Friday, June 08, 2007

No Gracias

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore." - Howard Beale. From the movie, "Network", 1976

The immigration reform bill was kicked to the curb last night and may resurface a little further into this legislative session. Good riddance to bad rubbish. How did we get here?

It all began when a small group of senators began meeting in secret with lobbyists, the Chamber of Commerce, La Raza (being funded by George Soros), and others with their own selfish interests overruling the best interests for our country. Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama half-jokingly refers to these senators as The Masters of the Universe. Apropos.

There was such arrogance exercised in this agreement that the senators never even brought it before the Judicial Committee, or any other committee for that matter. At least when the 'reform' occurred in the 80's the legislation was taken to Judicial first.

The Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, stated in his creepy sounding voice that he was only willing to spend two weeks on this legislation. Two weeks. And the Senate's idea of a work week is different from the regular folks' work week. That is mind boggling considering the scope and depth of this legislation. Also, the Republican amendments to be considered were limited.

Seven Republicans voted for the legislation. Twelve Democrats voted against it. Therefore, the bantering that it was those nasty Republicans that downed this bill is inaccurate. It was bi-partisan. Bi-partisan. The term we are suppose to embrace and work towards.

This secret reform bill was formed much like Hillary's health care reform debacle in the 1990's with much the same result. Legislation that is developed in secret and then rammed through by arrogant, "we know best for you and you'll take it whether you like it or not", is always met with refusal by the American people, once it comes to light.

The final clincher was felt when President Bush last week decided to chastise fellow Republicans by referring to them as racist and alarmists if they didn't go along with the program. How dare he. This is the same line of thought that brought us the Dubai port deal and Harriet Miers for nomination to the Supreme Court, for heavens sake.

No mas. The conservatives in this country have finally had enough and are shouting back loud and clear. Level headed Democrats are, too. It's a formidable coalition when it all comes together. We are no longer willing to sit back and let George Soros set his socialist agenda, financed with his substantial fortune, without a fight. Let Soros take his agenda back to Europe. Oh yeah, they don't want him there, either. Move on, George, we're on to you.

Power to the people.


AC said...

the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college I worked in DC as a summer replacement for my congressman's receptionist. It was during the watergate hearings of 1973. At least once a week my boss would send over all the temp/interns to listen in, and told us all that we were NEVER to assume the folks us here were better or smarter or more gifted but simply more priviledged and to keep in mind that power corrupts.

This whole immigration bill is beyond irritating on all sides. I cannot bear to hear another smarmy word from Reid's face and in GWB...I am incredibly disappointed. A secret bill of humongous proportions with ridiculous *rules* even more cumbersome and expensive that the laws we have in place now (that are not enforced) and the audacity to complain that after just a little bit of explanation, most people Dont Like It. Arrogance is not a big enough word, is it.

The one good thing is that Laura Ingraham has been extra entertaining this past week.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I hope people are strong enough and able enough to see through all of the smoke screens yet to come. Like selling a product, marketing, Soros' media arm will only keep trying to make the same disgusting product more palatable to the consumer.
If you don't get want you want by threatening or shaming, there are still other ways to try. And they will.

All I want is for immigrants to enter this country legally so we know who they are, where they are and what they will be doing here, until they can apply for residency and citizenship which means leaning our language and our history.
It can be done, just as well as deporting whoever is here illegally, no matter how many millions there are. We have never been a people to say something is impossible, just that it will take a little longer than difficult.

Soros want to dismantle this country. Nothing less will please him and others. Why Bush want to help is beyond me.