Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Today's Ponderings

A full page ad in the Wall Street Journal yesterday put a smile on my face. The ad's sponsor was the Duke Lacrosse Booster Club, with a mailing address in OKC Oklahoma. The ad was congratulating the team for their championship win and also for their 100% graduation statistic, as well as the accumulative GPA of the team. It was high.

Good for them. The Booster Club, I mean.

Of all the despicable events of the whole mess of the young Duke students accused, falsely, of raping the stripper, the ad taken out by the 70 plus professors denouncing them as if guilty until proven innocent was the most egregious to me. How dare they. The control of the out of touch, ivory tower sitting, socialist leaning professors on today's campuses of higher learning is quite disturbing to parents of future college students, like me. Where is their ad to apologize for the error of their ways, for supporting a stripper over their own students? The students whose parents, by the way, pay their salaries. If they didn't want to publicly show support of the students, the proper course of action would be to remain silent.

Just because a person has the right of free speech doesn't mean it has to be used. Especially in such a biased, hurtful, ignorant way. Shame on them. Aren't they suppose to be teachers?

The ad was a breath of fresh air.

Tonight's debate with the Republican presidential candidates will probably be a snore, but I will watch. I'm turned off with most of them, except Rudy and Mitt. I don't think Mitt could beat Hillary, though, especially with Hillary's help from the media. The spectacular show of nerve by Mike Wallace asking the Romneys if they had premarital sex was an all time media low. Did he ask any Democrats that question? No, just the Morman. The Morman who goes out of his way to say he is running for president, not head of the Morman religion. Maybe Wallace would like to ask Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader from Nevada that question. He's a Morman, too, but no one questions him on religion.

I've watched some of the Senate proceedings on the immigration bill today. What a mess. I'd prefer they do nothing at all rather than pass this travesty. Reid is trying his best to push it all through without allowing the minority to put up their amendments for votes, you know, just what he and Grandma Mimi said they wouldn't do to the minority when they took over the Congress. Not to mention the true costs of all this wasn't taken through the committee process as other major legislation normally is taken.

And, finally, the travesty that is the sentencing of Scooter Libbey today to 30 months in jail. Such a farce. The only one from the White House this Fitzpatrick could get and he wants Libbey thrown under the jail for memory lapse he labels as lies to a grand jury. Nice. Let's hope Fitzpatrick's memory remains sharp as he goes on with his life.

Time for the pardon, Mr. President. Libbey's spent enough money and time on this boondoggle. Plame and Wilson have moved to Santa Fe and living large on the whole mess. Quite the pair there.


Beverly said...

Well said, Karen. Thanks for always dropping by.

I appreciate your keeping me up on the issues. You're a better one than I for keeping up to date. Someone has to, I know. I sometimes stick my head in the sand. Shame on me.

AC said...

I don't knwo where I've been, but I DID NOT KNOW H. Reid was a Morman! Yes, I hit the channel jump button every time his smug mug shows on the screen, before I hear a word, but still...

You would surprise many with that info, I would think. Religion is only an *issue* for Conservatives,

If I gave you the list of the speakers who were invited to J's school just in the last year, you would home school your boy through to his PH.D. I'm sure hers would be considered a *conservative* school by the elites. ooh, don't get me started.

Jennifer said...

Those ads have been cropping up all over the country, courtesy of various boosters. I have to say, the one in the Durham Herald-Sun right here in my own backyard nearly brougth tears to my eyes.

Janie said...

Nicely written, Karen.