Saturday, May 06, 2006

Slow Moving Saturday

Everyone is moving a bit slow this morning. Hubby got up in the wee hours and stayed up playing with his new computer. I woke up when he did because it was really raining hard outside and the extra bonus of thunder and lightening. I, however, went back to bed and slept in a bit.

Now son and hubby have gone off to the nearest REI by our house to shop for new hiking boots and stuff for the summer camping trip with the scout troop. Son will need time to break the new boots in before he has to wear them for camp.

The guys are going to a really cool sounding camp with the scouts this summer. Next month they are off to Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch and High Adventure Camp. It is a Mountain Man experience for the older scouts to experience the life of Mountain Men in the fur trade era of the 1840's. Think Kit Carson and Daniel Boone. The rugged terrain requires sturdy hiking boots. Lots of fun activities like knife throwing, black powder shooting, archery, making soap and rope from plants, flint knapping and tanning deer hides. Woo hoo. Not my cup of tea but the guys will love it.

Did you read about that woman who had her second set of triplets? Holy mackeral. She and her husband live in New Jersey. The first set are 2 years old so this woman will now have 6 children in diapers! The two year olds are Danielle, David and Dylan. The new babies are Elyssa, Evan and Eric. Cute.

I'm waiting to watch the Kentucky Derby. I didn't have a margarita for Cinco de Mayo yesterday, I enjoyed a couple of beers, but today will require a little of bourbon for the Derby. Some things you just don't mess around with.

"Life is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use." - Charles M. Schultz


aka_Meritt said...

Re; the babies... I loved this story because it was a naturally occurring birth. I read they did NOT receive fertilization help. :)

Re; the camps - I would LOVE that High Adventure Camp. That is so cool!!!!!! I don't know about skinning with a flint rock, but I'm all over living out there, making my own soap and such.

Jennifer said...

You know, I new I liked you for good, sound reasons. Bourbon on Derby day. A must! And a bonus point for you if you toss in a sprig of mint...

Open Book

srp said...

Now the odds of two sets of naturally occuring triplets in one family would have to surpass the odds of winning the lottery. Triplets. My ex-mother-in-law had a dream that we had triplets when Nyssa was born. That would be my nightmare.