Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday's Musings

What is that playing off to my right, over on the coffee table, you ask? It's the husband's smallest computer, his tablet style, which is playing the live feed of the astronauts spacewalk to do their work. It's the NASA channel's feed and goes from showing the work, up close and personal with audio, and back to the control center here in Houston.

Geeks make the best husbands. He's gone off to bed and left it running for me. I think it is so stinkin' cool, I can't stand it. The things we can witness now thanks to advances in technology blows my mind.

So, who's the most unflappable man on the planet? Today's nod goes to Karzai in Afghanistan. He was giving a speech and the Taliban thought they'd launch a few rockets his way. They whiz by him, about 200 yards away and he tells the audience, no just sit back down. And he continues. Just another day at the office.

So, who's got lower poll numbers than President Bush, Dick Cheney, and Scooter Libbey? That would be Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The guy with the creepy voice. Even Dennis Miller mentioned his voice while he was ripping Harry a new one over the weekend during his pundit bit. So, my opinion of his mealy mouth is vindicated.

Turns out the American people aren't quite as gullible as Harry thought them to be. It's karma, dude. As long as Harry is taking marching orders from the likes of Chuckie Schumer (NY) and Dick "Gulags" Durbin (IL), well, that's what'll happen. He allowed them to convince him to shut down the illegal immigration reform work, not even bothering to do the work in the committees before bringing it to the Senate floor to ram it through, then Harry actually blamed President Bush for failing to get the legislation through. That's quite a feat.

Today, Harry showed his usual sense of the pulse of the American people. Not. He actually allowed Chuckie Schumer to introduce a non-binding resolution to give a vote of no confidence to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Poor Harry is a bit confused. He forgot we're the country that began by breaking away from the Parliamentary system in England.

So, there's Harry's leadership in a nutshell. Non-binding. The resolution didn't even get enough votes to go to the floor for a vote. Losers. In fact Grandma Mimi's poll numbers are in line with Harry's, too.

"This is all about partisan politics. Nobody is being fooled." That's what Senator Trent Lott said during his time on the floor, giving his opinion of the resolution. I guess cheap, ineffective non-binding resolutions are more urgent than working out the problem of the 14 million illegal immigrants in this country, the open borders, the energy policy (which was scheduled after the resolution) or any number of pressing issues facing our country. You know, all the issues the Dems pledged to magically solve once they were back in control of Congress.

Yeah, and how's that anti-corruption pledge going?

Karma, dude.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Wonder why Harry ran for the office if he didn't know how to do it? Worse, he let's everyone tell him how.
Frankly Harry scares families, especially small children, gives them nightmares and makes them cry.
Maurice Chevalier sang a song called Mimi, "you funny little good for nothing, Mimi" but don't quote me quoting that.

I saw a clip of Trent Lott praising Kennedy's leadership and how hard his job is, tonight. Oh it was at Michelle Malkin's. She was giving out awards. It would make you sick.
Geeks should run the country.

AC said...

Harry Reid's been giving me ginders for ages. I'm glad his voice is finally receiving the *attention* it deserves. Its not just how he says it, either of course. There are days when I want to plaster my tv with a pie, but what a waste of good pie.

As much as I am in dismay with GWB over the illegal immigrant amnesty bill, I did appreciate his response to the non-binding waste of time -- that he was the one who decided who served.

Beverly said...

Good post, as usual. I loved your comment over at Vicki's