Friday, October 17, 2008

Why The Shrillness From Obama Supporters?

With Barack Obama, the Chosen One of the media and every reporting organization in the world, up in the polls, why are the Democrats and their cohorts so shrill and desperate sounding this close to the election? With a tough economic landscape and increased voter registrations - whether legitimate or not - and all the neglect of the press to do any real investigative reporting on the life and times of Obama, he should coast on into the White House, no problem. He's got the schtick down and the masses have swallowed it and asked for more. He is described as smooth. Articulate (ah, ah, um). Intelligent (why hasn't he released his college records and thesis?). Why hasn't he acknowledged the two years at Occidential College before he hit the Ivy League?

On the entertainment front, a release of a new DVD version of "Hanoi Hilton", a film from 1987, has been quietly moved back. Why? There is an interview with John McCain, a POW there during the Vietnam War, and "the studio is concerned that any pre-election showing might embroil the project in electoral politics." That from the Houston Chronicle. Never mind that Warner Brothers, the studio involved, has been a big financial supporter of the Obama campaign. No, nothing political here. Just move along. Originally, the spokeswoman for Warner Brothers said the studio didn't want to violate any campaign finance laws. "After conferring with company lawyers, however, she said Warner was concerned not about legal violation but possible accusations that it was electioneering. "It could have gotten some objections," she said."

Yeah, sure. "Daniel P. Tokaji, an associate professor at the Ohio State University laws school, said promotional showings of the McCain interview would present no obvious legal issue. "I don't immediately see what law they would violate," said Tokaji, who specializes in election law." The writer of the film and director, Lionel Chetwynd, is conservative and wanted to promote the DVD among veteran groups and on Web sites. He was to screen it for the Creative Artists Agency, too. But that's all halted.

What about Oliver Stone's latest hit piece movie on President Bush? No problem there. It's a potential Academy Award nominee to hear the latest raves from the Hollyweird set.

Fidel Castro says America is a racist country and it "is a miracle that the Democratic candidate hasn't suffered the same luck as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and others who harbored dreams of equality and justice." Castro spouted that bit of wisdom Saturday, insisting there is "profound" racism in America. Who's he been talking to, John Lewis?

Rep. John Murtha, D-PA, said that western Pennsylvania is a racist part of the state. Unbelievable. Then he had to walk that bit of insanity back. You'll remember he is the same person who stated that our Marines were killing innocent Iraqis in cold blood. Also, he's the one who said John McCain is too old to be President, though Murtha is several years older and up for re-election himself. Quite a piece of work.

And, for those suffering from liberal white guilt and voting for Obama simply for the color of his bi-racial skin, Jesse Jackson said it won't be enough to settle old grievances of blacks linked to the memories of slavery. So, there's that. Jackson has no intention of letting that canard go, or of giving up his job of shaking down corporations for his own monetary gain.

In Evian France, speaking at the first World Policy Forum, Jackson said,"Obama is about change." "And the change that Obama promises is not limited to what we do in America itself. It is a change of the way America looks at the world and its place in it." In a write-up in the New York Post, Jackson said that while Obama is not a descendant of slaves, "you don't need to be a descendant to slaves to experience the oppression, the suffocating injustice and the ugly racism that exists in our society." "Obama experienced the same environment as all American blacks did. It was nonsense to suggest that he was somehow not black enough to feel the pain."

Jackson, famous for a remark years ago with the term "hymie-town" in it, spoke of lessening the importance of Israel's better interests in terms of dealing with the Israel-Palestine conflict. "Barack will change that", because as long as the Palestinians haven't seen justice, the Middle East will "remain a source of danger to us all." "Barack is determined to repair our relations with the world of Islam and Muslims. Thanks to his background and ecumenical approach, he knows how Muslims feel while remaining committed to his own faith." So, the Chosen One feels their pain and no one else can. So, a bi-racial man raised in Honolulu and Indonesia, benefiting from educations at the most exclusive of schools - from the most expensive Prep school in Hawaii, then Occidential College, then Columbia and Harvard; was taken under the tutelage of Jackson and Daley in Chicago; was brought into a black liberation church by his angry girlfriend, then wife; and is the darling of the far left is just a man of the world.

