Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Truthiness in Unguarded Moments

Barack Obama leaves campaign trail to visit his ill grandmother in Hawaii on the same day the fourth lawsuit is filed over producing his true birth certificate - in Hawaii. Hmm. Coincidence? He threw his granny under the bus earlier in the campaign during the so-called race speech in Philadelphia as he called her a typical white woman, so who knows.

Maybe he went to visit the memorial at Pearl Harbor to shore up some knowledge on any potential attacks on our country, should he be sworn in as President and Commander-in-Chief. Joe Biden, gaffe machine extraordinaire, said at a Seattle fundraiser Sunday, "Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy." That was reported by ABC News.

Jennifer Rubin at Commentary said "This is material for an ad that's a lot more credible than Hillary Clinton's '3 a.m.' ad," observes Rubin. "That one came from his arguably frantic opponent-this one is from his running mate."

Where's the proof that Obama is brilliant, anyway? Where are his college transcripts? It was assumed by the press that John Kerry was so brilliant last election cycle but turned out his GPA was lower than George W. Bush's at Yale, so that had to go. Obama went to Occidential College for two years before going to the Ivy League. Why? Just asking.

And, JFK failed miserably when tested by the Soviets. It's interesting that Colin Powell is lamely trying to salvage his political legacy by falsely claiming the Republican party is narrowing. He is free to make any justifications he wishes to go to bat for Barry. But, by the very fact that a moderate Republican who works with both sides of the aisles while maintaining basic conservative philosophy is the party's nominee - instead of, say, Mike Huckabee, - shows the folly of Powell's logic. Powell was brought into the limelight of Washington politics during the Reagan administration. Reagan the sainted conservative. Then on to the moderate G.H.W. Bush. Then conservative G.W. Bush. It's not a sin to be in love with the swell social scene, of being an insider in our nation's capitol. Just be honest for a change.

Powell bashes Gov. Palin, whom he has never even met. She went on SNL Saturday and received the highest show ratings since 1994. Of Powell, it was noted by Elizabeth Bumiller of the NYT, "It was not only an embrace of a presidential candidate from the other party, but also an effort to reshape a legacy that he considers tainted by his service under President Bush."

And, don't forget Powell's complacency in trusting Richard Armitage as his Chief of Staff as Armitage - a known Washington cocktail party gossip - outed Valerie Plame and allowed Scooter Libby to take the fall for that indescetion. Stellar character there, from both of those men.

Do you really think Colin Powell would have been fawned over by Tom Brokaw for 30 minutes on Meet the Press if he was endorsing John McCain? This is a nasty campaign but no more so than previous campaigns. For the Obama swooners to berate the McCain campaign as nasty is laughable. Obama and his minions began the gutter fights. They willingly allowed the likes of Moveon to begin the onset of the nasty ads on television.

Obama is known now as not trustworthy when it comes to giving his word on something. He went back on his word last year to John McCain, as it was, in a bi-partisan group working on legislation. We know, of course, Obama doesn't work in a bi-partisan way. He only says he does. Obama went back on his word to do town hall meetings with John McCain. We now know why. He needs his teleprompter or else he stammers. Ah, ah, um. And, most telling of Obama's character, he went back on his signature committing himself to public matching funds. He realized he'd raise more on his own and despite vowing to talk to John McCain about it, he didn't and went back on his word.

Makes you wonder about other things we don't know. He is still having to defend his own birth certificate. It is only now coming out that he was adopted by his Indonesian step-father and yet he runs from any Muslim history of his own. It's there and it's also there that he is now a Christian. What's so bad that he doesn't openly pursue Muslim American support? Why is it considered taboo to say his full name outloud?

It's ok, though, for Obama supporters like CNN to do expose pieces on the ancestry of John McCain. Just today there was a story on the 'black McCain's', those whose ancestors were slaves of the McCain family in another century. They still use the name. Does this make John McCain a racist if Obama is not to be considered Muslim? Just asking. I should just be used to the double standard. Wonder if there was any mention of the adopted daughter of the McCain's - she a beautiful young woman of color. No, no. Today's theme was racist pasts. And, that term is only for Republicans. And, white people.

For those tsk-tsking guilt by association - does that include McCain's ancestors generations ago? Or only for Obama's radical associations?

And, poor Joe the plumber. The candidate of hope and change really doesn't like having to state his economic philosophy. The candidate who was claiming to be for the regular guy. The post-racial, post-partisan candidate is fibbing again. And, the politics of the south side of Chicago went into full gear immediately trashing this guy. The press was giddy and happy to comply.

Joe's a regular guy. No license? So? He still works as a plumber under the license of his boss. Common. Joe's a single dad to a 13 year old daughter. I hope he protects her facebook account, if she has one, better than the friends of Bridget McCain's were protected from reporters from the NYT.

Joe goes by his middle name? So? My father did, too. Joe the plumber asked a question of an opportunist politician, looking for photo ops in a working class neighborhood in Ohio, a swing state with those bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion. Obama went to his neighborhood. Obama went and knocked on Joe's door. So, Joe asked him a question that matters to him, as he has a dream of buying the plumbing business from his boss. The Obama campaign calls it a fantasy.

Regular Americans call it a dream. The American Dream. Joe the plumber hasn't caught the breaks from affirmative action. He just wants to own his own business and be able to pay his taxes. Obama is a socialist. He finally admitted it. He wants to redistribute Joe's 'wealth'.


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Thomas said...

It's impossible for a person of sound mind to vote for a Vice Presidential candidate who refuses to give a press conference. I mean, what is this, the Soviet Union?

Lizzi said...

Can I just say this? Your blog is probably my all time favorite. I truly appreciate the insight in your posts.

It's been driving me crazy that NO ONE is reporting on this lawsuit stuff, and agree completely that it is ridiculously coincidental that he is heading to Hawaii now. Where is this in the media? Not even on Fox. Nowhere.

I'll be curious to see if API actually releases that recording and, if so, if it's picked up at all.

Thanks for posting this!


Karen said...

Thanks. I've enjoyed reading yours, too.

Incognito said...

heh... Thomas gets around...

this is all making me so sick. all of it. How people can so blindly ignore the truth boggles the mind.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

heh... Thomas gets around..

So does commoncents...

and it is a great post, Karen.