Friday, June 22, 2007

Lipstick on a Pig

I'm able to take the opportunity to send along kudos to a Democrat this morning and that is a pleasant surprise. I know it's a political calculation on the Senator's part, being from a fairly purple state and all, but I'll plunge ahead with a leap of faith.

Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri has spoken. She says she will vote against cloture on the Amnesty bill disguised as immigration reform. Good for her. Usually her face sends me reaching for the channel clicker as she doesn't come off very well when questioned in interviews. She doesn't think quickly on her feet, in my opinion. She comes off rather thick, as the Brits say. And don't get me started over the pandering with Michael J. Fox and stem cell research so that she could win her seat. Christopher Reeves will stand and walk again, remember that outlandish claim by the Dems supporting Hollywood's insistance on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research? Just say anything for a vote.

Congress has an approval rating at 14% now. An all time low in the polls. Even President Bush's numbers are better than that. And, you know, he's the devil.

We observe creepy voiced Harry Reid being led over the side of the cliff by allowing Chuckie Schumer to set the agenda and insist it's all about picking up additional seats in 2008. Reid continues to speak inappropriately for someone in a leadership position: the President is a liar remark made to school kids in Nevada, the war is lost, Republicans are obstructing legislation (THAT one so rich I can't believe it, after the past years of the Dems using obstruction as their only solution to anything), Republicans are only beholden to special interests (again so rich , as his 3 sons and one son in law are all lobbyists and have aided him on the very profitable land deals he's made in Nevada) and so forth.

Nancy Pelosi, aka Grandma Mimi, is having difficulties of her own. Remember her promise to clean the swamp? Well, instead of dealing with earmark reform, she has renamed them. She is demanding that adult children be allowed to travel with their congressional parent on the taxpayer's dime if the congress person's spouse isn't available to travel. There's the demand for the larger jet for her and all her family and staff to travel on back and forth to California. The claim that the congress will work full weeks is long gone, with a schedule for 2007 containing 20 weeks off and weeks of working Tuesday thru Thursday.

To be sure, the abuses are on both sides of the aisle. The Republicans were in control of Congress long enough for them to pick up the bad habits established by the 40 plus year dominance of the Democrats before the Republican revolution. A big difference, however, is when the Republicans came into power in 1994, Newt Gingrich had a ten point plan and accomplished the agenda in fairly short order. Changes were made in those first years and held. Grandma Mimi mimicked this with her own first 100 hours plan. So far the only accomplishment is raising the minimum wage.

The problem lies in the fact that for the Dems to take back Congress, they had to overreach on the promises and pledges. The American voter, starving for a change of course in D.C. bought into the whole routine and now they are waking up and putting facts together. Pelosi is not the sharpest intellect in D.C. She is kinda scary with all the plastic surgery, but that's just a personal observance for me. Her Armani suits are lovely. Yet she has overplayed her role. She feels entitled to do foreign policy diplomacy, traveling to countries like Syria, misrepresenting Israel's positions to its neighbors, and posing, smiling with murdering dictators. No, not George Bush. Real murdering dictators. A congressman from the midwest is now proposing legislation restricting in writing her ability to covort with the sworn killers of Americans and if she violates it, she'll be charged with violations worthy of the Logan Act. We have a State Department, thanks Grandma.

So, kudos to Senator McCaskill, for now. She has made the right decision for her country regardless of the true reasoning behind it. Standing up to Teddy, the swimmer, Kennedy and his history of pushing immigration reform every 21 years, beginning in 1965, has brought us to the mess we're in now. Kennedy is consistently shown to be on the wrong side of history and this time is no different.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Pelosi is not happy with people like you who actually remember what she said. It's not fair.
She's another in a long line of Democrats seeing themselves as skillful negotiators all of whom believe only themselves capable of stopping our enemies with words. Reason. Okay, Nancy, whatever was I thinking about destroying Israel. Oy Vey!

Harry scares me, I keep seeing Himmler without his uniform. I watch The History Channel and think, hey, there's Harry. Kennedy is kinda like Goring(I can't make those little dots over the "o").

Incognito said...

Every once in a while one of them does the right thing!