Friday, May 26, 2006

Fool of the Week

Today's brew: Christopher Bean Coffee Co., Jamaica Blue Mountain, Rasta blend. It is so yummy with coffee mates' coconut creme. A little slice of heaven.

The Fool of the Week is Rep. John Murtha, D-PA.

Once again, John Murtha performs for the camera during a press conference appealing to the lowest common dominator. Rather than waiting for the investigation into a story about U.S. Marines alleged war crimes against 15 Iraqi civilans in Haditha, Iraq, Murtha ran to the cameras and said that our soldiers were so overwhelmed in Iraq that to murder civilans in cold blood, his description not mine, was a natural reaction. Murtha claimed to have advance knowledge as to what the report would say. Another leak from a career civil servant with an agenda?

The investigation report is set to be concluded and released next week. It is acknowledged that some of the Marines will be up on murder charges. Nothing is crystal clear yet but if need be, charges and punishment will follow, as it should.

Murtha implies the military is under undue pressure and all of this is to blame the administration for the execution of the war. Don't forget, Murtha voted in favor of going into Iraq. Murtha is a military veteran. We acknowledge with gratitude his service for our country. However, this does not exempt him from criticism. His continued campaign in the media to call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq harms our troops and the morale of the American people. Shame on him, he knows better.

What is said when someone criticizes Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld? Nothing, usually. Secretary Rumsfeld is a veteran, too. He served in the Navy and then in the Reserves for more than 20 years. He has devoted most of his adult life to his passion of streamlining the military and improving technology for the troops.

Murtha's brother, Kit, is a lobbyist in Washington, DC for the defense industry. Murtha is one of the most contributed to politicans from the defense contractors. So his practice is to reap financial benefit from the military complex and then publicly condemn its leadership. Nice.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-CA, did a follow up response to Murtha's press conference the day after. Hunter is a former Marine and has a son in the Marines and serving in Iraq. He went through a timeline which shows that the coverup by the administration Murtha was claiming was simply not happening. The incident happened on 11/19/05. Time Magazine reporters asked a multinational forces commander about the circumstances of the incident. It was being looked into and contined with the investigation completed 3/3/06. Then a second investigation began for possible criminal charges. The military leadership here and abroad has agreed with all the recommendations of the investigating panel. They have committed to punishing any wrong behavior. These reports will be handed over to the Pentagon next week. Murtha is claiming coverup to a report which wasn't completely finished or even been delivered.

All Marine squads can't be painted with such a broad brush. The military sacrificing all over there is not cracking under pressure and behaving in dishonorable behavior. How insulting to them. These are brave and strong Americans who have volunteered to serve us all and keep our freedoms alive. This behavior on Murtha's part does not honor them.

We are approaching Memorial Day. Over 50,000 Bronze Stars have been awarded to soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Where are the politicans running to the microphones to talk about heroism? Let's show our thanks and support when an opportunity presents itself.

"One incident, one squad, one day last November." - Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-CA


srp said...

I see that you will have fodder for your "Fool of the Week" posts for years to come. Don't you just want to wipe out Congress, all of them and start over some times? What happened to the values the founding fathers had?

Repack Rider said...

His continued campaign in the media to call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq harms our troops and the morale of the American people.

I trust that you, like Jack Murtha and I, are a veteran, because otherwise, you would be speaking from your anus.

Murtha's military record is certainly more impressive than mine. He is a decorated combat veteran and a 37-year career marine officer. Any suggestion that we vets do not "support the troops" because we want them out of harm's way is a lie, but one that seems to comfort people who wanted this war but are themselves too cowardly to take part in it.

The majority of the "American people" now realize the war was a mistake, so Murtha is preaching to the choir when he asks for an exit strategy.

One good thing about being against the war from the beginning, as I have been, is that you don't have to change your mind as reality intrudes on the WMD fantasy that so many people accepted when Mr. Bush lied to them.