

Z said...

Jennifer, there are people who want a man with about the same or less experience actually RUNNING for president!

Janie said...

I had an original thought this morning. What if all the women that were going to vote for Hilary switch over to the Repub ticket since Palin is on it?

I've read her background and some articles and I LIKE HER. She and McCain will rock.

As usual, kick butt post, Karen.