Saturday, October 04, 2008

"An American Carol" and Alinsky Lives

Any movie with the lead-in music of Lynard Skynard's "Sweet Home Alabama" is ok with me. I've listened to that song since it was released during my high school days in Atlanta in the 70's.

"An American Carol" is a spoof on the current madness overtaking our national dialogue that is all things 'progressive'. It's not cool to show support our country's military might, or to believe in the goodness of our way of life.

This movie isn't a slapstick guffaw fest like previous spoofs. It's not "Airplane" or those kinds of movies. This movie is funny but with a consistent story line and goes from present to past back to present. And, yes, the ending is happy.

I don't want to talk about specifics because I don't want to tell the story. My husband and I haven't been to a movie in ages but we decided with all the nastiness of this current election season and so many clueless sheeple being lead down the yellow brick road that this would be a pleasant diversion. It was. As a long time fan of Kelsey Grammar, I was not disappointed.

We went to the first showing of the day. We did that because the only theatre showing the movie convenient to us is normally packed by the masses by lunch time. Lots of megaplexes are not showing the movie. And, certainly none of the smaller, boutique style theatres are running it. The liberals will be so relieved.

And it plays well to this disturbing article I read last night. Have you, if you are a loyal Obama supporter, received your invitation to Camp Obama? What is that, you ask? According to this article, true to his hero Saul Alinsky, the Obama has taken 'get in their face' as the campaign slogan.

The pitch, via e-mail alerts reads: "Camp Obama attendees will receive real world organizing experience that will have a direct impact on this election. Graduates of Camp Obama will go on to become Deputy Field Organizers who will lead this campaign to victory in crucial battleground states around the country." "By participating in Camp Obama you'll get the kind of experience that Barack got as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, where he learned that real change happens from the bottom up."

"While the letter neglects to identify the source of that "experience", a slide on a camp blog linked to the Obama Web site offers a clue. Underneath a "Welcome to Camp Obama" banner, a trainer at Obama headquarters in Chicago is seen speaking next to a wipe board with the words "Saul Alinsky" scrawled across it." Alinsky was a Chicago socialist and street agitator. He is referred to as the father of community organizing. Barack Obama calls his Alinskyite experience "the best education I ever had."

According to David Freddoso, a best selling author of a book on Obama, camp trainer Mike Kruglik, "the Alinsky disciple who first taught Obama hardball organizing tactics on the South Side", "was Obama's boss in the '80's", and "now works for the Chicago-based Gamaliel Foundation, which trains and deploys radicals across the country."

"Kruglik once declared Obama "the undisputed master of agitation," according to David Freddoso."

Obama recently told his flock at a rally in Nevada to confront Republicans and "get in their faces." Ah, yes. A true leadership move by the agent of change. Of Marxist change. He was raised by a mother spouting Marxist dogma while married to two Muslim men so it is no wonder that Obama feels so comfortable with all of this.

"Be absolutely ruthless," adds Camp Obama director Jocelyn Woodards, who leads the intensive two-day training course for campers in Chicago."

And, the plan is in play. As the new early voting stunt in Ohio proves, corruption is key in swing states. While the Supreme Court wrestles with this issue, Ohio has approved same day registration and voting during a one week early voting ploy. While Democrats are the first to cry 'disenfranchisement', the issue of transparency is bogus. Democrats have no such wish. This is further proven by the Democrat Chairman of Ohio saying "nothing going wrong in Ohio" while the Republican election observers are being denied access to polling places. Both parties are allowed an equal number of observers but the Democrats are denying them access during this corrupt early voting week.

Inside Camp Obama, Alinsky lives.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Lots of megaplexes are not showing the movie.

Yeah, I learned that the hard way. After seeing a tv ad for it Thursday night, I just showed up at Century City Mall, not realizing it was in limited release to 1600-2000 theaters. The Mall theaters weren't showing it, even though they have pretty deluxe theaters.

I went to the Bridge, out here in LA, later on in the early evening.

Camp Obama sounds like a "re-education camp".

Karen said...

Yeah. Our regular megaplex was damaged by Hurricane Ike and is closed for repairs. The boutique I wanted to go to - where they serve real food and adult beverages - isn't showing it.

Kris, in New England said...

Sounds like Obama is starting to formalize his "civilian national guard", AKA private police force.

Incognito said...

no-one seems to care about the Alinsky influence or any other of his leftist associations..

camp obama... and have you seen the Obama Youth video? not the one I posted but the other one with highschool kids... scary stuff.