Friday, October 24, 2008

How Stupid Are You?

Yes, American voter, they do think you are stupid. Those in the media think you are stupid and will say and print anything this election cycle to get their candidate of choice into the White House and all the Democrat leadership in the House and Senate re-elected so that there is a no holds barred far left agenda on the rampage in Washington for at least four years, maybe for eight years.

Did that get your attention? No checks and balances whatsoever. For the past two years, Democrats have controlled the House and the Senate. So very little has been productively accomplished that now the poll numbers have seen all time lows for them - even lower than the very unpopular sitting president.

Barack Obama certainly thinks the American voter is very easily controlled by pretty speeches and nonsensical slogans to be chanted. It's all in the playbook of which his career was launched in politics. Michelle Obama is a racist black woman with a huge chip on her shoulder. She was raised in the church of Jeremiah Wright on the south side of Chicago and thinks America is mean. She is only now "really" proud of America because her husband is doing so well in this campaign. If you are a black voter, you better vote for her bi-racial husband or you are not a loyal person. Joe Biden thinks you are stupid. He 'guarantees' an international crisis that will test Barack Obama, the least experienced candidate to run for president in decades, and then says, don't worry, just trust them. Oprah thinks you are stupid and she has the book sales to prove it. All Oprah has to do is put a stamp of approval on something - whether it is a book or a Presidential candidate - and the sheep from the suburbs are all over it. They will eat up the 30 minute production she is producing for Barack paid for by those suburban dollars.


While the Democrats are doing their best to convince the American voter that the individual dream is gone and the time is now for redistribution of wealth and mandated public service, those who come forward to question the rise of socialism are slapped around by the candidate and his willing minions in the media. Don't question the message, kill the messenger. How progressive.

Sarah Palin emerges as a fresh face of the conservative right. She's chosen as a good balance for the McCain ticket - to ease the concerns of those nervous that McCain is a moderate who reaches across the aisle to produce results. If Sarah Palin was a woman Democrat, she would be a modern day hero. But, Sarah Palin is a Republican and that will not stand. She's way out of the mainstream, she didn't abort a disabled baby, she believes in family values even if it means standing by a pregnant 17 year old daughter as the world watches, she listens to all of her constituents, and most importantly, she asks questions.

The number of vicious lies about Palin is astounding, for the short time she has been on the national scene. Book banner? No. She asked questions about books some of her fellow Alaskan parents were concerned with, and even about the practice of banning books but she didn't actually do it. Her parents are teachers and she certainly knows banning books is not an exercise in academic freedom. But she asked questions, so she must be up to something.

Recently, after hordes of reporters were dispatched to the state of Alaska to dig in trash bins and snoop under every rock for the sole purpose of bringing Sarah Palin down, a reporter on CNN did a story on Todd Palin's membership in the Alaskan Independence Party. A member for seven years and not active in the movement, Rick Sanchez felt the need to do a breathless breaking news kind of hit piece that left even a reporter from the L.A. Times shaking his head. Sanchez, prima donna drama queen extraordinaire, put on his serious reporting voice and used the banner "The Palins and the Fringe" across the bottom of the screen as he bashed away.

The L.A. Times reporter, James Rainey, said absolutely no revelations were produced. He called the piece "reheated, overwrought and misleading" as Sanchez tried to connect dots that were not there. Sarah Palin has never been a member of the group. Todd Palin was a member for a few years but not active. In Alaska, this is not a 'fringe' group. The group encompasses those simply wanting to encourage state rights to those who really do want to leave to be on their own.

Oh, you mean like those in Vermont who wanted to do the same thing because they were deranged with Bush hatred?

Alaska had a governor from that party as recently as 1990.

Sanchez, though, was determined to even forge a link between people in the AIP to Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. Unbelievable. "Are members of the Alaska Independence Party similar to the group that blew up the Murrah building?" Sanchez asked reporter David Neiwert.

Barack Obama wears suits that cost $1500 each. Do you care? I don't. He recently bought five more of them - three in gray, two in blue - in Chicago. Do you care if his campaign paid for them? I don't. Do you care that Sarah Palin and her family have been clothed by the monies of the RNC? I don't. We are told that the clothes will be given to charity when the campaign is over. Again. Don't care.

