Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Texas FOP Endorses Cornyn

Senator John Cornyn is unanimously endorsed by the Texas Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) for re-election. The organization states Cornyn's strong Senate record on "the rule of law is one of the many reasons that influenced their support." That from an article from in Austin.

Cornyn's response, "I'm honored to receive the backing of men and women who play a vital role in keeping our communities safe...I am committed to continue working with them on behalf of all Texans." Cornyn is known for his pursuit of securing resources and tools for law enforcement so that they may protect Texas families.

"Most recently, Senator Cornyn joined Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson this past month in introducing the Border Law Enforcement Relief Act of 2008 to help border law enforcement personnel in addressing greater drug trafficking and violence."

Compare that legislation with the recent statement of Rick Noreiga, after he called the support of Cornyn for border fences "silly hoaxes".

Noreiga is still running way behind Cornyn in the polls. And, he is not flush with money in the bank.

In The Hill today Texas A&M political scientist Harvey Tucker is quoted as stating, "Texas is on its way to becoming a one-party state." Yeah, we're keeping Texas red, y'all.

Also today in The Hill, an article caught my attention concerning a call for an ethics committee investigation to investigate House members and aides receiving sweetheart deals on home mortgages. According to the article, written by Jackie Kucinich, "Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Mark Souder (R-IN) contend that the "serious and broad allegation that members of Congress, congressional staff and other officials were given preferential treatment...needs to be investigated."

They call on Chairman Henry Waxman to respond. This is a good follow-up to a post I wrote in June about the connections of sub-prime mortgage loans and the two prominent Democrat senators, Kent Conrad and Christopher Dodd. That post is now featured on Blog Nosh, an interesting new online magazine.

"Rep. Issa told The Hill in an interview on Tuesday that he would continue to press the issues raised in the Portfolio articles. He expressed doubt that the matter would be resolved by the ethics committee in a timely manner."

"In June, Portfolio magazine reported that housing reform bill architect and Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, and Sen. Kent Conrad received special deals on their mortgages from Countrywide. Both claimed they had no knowledge that they were receiving special treatment. Portfolio recently reported that House staff and former federal officials also received preferential treatment on their mortgages."

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