Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Endorsements for Senator John Cornyn

This is the time in the election cycle when that newspapers roll out endorsements. Senator John Cornyn has been endorsed by several Texas newspapers. The largest newspaper so far is the Dallas Morning News.

From the endorsement: "Political conditions would seem ripe for Mr. Cornyn's opponent, Democratic state Rep. Richard J. "Rick" Noriega, to exploit Mr. Bush's vulnerabilities and make the most of his own experience in military affairs and border issues. He hasn't. Instead, Mr. Noreiga, 50, conveys obstructionist tendencies on key issues while offering unconvincing solutions to some of the nation's most pressing problems. Although the Houstonian serves admirably as both a state representative and lieutenant colonel in the Army National Guard, he leaves us unconvinced that he's ready for a role on the national stage."

"By contrast, Mr. Cornyn, 56, is senatorial in every respect: congenial, deliberative and authoritative on topics from immigration reform to the war in Iraq or the nation's ongoing financial crisis. That's why this newspaper recommends Mr. Cornyn for another six years in Washington."

Yesterday brought an endorsement from the Texas Medical Association, an organization that earlier this year decided not to endorse the senator over his procedural vote decision on Medicare legislation. Cornyn, listening to Texas physicians, voted for the bill and then voted to override President Bush veto. "This gave medicine breathing room to work or a permanent Medicare payment fix before December 2009, and Senator Cornyn is campaigning on that issue," the TMA committee said". That from the Houston Chronicle.

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Jean said...

Texas deserves better than John Cornyn. Elect Rick Noriega to the Senate.