Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reviewing Obama's Vanity Infomercial

It seems as though some of the media coverage of the Obama thirty minute Messiah message, paid for with campaign dollars gotten thanks to the candidate breaking his word on public financing and illegal Internet donations, is less than favorable.

Why, it's as though some are finally intellectually honest enough to actually expect answers from the Chosen One, the One with such pretty, pretty speeches from the teleprompter and no substance. Better late than never.

And, the American voter of whom Barack Obama thinks is of such below average intelligence? Latest polls show McCain ahead of Obama in who the person polled would trust with the economy. Which failed policies are the ones being spoken of by the Chosen One? President Bush has increased government spending at record levels, for which Obama voted consistently. He's grown the government larger than ever. Again, something Obama supports. He's increased government paid for medical care with the huge prescription benefits. Also supported by Obama. It boils down to the war, doesn't it? Yeah.

Obama says the 'failed policies' are from the top down. He claims his policies will be from bottom up. This is a lie and will never work, but, please, don't use your own common sense and question him, ok? Take the day off from work or school and just go vote for him.

Christopher Beam at wrote that "Barack Obama's half-hour infomercial Wednesday night didn't teach us a lot we didn't already know - except that an Obama administration would likely feature immaculate stagecraft." How Clintonian.

He continues, "The spot opened with a shot of - I'm not making this up - amber waves of grain."

"Smart propaganda does not a smart administration make. If anything, it means we have to be more vigilant in calling it theater when we see it. But whatever the next four years may bring, we're in for some damn good camera angles."

Calvin Woodward of AP focused on the actual budget promises of an Obama administration. He called Obama "less than upfront" about the cost of his promised programs. He goes through health care, promised spending cuts, tax cuts for working families, free health care programs, and the cost of the Iraq war. It was very insightful. Better late than never.

From Julia Ioffe at The New Republic, writing about life on the road covering a political campaign : "Veterans point out that despite the length of this race, the reporters' relationships to the candidates and to each other aren't nearly as toxic as they had been in previous years. There's been little of the high school cliquishness that plagued the Kerry press corps, and the reporters don't seem to loathe McCain or Obama the way they loathed Gore--who refused to hold a press conference for upwards of 60 days -- in 2000."

It's an interesting piece about how reporters are out of touch with real life once life on the campaign trail begins. It speaks of how they eat, drink, and sleep in the same place night after night. Hmm. Maybe that explains why they are voting as a block and unaware how real folks in middle America live.

Maybe that's why only a couple are even bothering to actually do a bit of questioning of their candidate.


Nikki said...

Great analysis. I didn't watch and really couldn't stomach the news clips...too difficult! I think it makes him look very arrogant and NOT IN TOUCH. We shall see, this thing isn't over and I smell a polling rat. :)N

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I couldn't bring myself to watch it. This morning I couldn't even watch the early news on TV or listen to it on radio. I just can't take the B.S. anymore. I'm on Barry overload.

Incognito said...

Couldn't bear to watch it, so didn't. but i did read some articles that fact-checked his statements and they claimed some of what he said was bogus.

hopefully it will change some minds.. but i was in a forum on a website where I sell my photography, and most of them were talking about how wonderful it was and how they cried.

Incognito said...

I found the whole idea of a 3 plus million dollar infomercial obscene.