Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Noriega's Web Ads Lie As Finish Nears

Have you seen the latest youtube ad from the Noriega campaign? Rick Noriega, down double digits in the polls and only endorsed by the Houston Chronicle in his bid to unseat incumbent Senator John Cornyn, has resorted to the lowest form of campaigning.

First, Melissa Noriega was quoted whining that the national Democrat senatorial re-election committee isn't sending money to Rick Noriega's efforts. Now there is the video claiming there is some kind of tie linking Senator Cornyn to convicted felon lobbyist Jack Abramoff. This is an outright lie.

Senator John Cornyn has never met Jack Abramoff. Abramoff had vested interests in gambling casinos on the Tigua reservation. As a matter of fact, when Senator Cornyn was Attorney General of Texas, he filed suit to shut down the Tigua casino. After much investigation by the press, it was determined that there were no meetings between Attorney General Cornyn and Abramoff or his group.

Noriega's ad claims Senator Cornyn "did the bidding of a convicted felon, Jack Abramoff" and that is a lie. The Senate Indian Affairs Committee looked into the matter extensively and found no such truth.

Rick Noriega owes Senator Cornyn a public apology and retraction.

When John Cornyn campaigned for Texas Attorney General, he called for an investigation into allegations of illegal gaming activity of the Tiguas. "There should be an investigation to see if there is illegal gambling being conducted at their casinos." That a quote of Cornyn from the Houston Chronicle in October, 1998.

Attorney General Cornyn, upon being sworn in, immediately started an investigation into Tiguas. "Attorney General John Cornyn is considering possible action against the Indian casinos." That a quote from the Austin American-Statesman in January, 1999.

From the El Paso Times, July 1999 : "Texas Attorney General John Cornyn, in his first statement on Tigua gaming, said Tuesday he will pres forward "within the next month or two months" with an investigation into the legality of Speaking Rock Casino."

September 27, 1999: Attorney General Cornyn files lawsuit against Tiguas. That from Texas OAG Press Release. "This lawsuit simply seeks to enforce Texas law," Cornyn said. The suit sought a permanent injunction against the tribe's illegal activities in the Speaking Rock Casino in El Paso.

Two years later - in late 2001, Ralph Reed allegedly tipped off Abramoff which helped to grease the skids for a lucrative Indian casino client in Texas. In February 2002, as Abramoff was chasing Tigua business, Reed sent Abramoff an e-mail, complete with attached AP story, about the court decision to shut down the Tigua casino. That from National Journal, July 17, 2004.

Yes, Democrats assume the voter is stupid. Noriega falls into the same as the rest of them. He tosses in the name of Jack Abramoff since he is nationally known as a corrupt lobbyist with ties to Republicans in Washington, D.C. Abramoff had ties to Democrats, too, of course, but it was his support of Republicans that was noticed while Republicans controlled Congress.

Let's tell Rick Noriega that Texas voters aren't stupid. Demand a public apology and retraction. Texans know that John Cornyn is an honest and decent man in politics. That is precisely why he is so far up in the polls.

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