Thursday, October 09, 2008

Following Obama's Campaign Contributions

The Obama campaign gave money to ACORN for activities other than what they said. Now the Obama campaign says they do their own voter registration. Why do you question their honesty? As Obama himself said, history is prologue. You can take that to the bank, my friends.

Barack Obama has quite a history with ACORN. Currently, ACORN is under investigation in ten states considered swing states in this Presidential election. Ten states. ACORN is not known to register Republican in their 'voter registration drives.' The latest popular tactic is to round up homeless people and take them to the polls.

ACORN does it Chicago style. The most common complaints are registering to use the names or social security numbers of dead people and just making up names whole cloth. Recently the whole starting line up of the Dallas Cowboys was registered in Colorado.

Vote early. Vote often. 75% of the more than 1 million 'voters' registered by ACORN in this cycle are black. Interesting.

In Indianapolis, Indiana - Marion county, 105% of the population is registered to vote now. ACORN has made a push there in recent weeks, as Indiana may prove to be a swing state.

Senator John Thune (R-SD) is now calling for all taxpayer monies to be ended to ACORN. For instance, last summer legislation was pushed through to 'rescue' mortgage holders, authorizing the Federal government to step in if Fannie/Freddie needed help with the 'affordable' housing market. ACORN was cut into that sweet pie.

There is an interesting article here. It speaks to the overseas contributions made to the Obama campaign. The total, according to this article, is $3.3 million. This doesn't include, however, donors who have donated less than $200 or how itemize contributions. Half of Obama's $455 million total contributions are unitemized. The campaign doesn't identify those donors.

Melanie Phillips, a very smart writer in London, did a bit about ACORN in the Spectator, in the UK. Read it here. She connects Obama's history with ACORN and his Chicago ACORN longtime director. And, of this longtime ACORN director's involvement in the subprime mortgage fiasco.

While more than $190 million in Obama campaign contributions are being scrutinized for being unidentified and for foreign connections, it is important to know who is paying his way into office. According to Investor's Business Daily, two Palestinian brothers from Gaza purchased $33,000 worth of campaign t-shirts and listed "Ga." as their address. Naturally the campaign thought that abbreviation meant the state of Georgia. T-shirt purchases are considered campaign contributions.

Even though independent campaign finance watchdog organizations have asked for all donors to be listed, even those contributing less than $200, the Obama campaign has refused to date.

CBS News discovered an additional $7,722 in falsely identified donations. While Obama seems to play fast and loose in accepting campaign donations - on his web site he allowed donors to "choose from among every United Nations member when listing their residence. By contrast, the presidential campaign of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton actually required U.S. citizens residing abroad to fax a copy of their passport before accepting their donations. Federal law prohibits the acceptance of campaign contributions from foreign nationals."

And, this from American Thinker's Rick Moran, a resident of Chicago and the area, "Barack Obama funneled money to friends and family while a Senator and yet as run a campaign trumpeting his opposition to 'corrupt lobbyists.' Ed Morrissey at Hot Air shows Obama "steered $75,000 to a relative who headed up a social services agency." The relative? Michelle Obama's uncle. Morrissey also points to earmarks for Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger and Michelle Obama's employer. You'll remember, too, that Michelle Obama conveniently received a pay raise that more than doubled her salary after Barack Obama was elected U.S. Senator. Coincidence?

Follow the money. It matters.


Chuck said...

I think McCain needs to take Obama to task on this ACORN issue, he's in this up to his neck

Z said...

Obama will win, be inaugurated (GOD FORBID), then the indictments of voter fraud will show he didn't really win.
Then what?

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