Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Looks like rain today. I was planning to stay in today anyway. Just took a lemon pound cake out of the oven- I added crushed pineapple and coconut to make it more of a tropical treat- and it will be delish later with a cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream.

I switched over to see what was going on with the Indy 500 coverage today. My husband is a native Hoosier and has of course attended the event. I see Lance Armstrong is driving the pace car this year.

I read that the aquarium in New Orleans is open again. The penguins are back! We loved that aquarium. Of the 16 Mother's Days I have enjoyed so far, the one we spent in New Orleans is about my favorite, I think. We went for a long weekend when our son was 3 years old. We stayed at the Hilton Riverside, right on the Riverwalk, so we were where the family kind of action was.

We enjoyed the Aquarium upon arrival. We walked along the river and pointed out the paddleboats and cargo boats to our son. The aquarium has a glass enclosure for visitors to look over head and see the creatures swimming above. At first it is a strange feeling.

We took the John James Audubon Riverboat to the Audubon Zoo and enjoyed an afternoon there among the animals. On Sunday morning we went for Brunch at Brennan's. Classic. I love the Eggs Benedict there. Son, being a little guy unimpressed with the adult dishes, enjoyed bananas and cream.

While staying there, we noticed an auction for the local public tv station as we were watching Saturday night before lights out. We picked up our Blue Dog there by George Rodrigue. It still hangs in the front entrance of our house. This was a limited edition specifically for the fundraiser so I haven't seen it in any of the books published containing Rodrigue's work.

It was a trip we took on short notice, as most of our trips have been with husband's working schedule so unpredictable, and it is one we still remember fondly.

Good times.


srp said...

I hope it is a little cooler here today. I feel a little like Jack and the Beanstalk although he planted beans and I planted pumpkin seeds. The pumpkins are taking off. I believe if you sat there you could literally see them get larger. Now they will soon grow out into the yard. I may have to do some arranging so the grass can still be mowed.

First, I think I'll take a nap.

Jennifer said...

We enjoyed an afternoon at the aquarium there, too. I'm glad to see it back in business.

Happy Memorial Day!

poopie said...

Lemon pound cake...YUM~

Cowtown Pattie said...

I'm with Poopie, when's the cake served?

Recipe is in order when you set our mouths to watering. Heck, I could smell that lemon all the way here in Cowtown...

Beverly said...

Your cake sounds delicious!