Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cake and Justice

Yesterday, my birthday not wedding anniversary!, was a good day. Chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting and the old fashioned kind of roses, one pink one blue, and piping for decoration. Yellow piping. It's delicious and I intend to eat more tonight. I can hear my arteries slamming shut.

This afternoon I went to lunch with my dear childhood friend. Her treat. I ate the comfort food I cherish best, fried Gulf shrimp. Complimentary bread pudding for the birthday girl from the restaurant.

Does life get any better, in the culinary way?

Tomorrow, Father's Day, we will take the husband out for the steak of his choice. I hope we can all decide on a movie to go to see. I'm voting for the new Nancy Drew movie, my childhood hero, but I am meeting much resistance. Guys.

I was watching as the decision to disbar Mike Nifong, of Duke Lacrosse players fame, came down. I think that's the least he deserves. He's been proven to be the very worst of politicians. He was using his venue, the criminal justice system, as his campaign strategy.

Who isn't impressed with the young men now forever tagged with the notoriety of this case? They have shown themselves to be well-spoken, intelligent and graceful under fire. Their parents have done a fine job with them.

So, where's the apology from the President of Duke University? Where's the apology from the 88 Duke professors who took out the full page ad in the newspaper to declare the young men guilty before they even had a day in court? There's the downside to the liberal takeover of today's college campuses in full view. Blame the students. Why? Because they were white, because they were athletic, because they were from successful families? Was the woman automatically innocent because she was black, because she was a poor, single mother stripping for a living? Why was she the immediate sympathetic victim? Her partner in stripping immediately came out saying the alleged victim was lying about it all.

But it was a political season for the DA and he was to milk it within the black community. A Democrat, he was counting on the black community to help him in a narrowly contested political campaign. His opponent, a popular woman lawyer, was neck and neck with Nifong in the polls right up to the election. Nifong used race, class, and gender wedges and won the election.

And, what does that say about the black community? Blindly vote for a Democrat no matter what? Let the party continue to take you for granted and use you for votes?

And when is enough enough with charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Both run down to stir the pot. Jackson declares he'll pay for the stripper's college education. The New Black Panther party goes there and yells death threats to the students, trying to incite violence. How does any of this move the racial problems in this country forward?

I know better than to wait for those apologies to run in a newspaper.


Beverly said...

Oh, that sounds like an ideal birthday lunch...fried Gulf shrimp. We have a restaurant here that has the best fried shrimp I've ever put in my mouth. Others try but can't beat them.

I would be having more of that cake too. I just came from a surprise 50th birthday party for one of our Sweet Adelines. We had ribs and chicken and all sorts of stuff, but shrimp would have been good.

Layla said...

Oh sounds so good and scrumptous! And you are a Nancy Drew fan!!!! My childhood hero and as for that matter she is still my hero. Last night on Turner Classic Network I watched an old Nancy Drew Movie from the 40's and it was just like reading the books!!! I also have collected all the series and I will confess, and I do not care what anyone says.....

I still read and re-read all the Nancy Drew books. They are from a gentler time, gentler people, people with character, substance, integrity, and knew honor and respected one another. All the wonderful things I knew once as a child that are gone today--except in the pages of Nancy Drew Mystery books.

I am a mystery buff and have solved a mystery or two myself--thanks to my hero!

BTW...I will see the movie. It looks great. The girl who plays Nancy Drew is Julia Roberts niece, Eric Roberts daughter. How cool is that. Two actors I can still deal with from the "hollyweird" crowd!

Have a great Father's Day - and I hope your wish to see the movie works out--if not, get some girlfriends together and go see it!

Janie said...

Happy belated birthday, Karen!!

Paul is a Hermit said...

Black and white racists and opportunists are the same and thre will never be harmony or justice in their groups, they will always be victims, they will always hate. They will never go away. May as well add Asain and Hispanics exremists too.
They will always be too ready to assauflt or kill when numbers are in their favor - prisons are a perfect example of this. They will never accept facts that do not fit with their beliefs. Nifong, Jackson and Sharpton are but a few of many.
To show my tolerance, I only want those 88 Duke professors cremated.

Too pessimistic? Okay. Well, there was your birthday, a good reason for optimism and happiness!

Incognito said...

Happy Belated Birthday, fellow Gemini,(and thanks for dropping by!).
My Birthday was on the 6th!
Hope you have many blessings this Birthday year.

And what Nifong did was shameful. Total obstruction of justice.