Monday, October 06, 2008

Obama's Judgement by Association

"Barack Obama is a 'decidedly liberal' senator 'who was finding his feet, and then got diverted by his presidential ambitions', according to a frank verdict delivered to Gordon Brown by the British ambassador to the United States." In an article written by Toby Harnden in the Telegraph, that is a quote from an assessment of Obama delivered by Sir Nigel Sheinwald, ambassador in Washington since last year, to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Sir Nigel said "charges of elitism 'are not entirely unfair' and he is 'maybe aloof, insensitive' at times." Obama betrays a "highly educated and upper middle class mindset."

And, according to the assessment, it is expected that former Senator Tom Daschle will be Obama's Chief of Staff. Tom Daschle? Why does Obama keep reaching to the past while talking about change and a new direction?

Sir Nigel "reiterates the point: "Although he has been a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for four years, and a regular attender of meetings in his first two, there is little Obama track record to refer back to."

Yes, Obama is a master at the covering up of his past.

Have you heard of the Joyce Foundation? (h/t Bookworm). From David Hardy at Pajamas Media , "As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama must demonstrate executive experience, but he remains strangely silent about his eight years (1994-2002) as a director of the Joyce Foundation, a billion dollar tax-exempt organization. He has one obvious reason: during his time as director, Joyce Foundation spent millions creating and supporting anti-gun organizations."

"During Obama's tenure, the Joyce Foundation board planned and implemented a program targeting the Supreme Court. The work began five years into Obama's directorship, when the Foundation had experience in turning its millions into anti-gun "grassroots" organizations, but none at converting cash into legal scholarship." "The plan's objective was bold: the judicial obliteration of the Second Amendment."

Yes, Senator Obama is bold. Interesting article.

Both presidential campaigns are now at slugfest level. For the next 29 days, it's a bloodbath. Both sides are equally guilty and only the blind will argue with that. It is what it is.

However, for either side to claim it is a smear campaign being waged by the opposition is also unserious. Facts are facts. Presenting facts are not smears. The problem is that Obama is a thin skinned narcissist and has run a campaign of fluff and pretty words. Chicago style. Alinsky style. He's up in the polls so his flock is tasting victory. Time will tell.

It matters what the past is of a candidate for the highest office in the land with such a lack of experience and resume. He's the product of the Daley machine in Chicago. His wife brought him into the church of Jeremiah Wright, a church in which she was raised. It was ultimately to launch his political career. Michelle Obama, a choice made by Obama as his wife, is an angry black woman. The very first public quote out of her when Obama announced he would run for president was well, you know, Barack can get shot just going to the gas station as a black man. Nice one for the candidate running as a 'post racial' candidate. And, the black liberation church? Yeah, no race issues there. Obama was married there. Obama chose to baptist his children there.

Obama says he never heard any of the hate speech coming out of that church in all the 20 years he attended. Interesting.

He linked up with William Ayers through his 'community organizing' days. He was introduced to the big dollar non-profit world through Ayers and the Annenberg Challenge. Obama springboarded to the state legislature from there. There he learned all about earmarks for his supporters and $100,000 gazebos.

Next, the U.S. Senate race. Having been properly trained in Chicago, he took legal action against any serious opponents to clear the way for his run. Working within the system - Alinsky style. He was elected and a year and one half later he was running for president. Interesting.

His judgement is a mystery to many voters. Every time he had the choice of establishing connections with others, he chose the most radical, the most hateful. The most corrupt.

His judgement does matter. Now, he says he didn't really know William Ayers. Unbelievable. Well, his flock fell for it all those other times.

We have seen the videos of the Obama youth camp style performances. Indoctrination, Alinsky style. Obama camp for 'community organizers' and getting out the vote. Corrupt get out the vote tactics are already in play in early voting states. The plan is going well.

Alinsky would be proud.

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Again you're able to put into words what a lot of people have been thinking! Bravo :D