Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Love Saturday

Sipping coffee and trying to feel totally alert. Hubby awoke in the middle of the night and got up so I was up for a while, too. Then went back and slept in. Ahhh.

I guess I have truly arrived now with this blog as I am proud to say I have a somewhat hostile comment on yesterday's entry from a reader. Don't know how he got to this blog but it's ok. The funny part is that his comment again makes the very point I was trying to make in the entry. It is so silly to accuse those in favor of the military action as cowards if that person is not in the military herself and also that only veterans truly know what they are talking about when it comes to said action. Well, the Vietnam veteran I am married to provides a sound perspective for me from his firsthand knowledge and I'll take that perspective over one from the commentor any day.

I watched the speech Tony Blair gave to an audience at Georgetown University yesterday. He is truly a new hero of mine. The man is so eloquent (love the British accent!) and logical. He gets it. He is calling for more international involvement in Iraq. He asks how can we not support the Iraqi people when they continue to vote and stand for their freedom?

Maybe if the hostile commentor from yesterday's entry had been to Iraq himself, as my husband was pre-war, and met ordinary working people living as they were under Saddam, then he might get it, too.

Ah, I do love good blog fodder.

Someone else I saw on the tv box yesterday was Sherron Watkins, the "whistle blower" former Enron VP. Thursday the verdict from the Enron trials of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling were read and so reporters have been interviewing former employees for reactions. Sherron Watkins wrote a book on her experience, along with MiMi Schwartz, a contributor for Texas Monthly magazine, and I went to a speech and book signing for her. A friend of mine invited me to a luncheon where Sherron was the speaker and then the book signing was after the luncheon. She was very articulate and pleasant. During the book signing she spoke to each person and answered questions while she signed the books. Very relaxed. She is now on the speaking circuit giving advice on leadership. Her husband is a stay at home dad for their little girl so she can travel and do her own business.

The same day Howard Dean, chairman of the Democrat National Committee, spouts off that the convictions of Lay and Skilling prove his idea of the "culture of corruption" around Republicans. Really, the man is in serious need of regulation of his meds. Yes, Ken Lay was a contributor to the Bush campaign but he was also a big contributor to Clinton. He was a regular on Hazel O'Leary's trips around the world with business leaders. Hazel O'Leary was the Secretary of Labor for the Clinton administration. It was during the go-go, feel good 90's that the corporations that have now been exposed for corruption truly flourished. Enron was the same. It's a part of the dark side of the feel-good presidency of Clinton that as long as the stock market was humming along, then character didn't matter. Enron, Tyco, World Com, Adelphia, and Martha Stewart have all been prosecuted under the Bush administration.

Howard Dean, playing politics with every possible issue, once again proves inept. Idiot. I hope he remains in his position for a very long time.

"Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do." - Gerry Sikorski


aka_Meritt said...

... you are always so calm when talking about politics. I don't know how you do it. LOL.

srp said...

Two things I can say about Dean:
1. I hope he is a smarter physician than he is a politician.
2. Bless his little heart. Prefaced to all you said.

About your commenter: Drama seems to be running rampant this week. I wonder if your commenter is as upset about the PUBLIC school system in the northeast that is doing away with Veteran's Day because they say they can better teach the kids about it if they are in the class that day? Oh, yes, and they will get out a day earlier in the spring. If they do away with that then, do away with Martin Luther King day, and all those half-days of teacher meetings that used to happen once a week in Mississippi. But don't let them out earlier.... increase the days required to be in school... they might learn something. Yeah, that would go over really well.
Anyway, the commenter should have an opinion, he said he was a veteran.

Beverly said...

I totally concur about Tony Blair. I first fell in love with him at Princess De's funeral when he read I Corinthians 13. the accent doesn't hurt, of course.

AC said...

Some folks with personal agendas just spend time "blog searching" for their topics of anguish, and then leave reprimanding comments. I got that once with a comment or two I had about removing abandoned cars from NOLA and found in my statcounter info the search words used to find the post. Apparently this guy, who otherwise rides bikes and road crews for some unknown SF rockers, has a lot of free time.

Dean is a useful idiot, huh. He would be funny except he's not and he has a lot of company.

Oh, a consumer alert for you...I found that MegaBrute 1000 handtruck at Sam's last week for substantially LESS than I paid for it online. I don't know if all Sam's stores have the same items, but there it was, for 80.00 less. It might be good insurance to check for it.