Monday, October 27, 2008

Use Your Brain. Vote McCain

That new slogan was chanted yesterday as Sarah Palin was speaking to another large rally in Virginia. Tito Munoz was on stage with her. You may remember Tito as the man holding the reporters at a previous rally accountable for the despicable behavior into the life of Joe the plumber.

Use your brain. Vote McCain.

Sarah Palin is hung with a noose around her neck as Halloween decoration and the Hollywood police decide it's no big deal. A woman in west Texas gives an honest opinion of which candidate she'll support in the election and she is questioned - at her home- by Secret Service agents. She made no threats, mind you, they just didn't like her 'tone'. And, what would the 'tone' of a noose be, right?

Today in Pennsylvania, as Sarah Palin spoke, protesters tried to insert themselves. They were escorted out. Funny, I never see protesters at Obama rallies. I didn't see any disrupting the rally broadcast a bit earlier than the one for Palin and McCain. The far left has no intention of allowing any speech but theirs.

Today is Pennsylvania day for both campaigns. It's a cold and rainy day there. One outdoor event had to be cancelled for the McCain campaign. It is interesting that the state - declared by the media to be solidly for Obama by a large percentage - is really very tight in the polling done by the campaigns internally. That's why Obama is there today and why he is bringing in Bill Clinton to cross the state campaigning for him. Bill Clinton. That speaks volumes.

This election is not certain by any means. The polls are all over the board and they are not accurate. Over and over, if you delve into the specifics of who is polled, the respondents are heavily Democrat. And, this time around, people are far more reluctant to give an answer and are saying they are 'undecided'. Republicans and Independents have been underrepresented. The polls had John Kerry up by double digits this time four years ago. Something to remember.

This is still a center-right country. The redistribution of wealth ideas held dear by Barack Obama and his economic advisers do not sit well with American voters. In times of financial difficulties, the very last action needed is raising taxes on small businesses and even on the vilified big businesses. Never mind that the employers are the businessmen. The Obama team continues on with the whole idea of wealth created from the bottom up. They do think you are stupid, American voter. Rational voters know where the jobs are created and who writes the checks.

A PBS interview from 2001 has surfaced with Obama, in his own words and voice, explaining his thoughts on the redistribution of wealth. He states the Supreme Court should be involved. He sees it as as "political and economic justice in society." How Marxist of him.

"I think, tragedies of the civil rights movement was, um, because the civil rights movement became so court focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change."

Continuing on with a very disturbing tactic of the Obama campaign, that is why Joe the plumber had to be destroyed by the willing participants in the media. Joe the plumber brought Obama's thoughts to the forefront and American voters stepped back and paused for a bit of reflection. Obama, with a paper thin resume, the most liberal and least experienced politician to run for President is quite able at covering up his past. No student records, no reason why he attended Occidental College for two years before going off to the Ivy League schools back east. No medical records. No photos of him smoking a politically incorrect cigarette. No release of documents from his community organizing days and his Corporate Board sitting days, except for a few to be trickled out to show a little effort to those requesting information.

And, if you question the judgement and character of a man who consistently has sought the companionship of others who condemn America instead of praising America, well, you are a racist. You are stupid. Bill Burton, spokesman for Obama, said yesterday as the tape of the redistribution of wealth interview was being made public, that Obama didn't really mean that. That is what they always say.

It is always that the audience didn't really understand what Obama said. It is always that Obama didn't know anything about the actions of the hateful mentors and advisers of his past. Voters are asked to just trust his judgement. What judgement? I keep waiting for the superior judgement of Obama to show. Where is it hiding?

There is no good judgement there. Not for the best interests of America, anyway. The best interests of his personal rise in politics, maybe. That is the story of Obama's life. Him first. The story of McCain's life? Country first.

Use your brain. Vote McCain.


Lizzi said...

I absolutely love that catch-phrase and would follow it by: "Use Your Voice ... while you still can."

Kris, in New England said...

I fear that all this just isn't enough anymore. Obama's followers are more like adoring hordes - never questioning just following, like sheep.

I hope I'm wrong; for the sake of all of us who are reasoned and aware. Cuz if I'm not it's going to be a dim grim 4 years.

I'm glad my primary wardrobe color is black - it could take on a whole new meaning as I go into deep mourning for my country.