Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

Here we are. Monday morning again. Didn't have computer time this weekend as the novelty of the new computer hasn't worn off for the guy people in this house so they hogged it. Except when we had the kitchen drain crisis. It clogged up on me Saturday afternoon. After doing the normal things to fix it, hubby finally gave up Sunday afternoon and went to purchase a "snake" to unclog it like the plumbers do it. It should pay for itself after another crisis or two. I hate it when the kitchen is out of use.

So, we went to a movie Saturday afternoon and then for burgers at Red Robin. We saw the new "Ice Age" sequel. Son and I thought we had all agreed to see "RV" with Robin Williams after son said he wasn't up to seeing "United 93" that hubby and I wanted to see. We get into line to purchase tickets and hubby has a change of mind. The movie was ok, but I would have preferred to see something else than animated if we are paying for it out in public. Animated is suppose to be behind us now that son is a 16 year old! I paid my dues all those years he was younger!

And how are you celebrating May Day today? Joining in on any marches giving the finger to our country and supporting illegal immigration? I'm going shopping later to support the economy and businesses open. '

To think you are intitled to be here simply because you want to be here and feeling emboldened to do so without abiding by our laws and going through the legal process, well, forget it. And now to repay this country for not enforcing our laws by not going to work and encouraging children to not go to school is hardly going to create sympathy for your plight with American taxpayers.

We are a nation of immigrants, yes. However, we are not obliged to turn a blind eye to undocumented residents. Our social services are strained to bursting now. Our school system can not continue to absorb more and more crowded conditions. Demanding to be allowed to be a citizen with in your face rallies will not accomplish much more than anger from the taxpayer footing the bills in this country.

The National Athem in Spanish is a slap in the face. The lyrics were changed. The Athem is to be sung in English and show respect by doing the song correctly, as it was written. What in the world has happened to common sense?

You know, I saw some of the LA Book Festival on C-Span yesterday. (I watch C-Span so you don't have to). I saw a really interesting interview with a Vietnamese man who has written a book about his experience as a boy born in South Vietnam and fleeing the country, eventually making it here. Legally. His father was a pilot in the Vietnamese Air Force and this man shined a lot of wisdom on the war in Iraq in contrast to the war in Vietnam. He is adamanent that they are different in mission and desired outcome. He very much supports the war effort and even joined the Marines and was involved in the first Gulf War. He loves this country while continuing to love his native country. He came here to live the American dream in America and assimilate. He is a very proud man now married and a father, considering a run for Congress to make this country a better place. He'll run as an Independent if he chooses to do it. I look forward to reading his book.

Playing by the rules, assimilation, honoring the country providing you with a job and freedom are what get respect among Americans. To support anything less is not worthy of this nation.

Many Hispanic groups are calling for people to not rally today and to keep the children in school. They are going to work because they get it. The first of the rallies backfired with public opinion. I tend to support the proposal that requires the illegal workers to pay back taxes - yes, they pay sales taxes locally but they don't pay federal tax (duh), learn English, and get at the end of the line to become citizens after they have met the other requirements.

Press 1 for English.

"Heroism consists in hanging on one minute longer". - Norwegian proverb


Jennifer said...

I'm going shopping, too, for the same reasons. And I hate shopping.

I think I'm with your son on the "United 93" movie. Part of me wants to see it in the worst way, and part of me thinks, it's just too soon.

Open Book

AC said...

Hey, I'm in great company. Its almost 4 and I just returned home...I've been shopping since 9 am, hitting 2 grocery stores, target, wal and k marts, Home Depot, a garden store, gas, the natural food store (which I was surprised was open) Barnes & Noble and a lunch spot. I was tempted to go to Taco Bell, but, well, I didn't.

Shopping as statement. What a concept.

It was fun.

I drove by a Mexican grocery (in the windows the largest signs are advertising MONEY ORDERS) and it was conspicously chained. I don't know who they think they are hurting...they should read my mad basket stomper story.

I did go by my favorite Mexican owned restaurant, which makes incredible salsas and serves ridiculously expensive bottled beer and it sported a big "open on Monday, May 1" sign. I couldn't make myself have hot sauce at 9:30 sadly. In my mind, I honked, becaue I just can't bring myself to actually honk, but I will make a special effort to go there soon.

aka_Meritt said...

I've been so busy I didn't even realize what a big hullaballo was stirring about this all... (I was on vacation at the beach and didn't watch tv or read a paper for over a week!) It was heaven. ;)

Well anyway - the only shopping I did today was by accident or need - not to protest the protest. LOL. I had to go to the store to get little baskets and goodies to go in them for "May Day" baskets which we delievered around town to the kids friends. I'm glad I was occupied though and keeping busy because I could surely get on a soap box about this topic. *smirk*

Hmmm what is the handicap icon next to the word verification for? LOL. I want to assume it's a joke but I have a feeling it isn't?

srp said...

I didn't shop today because I basically have no money to spare and must write my bills out in the morning. I did take the dog in for a chemo pill and didn't see anything closed down here. The big shopping centers looked like they were doing a booming business.

I have a few "radical" ideas to stem the tide of illegals crossing just before giving birth so their kids can automatically be citizens but I think they would probably be thought of as too far out. I just ask anyone to ponder this: If you or I as Americans or any other foreigners were in South America and tried to cross a border into Columbia or anywhere, sneaking across at night with no papers and we were caught....what do you think they would do to us?