Monday, May 15, 2006


What a way to begin the day. I took son to school, as usual, and on the way there an observant fellow motorist in the next lane alerted me to the fact I had a very low rear tire. Nice guy. Told me a two different stop lights to make sure I knew what he was miming to me through the window! So, I stopped at an auto service shop on the way back home and sure enough, a nail was in the tire. The mechanic took it out and checked the other tires and made sure they were all at the right air level. The best part? No new tire had to be purchased and the mechanic didn't charge me anything. Sweet!

So, tonight we will hear the President's plan to curb illegal immigration. I'm quite skeptical but I'll keep an open mind. Something has to be done. I'm discouraged to hear Vincente Fox, president of Mexico, and his bragging of the phone call he placed to President Bush yesterday. He claims Bush reassured him that he was not going to "militarize" the border. Fox needs to butt out and fix his own country instead of meddling in our security issues. The single biggest source of income to Mexico is the money sent home by illegals and legal immigrants from our country. The single biggest source. Think about that for a moment. It boggles my mind.

And, President Bush better not break out into Spanish in his speech!

Last week I watched a documentary on PBS called "Homecoming - The Forgotten World of America's Orphanages". It was the story of 15 men and women who grew up in public and private institutions and they were averaging in their mid 70's in age now. The point I came away with is that the larger orphanages that were operating in the days of my parents worked for the children. It wasn't perfect, to be sure, and some felt a lack of warm feelings from the adult supervisors. There wasn't much time to do hugs and kisses with so many children to care for and nurture at any given time. I couldn't help but think maybe orphanages should make a comeback and put an end to the Foster Care Program. The foster parent system is broken and so many children are moved from place to place consistently, especially during the formative years when the children are most vulnerable. I don't mean government run orphanage but private facilities run by trained and loving people with the children's best interests in mind.

Just a thought I had while the show was on.

Also tonight is the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy". It's a two hour episode and I'm excited. The writing is so good on that show and it is consistent.

I finally wrote my book review last night and hope to get it up on "Dew on the Kudzu" later today. I haven't done one is so long I hope it is readable!

"True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else." - Clarence Darrow


aka_Meritt said...

Poo on your for NOT needing a tire... I only say this because I have my tire appointment tomorrow and I DO need one! LOL. $400 for each tire - but they agree'd to $250 for the tire and rotation so almost half price (whew!) (Oh - Land Rover's. Expensive tires. Note for future reference if needed). LOL.

Ironically I was just thinking about orphanages this week - and I did NOT watch any tv shows on them!!! I was thinking to myself that it's too bad they aren't politically correct anymore. I full heartedly support privately run orphanages - (like nursing homes do). Our foster care system is not sufficient and I'd like to see the US bring back the use of orphanges. It's NOT like the days of the orphan train for petes sake.

Lisa said...

I'm a former foster child and current child advocate... and I would have to agree with you!

I grew up in the 80's, and as an older foster child, I was housed in group homes with other unwanted teenagers.

You know what? In some ways those group homes were a lot like dorm life. It wasn't all bad, because there were other kids in the exact situation with you.

All they would have to do is to tweak it a little:

1.) No boys and girls living in the same house. (Believe it or not, at one group home I lived in, boys and girls shared cottages, and our bedrooms were right next door to one another... then, they were surprised when a girl turned up pregnant!)

2.) Watch it about the male houseparents. Let's face it: with foster kids, there is no incest taboo. One of my houseparents made a pass at me.

The good thing about group living was that there was little chance for him to act on his lust with 12 other girls in the household.

Not so, in a foster home situation.

I do think that orphanages would be okay. An added benefit would be:

People would know where the children are, so that even if they couldn't take in a child permanently, they could mentor that child or take the child out to eat once a week.

When you think about it, that is a small and reasonable investment of time, and it could reap big dividends.

That's really all I needed in the group homes. If one person in the local community had made an effort to mentor me and spend time with me once a week, that would have let me know that someone cared about me.

I've written a book about my experiences. I'm currently working on the final draft. My agent is wonderful.

You can find information about my book at this web site:

Or, you can follow the link on this posting to see my blog regarding current issues in foster care.

srp said...

In Columbus, Palmer Home for Children still runs as does the Mississippi Sheriff Boys Ranch. Both have the children live in family groups with a house mother and father. I've known many children from Palmer Home and they are healthy, happy and loved by their families there.

AC said...

I'm with you about Vincent Fox. My exact words, as well, "fix your own country" and folks won't have to leave to get decent work. The corruption there is so bad....