Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cornyn Leads Noriega With Wide Margin

According to the latest findings from the Rasmussen poll, released this morning, Senator John Cornyn is leading challenger Rick Noriega by a comfortable margin of 15 points. Rasmussen finds the results to be Cornyn 55%, Noriega 40%.

It is more and more evident that, across the state, the people are speaking in favor of Senator Cornyn's re-election. He handily won both televised debates with Noriega and reminded the viewers of reasons to vote for his re-election.

Senator Cornyn reminded the viewers of a political stunt perpetuated in the State House not so long ago, when the Democrats left the state and went to hotel rooms in Oklahoma in a temper tantrum. Yes, the Democrats in the Texas legislature left the chambers in Austin and fled to Oklahoma rather than work with Republicans and put forth legislation on the agenda. Rick Noriega was a willing participant in this temper tantrum. Adults, elected by the people of Texas, behaving as children on the dime of the taxpayer.

Texas deserves better than the type of judgement shown by Rick Noriega. Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle endorsed Rick Noriega. That is the only newspaper endorsement of Noriega throughout the state. It is clear evidence that the new leadership of the newspaper, which also endorsed Barack Obama for President, has moved the newspaper editorial board to the biased left. Obama is only the second Democrat endorsed by the Chronicle, going back to the days of Eisenhower, with LBJ being the other endorsed Democrat. LBJ is understandable - a native son of Texas and powerful Democrat in the leadership in Washington, D.C. when Democrats ruled for so long. There is new leadership at the newspaper now and the editorial leanings of the board have left the newspaper with declining subscriptions and advertisers.

It does not surprise me that the endorsement was for Noriega. I didn't think the newspaper would be honest in the Senatorial endorsement, especially with Noriega's wife now on the Houston City Council. The endorsement is very disappointing.

The people will speak with their votes. Rasmussen Markets data gives Cornyn an 89.7% chance of re-election. The same report shows Governor Rick Perry with a good to excellent chance of re-election and John McCain with a solid 10 point lead over Barack Obama.

Texas is still strongly in the red state column. Texas is served well by Senator Cornyn.

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