Friday, October 19, 2007

Harry's No Bid

What does $2,100,100.00 buy a gal these days? If you are Betty Casey and that was your bid to Ebay for the letter from the Senate Majority Leader to the CEO of Clear Channel Communications, Inc., you would receive the original letter from Reid, an attache case (Halliburton issue) housing said letter, a photo of Rush Limbaugh and the letter, and a letter of thanks from Limbaugh. The bid is being matched dollar for dollar by Limbaugh personally and the money goes to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation charity for children of fallen heroes. The charity will receive $4,200,200.00 in total.

Limbaugh was the subject of this unprecedented, historic abuse of power by Senate Majority Leader Reid. Reid chose to attack a private citizen on the floor of the Senate and unsuccessfully tried to eliminate the livelihood of Limbaugh by writing to Mr. Mays and calling on him "to publicly repudiate these comments that call into question their service and sacrifice and to ask Mr. Limbaugh to apologize for his comments." The letter alleges that Limbaugh called soldiers with complaints about the execution of the war in Iraq, 'phony soldiers'. The tape from his radio show clearly shows otherwise, the phony soldiers reference was used a few nights before the day of the radio broadcast by news anchor Charlie Gibson on ABC News and it references some who have been found guilty of falsely claiming military service to receive benefits not due them. Reid knew that. He chose, however, to distort it for political gain after the humiliation he and his party suffered from the MoveOn ad about General Petraeus.

This indignant outrage from the same Senate Majority Leader who took to the Senate floor and proclaimed the war in Iraq was lost, as our soldiers were on the field of battle.

This indignant outrage from the same Democrats who called General Petraeus a liar, a betrayer of the American people for his successes in Iraq and his life service to his country.

Forty U.S. Senators marched along with Reid and signed his letter, written on his Office of the Majority Leader letterhead, including Senator Dick "Gulags" Durbin the Assistant Majority Leader, Senator Charles "this war will win us Senate seats" Schumer, Vice Chairman of the Democratic Conference, and Senator Patty Murray, Secretary of the Democratic Conference. Tom Harkins, Jack Reed, Frank Lautenberg, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ron Wyden, Bill Nelson, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Bob Casey, Jr, Barbara Milkaski, Jim Webb, Patrick Leahy, Teddy (the swimmer) Kennedy, Jon Tester, Max Baucas, Byron Dorgan, Ben Cardin, Tom Carper, Carl Levin, Amy Klohibar, Jay Rockefeller, Blanche Lincoln, Ken Salazar, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Daniel Akaka, Robert (kkk) Byrd, Debbie Stegenaw, Sherrod Brown, Barak Obama, and a few whose signatures I can't decipher. You'll note those running for President signing this letter stifling a private citizen's freedom of speech.

Reid tried to get the Limbaugh radio show taken off the armed forces radio networks. Reid discussed Limbaugh's military deferment, a medical one, on the Senate floor, Tom Harkin talked about Limbaugh's remarks and proclaimed Rush must be "back on his drugs". Medical privacy anyone?

Reid was too cowardly to accept the invitation to come on Limbaugh's radio program and discuss the alleged misstatements. He never issued an apology when the remarks were vindicated by all who actually listened to the tape.

Reid went to the floor of the Senate at noon today, shown on C-SPAN, and acted as those he was working with Limbaugh to get the level of bidding up on Ebay and encouraged everyone who could afford to bid to do so. Unbelievable. He congratulated the bidders and Rush for the money being raised for charity. Unbelievable. No mention of any matching bids from creepy voiced Harry, though. After all those sweet land deals, courtesy of his seat in the Senate and his lobbyist sons, he could well afford to be generous.

This pitiful old lady of a man is the very face of an egomaniac. He is one arrogant politician. To smear a private citizen while spreading a false story and bringing along 40 of his willing colleagues for what he thinks will be political gain, bowing once again to the likes of the MoveOn wing of their party and their dominance of the party, well, we see why his poll numbers are at an historic low. Reid has led his party over the cliff and they see no way back. Reid signed on to the money raising for charity and thus, waved the white flag of surrender.

Who is it that is trying to take away the rights of the American people?

They are telling us who they are, are you listening?

The winning bid for the auction is in the amount of $2,100,100.00 and it was bid by Betty Casey, a philanthropist. She is a Trustee of the Eugene B. Casey Foundation and they give millions to medical research and to the Washington Opera.

She listened and responded.

Rack up another failure of leadership for Harry Reid.


LionHeart said...

Hi Karen, thanks for dropping by and leaving me an encouraging comment.

God bless you


Paul is a Hermit said...
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Paul is a Hermit said...

Betty Casey is a terrific lady. At the opposite end of the Caseys is Pennsylvania's little guy, Bobby, can I have a chair, can I, huh? Casey, who can't stop groveling to the likes of Reid. He's on that list, Karen.
The facts in this matter can't be disputed. The whole matter makes it sound like Carville is back.

AC said...

Unbelievable. that is the only word for it. I considered and tossed a dozen more, you know, because I'm such a polite & proper person.

Michael said...

It's a pity I'm not in Reid's state, so I could make a point of not voting for him.