Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Are We There Yet?

To bring a smile to your face and lighten your load a bit today, I will send you over to a website sure to tickle your funny bone. Do you like cats and silly spelling? Here's a winner for you: . My son, who inherited his parents' slightly warped senses of humor, sent me there some time ago and then in yesterday's newspaper an article about these sites spoke to their popularity. There are many variations of this site out there. Enjoy.

I watched bits of the Republican presidential debate last night. It was a snore and just too irritating to have 10 politicians standing on a stage being told to answer questions in 30 second or one minute sound bites. What's the point? That's what campaign commercials are for, if you ask me.

The dinosaur media was all atwitter that the candidates were distancing themselves from President Bush. Not that they care, you understand. Well, if the president is polling in the low 30's, not running for re-election, his vice-president not running for the office, and has a war not going well, what would you expect the candidates to do? At least they weren't pandering like Hillary and calling it 'Bush's war' when some had voted for it. The best line was from McCain who called Hillary out on her comment by stating he didn't call Bosnia 'Clinton's war' during that administration, or Somalia either.

Hillary never bothered to take the time to read the intelligence reports made available to Congress before the war vote. She was 'briefed' by staff, she admits. She strongly was in favor of the action. So was her husband and his administration, they just didn't want the political hit of it. That's what happens when you have no convictions based on core beliefs.

They're just politicians.

The Republicans, you'll notice, were on CNN last night. They weren't afraid to go on CNN even though conservatives in general, Republicans in particular, are shown outright hostility by such 'progressive' reporters as those on CNN and the alphabet networks. The interviewers would rather prove themselves liberal in thought than professional in their work.

Dollar Bill Jefferson (yes, that's his long time nickname in New Orleans) still holds office in Congress. Hmmm. He's been indicted. Oh, wait, he's a Democrat. And the Congressional Black Caucus still supports him, so Grandma Mimi doesn't want any fights with them, her biggest supporters. He's not in any type of committee assignments that will help his district, still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, but I guess it doesn't matter. Mayor Naquin still supports Jefferson, too, so there you go.

Majority Leader Reid on the floor of the Senate yesterday was defending the Democrats and their record in this session. Why? Because, although Reid claims not to read polls, as they all do, those polls are showing the Dems lower in popularity than Bush. The last one showed Congress, led by the Dems, at 29%. Hmmm.

The Dems are finding it not so easy to govern with the numbers so close in Congress. All they've done since the Bush administration began in 2001 was to complain, whine and ratchet up the discourse with personal attacks. They failed over and over again to present any real new ideas or solutions to the problems of the day. It's come back to haunt them. And Grandma Mimi? Have you listened to her during question and answer sessions when she's without a written script? Not the brightest bulb in the fixture. And Harry Reid? Who can listen to that mush mouth voice of any length of time? It's creepy.

I encourage you to visit Michael Yon's website for his latest dispatch. He's begun a series and part 1 is up now, of 4. He's been out with combat soldiers in Iraq, the Brits. He's been with the Queen's Royal Lancers whose motto is 'Death or Glory'. His photos are amazing. His writing is brilliant, as always. He's on my blog roll if you need help getting there.


Paul is a Hermit said...

A good site for kitten lovers who don't mind poor annunciation, at least going by humans and who says we're right? But funny.

In today's world, being a black Democrat is not only beautiful but impervious. In Mimi's world, a white Democrat looks mighty fine too and worthy of a double-standard.
What is so amazing is how she denies that double-standard. More amazing is how half the country eats it up.

I read Yon on his first embedment and the guy is terrific.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the two references. I love the kitten pictures and captions.

Thanks for the Michael Yon reference too. I shall go read and look.

AC said...

I second the reference of Michael Yon. He is amazing, brilliant -- all that you said.

The cats ARE entertaining. I've got a fat lazy thing squeezed betweent my monitor and keyboard right now needing a photo and caption. I don't see anything *warped* about ya'lls senses of humor though.

Jessica said...

I listened to the Savage Nation that evening and Mike Savage played the debate along with his own commentary of course which was the only interesting thing about it!

There were ten too many Republicans on stage for that debate LOL!

I think that Giuliani needs to get stance and stick with it, I think Thompson, Paul, Brownback and a few others need to drop out. McCain's a turncoat. In that group only Romney was acceptable and even's a stretch.