Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zero Sum Gain

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." A mere 20 years ago today that those words were spoken in a speech delivered by President Ronald Reagan at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Remember how shocked the critics were that the President would have such nerve as to speak honestly?

Today a President with big ideas on freedom around the world is hounded by the media and the hateful left as a warmonger and a liar and an idiot. No more national unity on the big stuff. Just politics. Lots of petty, small minds out there. Twenty years ago seems like light years away from today. The haters have their freedom. Screw the others. They can fend for themselves. Except for Darfur. Because George Clooney and Angelina Jolie say so.

I heard an expression earlier today - 'zero sum gain'. The theory that one side must lose for the other to win. It was spoken by Christine Todd Whitman, the former governor of New Jersey and the EPA Secretary during the first of President George W's administrations. She is currently working within an organization, co-led by an original founder of Greenpeace, and they are starting the discussion on the use of nuclear energy for future needs of our country. Like France and Japan.

The subject of the current consensus of the G8 nations on agreements concerning global warming was a topic discussed with her. She spoke of the wisdom of the Senate vote during Clinton's administration as they voted unanimously to take a pass on the Kyoto agreement. The European countries that took it on are all failing to meet the requirements and deadlines, as was predicted. Plus the new agreements will now include standards for China and India and other leaders in global pollution. Kyoto conveniently excluded them.

Did you know the state of Vermont is producing 70% of their energy needs using nuclear technology? Me neither. I thought that was really interesting. Being such a radically liberal state I think that is an interesting development for the environmentalists living there.

It's good the Senate is finally trying to get legislation passed on the President's energy policy. He first submitted an energy policy in 2002 yet no passage of anything noteworthy. Since global warming is the current crisis du jour, maybe everyone will pull together and do something good for a change. Maybe they'll put the country's best interests ahead of who gets credit for what. That would be a pleasant change of pace.

Scientists are still in flux about the causes of global warming, to be sure. Contrary to what Hollywood thinks, Al Gore is no expert. His 'research' is no more valid than that of others in the discussion. And he confesses to using exaggeration as a selling point of his thoughts. This is why the left fringes are not taken seriously. Laurie David is a nut. Her husband is divorcing her now. She was interviewed in a magazine I read recently and bragged about chasing down drivers of SUVs and screaming at them for driving the vehicle. So much for rational behavior. And the stunt on Karl Rove with Sheryl Crow in D.C. at the dinner? All about newspaper ink. Sheryl Crow has opted out of their friendship, I read. Laurie David is jealous that Crow is the more popular with the press of the two. Gee, I wonder why. You don't think Laurie David is using the issue for fawning press, do you?

These same people continue to live large, fly on personal jets, own huge mansions sucking up power and then tell all the regular, little people to make the sacrifices. That's why most people don't take them seriously. It's always about what is the popular cause of the day.

And, for the record, President Bush's ranch in Crawford Texas won hands down over Gore's big house in Tennessee for environment friendly design and implementation of an environmental friendly lifestyle.

When someone like Al Gore has to tell you how wonderful he is, he's probably not. Christine Todd Whitman was skewered by the left after the 9/11 rescue workers began showing signs of illness from air quality immediately after the attack. She pointed out that she tried to insist the workers wear filter masks. Some refused.

Al Gore has made another personal fortune as an 'expert' on the environment. Funny how that happens. President Bush can be blamed for scads of decisions and policy mistakes over the course of the past 6 years. Personally destroying the environment isn't one of them.


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Paul is a Hermit said...

I remember thinking President Reagan kept straightening the spine of Americans and the free world. Kept challenging us and demanding to know, who said so?
I loved how he kept exposing the myths of "experts" and shocked Americans into seeing that something could be.

Al Gore is my poster child for believing the America is in decline, because that is where he and his phalanx are taking us. The media being his trumpeters, when they should be it's exposers.
Why does the media seek a privileged place in Gore's Socialism when they had an exalted place in Democracy?

Mad William Flint said...

The phrase is "zero sum game" from game theory, indicating a game or contentious situation where the sum of outcomes is zero (i.e. win is 1 loss is -1)

Chess, Checkers, etc. are zero sum games.

Layla said...

Great post Karen and so true! You are absolutely right on - analysis right on target!