Sunday, May 21, 2006

Easing Into Sunday

I am moving at a snail's pace this afternoon. I stayed up most of last night as husband was called out into the Gulf and took a nap until 1:30 A.M. then left a little after 2:00. Then I was too awake to go right off to bed. So, I browsed blogs and other interesting sites on the internet and finally went to lay down around 4:00. I think I drifted off around 5:00. Husband called at 7:30 to chat from the site and I tried my best to sound alert and carry on a decent conversation. Don't know how successful I was, though.

I hope the job will be a short one, as he thinks it will be, as he is tentatively scheduled to go to California later next week for a customer he has been guiding over the phone and computer for over a month now.

Well, just as I feared, Ray Nagin is re-elected to be mayor of New Orleans. It's a shame, I'll tell you. I read that the new book by Douglas Brinkley that chronicles the first few days of the Hurricane Katrina story on New Orleans is quite devastatingly critical of Nagin's "leadership" as the crisis unfolded. Brinkley is a history professor and author who re-located with his family over here in Houston as the city was preparing for the hurricane. The name may be familiar from the glowing account he wrote in book form of John Kerry's Vietnam service during the last presidential election, which spurred the Swift Boat Vets to come out with their side of the story.

Today's front page of the Houston Chronicle shows the coastline at Biloxi, MS and then next to it the story of Nagin's re-election. I was born in Biloxi and also lived in New Orleans, and my husband lived in New Orleans. I feel quite protective towards that area of our country. Mostly now I just feel sad.

If you had a baby in the middle to late 1980's, you are probably familar with the name Dr. Richard Farber. He published a book with a guide for parents to help their baby learn to go to sleep. My son was born during Labor Day weekend in 1989 so I read the book. (No, the irony of having a Labor Day baby does not escape me). His premise is if you follow his guideline steps, your baby will learn to put himself to sleep at bedtime. It involves letting a crying baby cry for a certain amount of time before the parent goes in, etc.

Our son was not a sleeper. He was wide awake and ready to party all night long for the first 18 months of his life. The longest that baby would sleep was 2 hours during any given night. And afternoon naps? No way, Jose. I don't remember getting a good night's sleep until the boy was almost 2 years old.

Anyway, now I hear on the news chat show that Dr. Farber has decided each baby is different and parents should just deal with the baby using whatever works. Duh. Now that after all these years of being referred to as a guru for new parents and selling those books, suddenly he has had a light go off in his head. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Last night I was browsing on the QVC channel during the hour of selling Dooney and Bourke. I love the brand and sometimes splurge on one of the handbags. My first one was about 17 years ago and the bags last forever. Last night I made a decision and stuck with it. The carry-on overnighter bag that I have been lusting after for 2 years now was on the easy pay plan. That means my credit card will spread the purchase out for 4 months without interest charges. So, I bought myself the piece. I consider it an early birthday present. Well, my birthday is in the middle of next month, so close enough.

For the last several years I have been sharing husband's vast array of luggage and duffle bags and have been telling myself a woman my age needs her own luggage. I'm going with red. The Dooney and Bourke is the first step towards that goal. The kicker? I got to speak to the hostess and Dooney and Bourke representative on air! I yelled at son to listen to me on tv. Hubby was asleep throughout it all.

Here's hoping Monday gets off to a smoother start. Son will begin finals tomorrow and then he will be out for the summer Thursday at noon. This year flew by, for the most part.

I'm going to rest for a while now.


aka_Meritt said...

My son is a Labor Day baby too! 1992 though. Ironically he didn't sleep either... he was a little over a year before sleeping became a habit. (And we had already had 1 child who slept all night starting around 6 weeks and a third child later that slept all night from the 4th day of her life) so it's not the 'method' as I actually am a supporter of letting them cry it out for awhile... and it didn't help with my little Labor Day boy either.

Can't believe N.O. re-elected him. I'm seriously in shock. Are they just THAT STUPID down there or are they still in too much shock to think, or perhaps all the smart people are still relocated in Houston and didn't actually vote? Whatever. Sigh.

Rightwingsparkle said...

My oldest is 19 and he STILL doesn't sleep. I thought I would die from sleep deprivation those first few years.

anyway, thanks for the compliment you gave me at my site!

AC said...

There wasn't much to choose from in NO, was there. I don't think I could have voted for either of them.

Mine didn't sleep much either. Nurse for 20 minutes, sleep 45 minutes, up for hours, repeat. Nights maybe 2 or 3 hours but I was too exhausted to keep track. I think she was actually about 5 before an entire night passed without a "mommy!!!!" about 2 am.

srp said...

Mom has talked on the air a couple of times with QVC. She probably heard you, as it is usually on.

I agree that the choice was between corruption and stupidity for mayor of NO. Since the people spoke and re-elected Nagin, I say they have no excuse now. They deserve the stupidity and incompetence they will get.

Jennifer said...

I love those D&B bags, but have never been brave enough to shell out the cash. So instead, I spend smaller amounts of money on a multitude of bags, none of which I like nearly as well as I would one good D&B one. Where's the logic? Go figure.

I'm too much in shock about Nagin getting voted back in for more duty time to even comment. I can't imagine how those things happen, but when they do, it really gives you pause.