To read the frothing press, Sarah Palin's wardrobe, along with her hair products and makeup, are the most important issue of the day. How terribly evolved of them. Really? Wardrobe? Hillary was bashed for wearing pantsuits all the time. She doesn't have very attractive legs, what's the big deal? Her pantsuits were big name designer, as well as her shoes and bags. When did a Clinton ever pay for anything out of his/her own pocket?

Can you imagine the articles if Sarah Palin dressed as she does in Alaska, in far more casual attire? Do you remember the snotty articles out of Washington, D.C. when Laura Bush arrived and her suits made for her by a designer in Dallas just were not sophisticated enough? It's crazy but it's there. Remember the ink used to spread the kudos for Jackie Kennedy's designer duds but to lambast Nancy Reagan for her gowns? Hmm. What would be the difference, I ponder?

Here's a suggestion: Let's applaud Joe the plumber for asking a question of an uninvited guest in his neighborhood asking for his vote. Let's applaud Tito Munoz. Who? Tito is my new hero out there on the campaign trail. Tito Munoz yelled at a group of reporters in Virginia the other day, "Why the hell are you going after Joe the plumber?" "Joe the plumber has an idea. He has a future. He wants to be something else. Why is that wrong? Everything is possible in America. I made it. Joe the plumber could make it even better than me...I was born in Columbia, but I was made in the U.S.A."

See, Joe the plumber knows socialism when he hears it. He isn't stupid. He knows that while Obama lies that 95% of Americans will receive a tax break when he's in office, that 40% of Americans don't even pay federal income tax. Obama just wants to cut those folks a check. That's called welfare. That's not a tax cut. And, unlike Joe Biden, Joe the plumber doesn't associate patriotism with paying taxes.

From Jonah Goldberg's column online at National Review: "It's funny. When PBS's Gwen Ifill had a straightforward conflict of interest - her forthcoming book hinges on an Obama presidency - that should have prevented her from moderating the VP debate, she and her fellow journalists tittered at the critics. All that matters, Ifill and company insisted, are the answers, not the questioner. That's apparently the standard for people like Gwen the Journalist. But if Joe the Plumber gets revealing but embarrassing answers out of the media's preferred candidate, suddenly the questioner matters more than the answer. And he must be punished."

So, how stupid are you?


Anonymous said...

Karen, my comment today was intended to be "tongue in cheek." I hope you know that.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

I don't care that she's wearing expensive clothes. She needed a makeover to be ready for national scrutiny, and she looks good in them!

The problem is...

Do you care that Sarah Palin and her family have been clothed by the monies of the RNC? I don't.

... when it's actually illegal to use RNC money to buy personal clothing, then it's sort of a problem. that's why there are lawsuits. and that money could have been used to buy advertising...

I don't know why they didn't just have Cindy McCain take her shopping, this whole stupid mess in the papers would never have come up.

Debbie said...

The problem is that many of the US voters ARE stupid. They are uninformed about the issues, where the candidates stand on issues, what the candidates plan to do if elected.

We talk to folks every day (hubby and I), when confronted with the actual issues, it turns out many of them are Conservatives I(although they have voted Democrat all their lives, because grandma, mama, daddy, everybody else votes Democrat)...

One-by-one, one-on-one, we explain things and you see the lightbulb go on in their eyes. This is what every Conservative needs to be doing between now and November 4.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Karen said...

Yes, I did. I was just playing along.

It's not illegal. It'll be given to charity. It's not hers. Every campaign does the same sort of expenses yet it's not all over the media. Thanks for criticizing while masked.

Karen said...

You're right. Not just conservatives should be doing this. Also those of us who identify as Republicans. That's why I blog so obsessively during this campaign season and discuss issues whenever possible.

I'm doing what I can to keep my state in the red state column!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

So, how stupid are you?

Conservative-Republican stupid, apparently.

Which is head-and-shoulders above being liberal-Democrat deranged ignorance.