Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Excitement is Killing Me

This has been one of those funky days where it's been hard for me to get motivated about much of anything. Went to the grocery store this afternoon on the hunt for steaks and let me tell you it was 95 degrees out there today. Heaven help me.

That's been it today. The excitement is electric, right? At least the guys got some things done today. And they took a swim before dinner.

Last night the husband and I watched the space shuttle Atlantis take off on the NASA channel. It was a nice coincidence that he was able to come home a little early and enjoy it while unwinding and sipping a cold beer before dinner. It was a really great experience. I felt a little of the old excitement as it lifted off, plus the channel was showing some really great shots of the launch. Something fun that NASA does for its employees is to open up an auditorium with a huge movie screen in it and the families of the employees get to go watch it from NASA, too. Then when the launch is over, they all stand and applaud like the control room does. It's fun to watch.

I think with all the problems NASA has experienced this year, this launch will be a morale booster. I hope so, I want the program to get bigger and better, not downsize.

A strange story in the newspaper yesterday caught my attention. Seems a 10 year old Yorkie terrier was stolen during a home burglary. The owner's computer and jewelry were taken from her house. The back door and gate were left open so she is hoping the dog, Joey, ran away instead of being snatched.

The twist is that the victim of the theft is the Citizens For Animal Protection's community outreach director. Joey is a stand-in spokesdog for the shelter. All three pounds of him. The article said that the only witnesses to the crime were Moonbeam and Mr. Magoo, the two cats who share the house with Joey and the owner.

They're not talking.

There's a cash reward for Joey.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Oh, this is too puurfect!
We all know the cats took the opportunity to open the back door and gate and chase lightweight Joey out, knowing that the burglar would take the rap.
Cats lay around all day thinking and planning, they probably staged the Burglary too.

Poor Joey. Let's hope he's not being tortured right now by Moonbeam and Mr' Magoo's gang. Probably will be a ransom note soon.

srp said...

I hope little Joey gets back home. I would be lost without Max. Even though he is starting to fail a bit, he still loves to eat and take a walk and sleep with the kitties!

Beverly said...

I hope Joey makes it back too. Those cats, though, were probably scheming to get rid of him.

I have a friend who had VIP seats for the launch. I'm eager to hear about it from her

Often we can see the launch from this side of the state.

95? Oh my, that is getting hot.

AC said...

My house kitties sit at the windows, cool in the air conditioning, staring with smirks at those stinky panting canines on the porch outside where it is almsot 90 and humid. sometimes they will bat at the windows and press right against the glass as if to say *haha* *I win*. So I third the vote--the cats saw an opportunity and took it.

A three pound dog -- ha!

Makes me think of that commercial for what I don't remember where the cat turns over the garbage and does all sorts of bad things the dog is blamed for until the dog gets a camera and snaps a pic of Mr. Kitty doing the deed. So I guess it was a camera commerical.. might have been for blue jeans, though, given the way some advertisers think.

Seriously, I have thieves and hope Joey gets back soon and safe.