Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer is Here

Happy First Day of Summer. And, yes, it's hot enough for me. I'll hear that question in passing about a bazillion times before summer's passed.

I saw Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees fame on tv the other day. He was being asked what he thought of "I'm a Believer" being in the running for the Hillary campaign theme song. He was definitely underwhelmed by that thought. He said "Believer" is a love song and had nothing to do with anything political. He suggested another song title and it was not a polite suggestion. Not a fan of her highness. The whole theme song concoction is lame. Just like her 'let's chat' campaign announcement. I don't care how much her Hollywood pals put her into warm and fuzzy staging, it doesn't fly with her.

And, she picked a song sung by a Canadian.

Yesterday, after President Bush's announcement that he will veto the embryonic stem cell legislation, Hillary said as President she will lift the ban. Problem with her promise is, of course, that there is no ban on embryonic stem cell research. Her husband, Slick Willie, put the ban on it though. President Bush lifted it. He said all along, however, that he will not support federal dollars going to it. There is lots of that research being done, with no fruitful results unfortunately, but it is done in the private sector, as it should be done.

The energy bill didn't get much steam under it in the Senate. Why? Well, it was all about adding taxes and taking tax breaks away from the evil Big Oil. All about goodies for special interest groups lobbying for alternative fuel sources. Evidently the other special interest groups are more in line with the Dems instead of the oil lobby. But don't ask Teddy, the swimmer, Kennedy or John Kerry to allow the wind mills to be put offshore in the waters surrounding their estates. No, no, don't obstruct any of their lovely views.

Refinery capacity increases were knocked out of consideration. No new plans for oil drilling or production. The bill was never about solutions, or even any ideas, just taxes.

A company that was to establish the first large wind farm off the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico has scrapped the project. Too expensive, not cost efficient at all. They will continue with plans for inland projects, though.

As Dogbert of the Dilbert comic strip said yesterday: "You can't save the earth unless you're willing to make other people sacrifice". It's always other people.

A new poll verifies previous poll results that 9 out of 10 journalists working within the media contribute money to Democrats. Shocking, I know. Good to see a little light shone on that, though. Bias, what bias?

BBC has been cited by its own researchers for being too biased against the war on terror, especially the war in Iraq, too accepting of current fads in popular thought, too accepting on the idea of global warming, too enthralled with celebrities and their opinions and too unwilling to get out of their own little comfort zones. Wow. Did you realize the BBC is taxpayer funded? Yep. It's like NPR or PBS. No bias there, either.

Do you think taxpayer funded conservative points of view would survive for any time at all? They think if they deny bias then it doesn't exist. Repeating false statements doesn't make them true, no matter how many times the statements are repeated.

According to, Ellenese Brooks-Simms, the former Orleans Parish School Board President, has pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a local businessman to promote and approve software education programs in the parish schools. The accepted bribes amount to $140,000 and the unnamed businessman received a contract worth $900,000 for the program. Both of them used several bank accounts to mask the transactions.

The unnamed businessman? According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, sources claim it is Mose Jefferson, brother of Congressman William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson now under indictment for bribery in relationship to Nigerian business dealings.

He ain't heavy, he's his brother.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Maybe she could get Toby Keith to compose one for her now that he's clarified he never was for the Iraq was, only the Afghan war. Or maybe he was for neither, or only the first few days of each, or was it only for the first few days after 9/11. Or only for the troops. I wonder if he's done clarifying.

You know Bill and Hillary are in love, don't you? The Soprano spoof is Hillary's answer to Bill's dance on the beach.

It's good to see 9 out of 10 journalist's leftist bias being reported but it is only being reported by 1 in 10 of them.

Incognito said...

Interesting tid bits!

The whole Hillary song choice and Soprano spoof is just too ghastly for words.

And the Jefferson brother's exploits. Sigh. But, of course, you won't hear too much about any of that.

AC said...

I heard that dork Kucinich on laura Ingraham yesterday actually say he thought that NPR had a Right-Leaning Bias! Of course Laura just hooted at him.

LOL on Paul's observation regarding the 1/10 reporting.

Mickey Dolenz was my first celebrity crush. I haven't seen him to check his aging process - in my mind....well. Nevermind.

What was the song he suggested? Where was this interview? I'd like to see it.