McCain campaign headquarters in South Carolina, Ohio and other spots have been vandalized by Obama robots. Whoopi Goldberg asks John McCain on a morning chat show if he'll re-institute slavery. Claims of rowdy rally-goers yelling nasty words at McCain events, many of them now discredited, are written of as the gospel by the slobbering press. Some outright lies of convenience. And, those open minded progressives - all about womens rights - wearing t-shirts calling Sarah Palin a c---. How evolved of them. Womens rights, just not for conservative women who succeed. And, now that the story of Joe the plumber brings a face of a regular guy to the outrageous Obama tax plan scheme, Joe is vilified by the left. I thought the left was all about the regular working guy. Oh.

Obama is encouraging the far left to give themselves this low mark in history. However, they succeed on their own.


Freadom said...

Nice write up. I'll just be happy when it's all over.

Freedomnow said...

If there is one thing that you can count on Freadom, is that it will never be over.

As opposed to the messiah complex that fools leftwingers into believing that Obama will save the world... conflict is ingrained in our nature.

If Obama loses, the leftwingers will continue to make war on our country.

If Obama wins they will fracture and rightwingers will become bitter opponents bent on revenge.

Leftists think that there is an easy way out. There is no way out short of death. They are buffoons.

Enjoy life, but be prepared to earn your way through it…

Jess said...

Way to go as always. For the first time I really fear for the loss of freedom. I just voted--Bob Barr. I could not in good conscience vote either major party.

Chuck said...

I think there's more trouble for Obama than we realize. The polling methods being used are interesting at best, some polls weight the parties giving the GOP a 26% share. This means they are saying only 1 in 4 Americans is a Republican?

The money Obama has spent is thourgh the roof.

The media is completely in the tank.

It's a "Democratic year".

With all of this Obama should be up 15 points easy, yet the race is tightening. And McCain/Palin are drawing large enthusiastic crowds.

This is not over yet.

Anonymous said...

Charles Krauthammer presented an interesting case about who is playing the race card. Few seem to recall it was Obama himself who first introduced the race card; he announced early in the campaign (seemingly a hundred years ago) that someone is sure to introduce the race card. I am not shocked by the increasingly liberal use of race in this election, only that most Americans (who generally abhor discrimination) have so willingly bought in to the erroneous supposition. This is a clear “win” for Obama, who is a fast study and a noteworthy student. We should also acknowledge the efforts of Obama’s tutors: Cone, Wright, Farrakhan, Jackson, and Sharpton.

Freedomnow said...

Well Jess,

In the end your vote will benefit Obama.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hey Karen - that shrillness may actually be one of two - or a super sized combo of both: Either they fear they may not win. Lately the polls are tightening up a bit and any discussion of the Big O's Anti American Freak Show posse totally drives O cats beserk.

Or, perhaps they are just teasing with a harbinger of 'Hate Speech Free' zones that shout down and silence any discussion.

On campus, the Obamabots are everywhere and they get right in your face about. Recently two gallant guys called out a cat who got louder and louder with petite moi. When he raised his arms above his waist - they stepped in.

It was scary.

Anonymous said...

Good write-up Karen. You are truly right on the mark here. I am fed up with the arrogance of Obama, his campaign team, Democrat pundits and the ilk.

What concerns me more is the gullibility of so many American people. They just do not see through all the scary things about this man and the lies he perpetually tells.

I am praying for our nation and the American people that the left wakes up and votes the right way, not the Obama way. We will truly be in trouble with an Obama admin. OY!

shoprat said...

It is bizarre that they are so frightened of losing when they have the world convinced they can't lose. And why are they cheating so much if they're winning? It doesn't make sense unless things aren't as they appear.

Incognito said...

way to go Jess.. you just gave Obama another vote! Thank God my democratic parents are not voting at all, so that's 2 more votes for McCain from my sister and me.

Anyone who thinks that not voting or voting 3rd party is better than McCain, will effectively be responsible for the downfall of this country when Obama and a democratic majority pillages this country and takes away our freedoms.

as for the shrillness, it's in their nature. liberals are meanspirited, intolerant and exclusive.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

In a write-up in the New York Post, Jackson said that while Obama is not a descendant of slaves, "you don't need to be a descendant to slaves to experience the oppression, the suffocating injustice and the ugly racism that exists in our society." "Obama experienced the same environment as all American blacks did. It was nonsense to suggest that he was somehow not black enough to feel the pain."

Hmmm....what was it Jackson was saying over a hot mic, not too long ago....?