Monday, May 08, 2006

Winnie at 80

Winnie the Pooh celebrates his 80th birthday this year. The first Pooh book was published in October, 1926. I have adored this bear for many happy years.

When our son was born I purchased many Pooh books. I read to our son since he was in the womb about to be born so Pooh was been in our house for years. Remember when the wise folks were having parents give "passwords" to their children so that if someone approached them on the pretext that the child's parents wanted this person to give the child a ride home, then the password was to be given to the child to let the child know the person was o.k.? Well, the password my child had was the name of a Pooh character.

Pooh represents the best in children's literature. I was never really a fan of fairy tales and that sort of children's stories as I thought they were scary or mean or violent. Pooh stories were always just so sweet.

Pooh is celebrating his 80th birthday the same year the Queen of England celebrates hers. Like the Queen, Pooh will have an official portrait done to mark the passage. They even share the same photographer, an octogenarian herself. Previously she had photographed Mick Jagger, John Lennon and Muhammad Ali, to name a few.

The Queen will have a big birthday bash on June 25 at Buckingham Palace and Pooh is invited. The Children's Party is honoring British children's literature.

Silly old bear!


AC said...

I can't watch a stick float downstream without thinking of Pooh Sticks.

You will really enjoy having your own dolly for dorm moving. I don't know why I waited so long to get one. Where do you think your son will want to go to school?

Jennifer said...

I don't know how I could have missed an event of such magnitude. I've been a fan of Pooh since I can remember, and my collection of books and memorablia (classic stuff only - none of the "newish" stuff for me) is among my most prized possesions.

Long live Pooh.

Open Book

Romani Heart said...

Pooh's looking really good for 80 :)

srp said...

Pooh is a very wise bear, even if he eats too much honey and gets stuck in the tree hole all the time.
Happy Birthday Pooh!
Finally someone older than me.