Saturday, May 13, 2006

Week's End

So here we are at Saturday morning. Finally. Yet, still busy. This morning's brew is Seattle's Best, Sixth Street Bistro Blend. I need the caffeine buzz, that's for sure.

Yesterday, after picking son up from school, I took him for a haircut. He likes going to my stylist so he goes there now. She is so sweet. She is young and friendly, engaging clients in conversation as she works her magic. She is Vietnamese and her husband is Romanian. Their children are beautiful.

Then we got ready for dinner out and a play. We met up with hubby after work and we went to a favorite Thai restaurant. The food is so yummy there, and it is right in the neighborhood. Hubby and I enjoy having lunch there on his Fridays off from work but it was son's first trip there. He loved it, too.

Then time for the play at The Country Playhouse. Son's acting teacher was a lead in the play. It was opening night so we were treated to champagne in the lobby as we arrived (no, not son!). The play was good but did get a little draggy in dialogue in a couple of spots. It was based on a local theatre, nationally known in theatre circles, and its beginning. A behind the scenes kind of drama/comedy.

This morning hubby and son have taken Max, the dog, to the vet's office for a blood draw. It's a heartworm check so I drugged him earlier. Max is 54 pounds of attitude if he gets nervous with poking or prodding. Frankly, I would like some happy pills before my annual exams, too, if such a thing was an accepted practice!

Today is to be an all day into the night kind of event with the JROTC program for all high schools throughout the school district. It is the year end review. Parading, reviews, speakers, honors bestowed, all that stuff at a local sports field. Last year the featured speaker was Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. I am repulsed by her but I wasn't surprised she was the speaker.

Anyway, it is to be 90 degrees again this year, as it was last year. Kids were dropping like flies on the field. It doesn't begin until 6 PM but they practice before. Son didn't pass out but did have to "fall out" and sit to drink water for a bit. This year he has decided, as of late last night, to do the 5 page paper alternative to participating in the review. I can't say as I blame him. He isn't an officer and will not be missed. His dad and I talked about it and agreed he can make the decision. This is his last year for JROTC anyway. He did JROTC instead of the PE requirement.

Son has another end of the year project due Monday so he'll be working on school work all weekend. That time of year. He only has a couple of weeks left now in classes. They are out before the end of the month.

Tomorrow we have plans to head to Outback Steakhouse for Mother's Day lunch. They are not normally open for lunch so that works out well. We are going to the one not far from our house and we haven't been there before after all this time. Looking forward to checking it out, not to mention a break from cooking!

The guys are finishing up on pool preparation for the season and I hope we can have the season's first dip tomorrow. I would like to get in and float around for a while and relax.

I'm making ribs for dinner tonight so I had better get the marinade ready.

I wish all Moms a very Happy Mother's Day weekend.

"If I had my life to live over...I'd dare to make more mistakes next time." - Nadine Stair

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srp said...

I can picture you floating in the warm sun. Very relaxing. WE too are going out to eat after church. Mom made "Muffins for Mom" to give Dad's Sunday School Class (the senior group) and I fixed up a little card with a poem she wrote. The Dads are going to want one, but she said she is going to say NO. In June they will get "Doughnuts for Dad".