Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

What's more fun than hearing the clips of Teddy, the swimmer, Kennedy singing in Spanish on a Spanish language radio station in L.A.? Remembering that Teddy was kicked out of Harvard University for 2 years for cheating on a Spanish final exam.

Juneteenth: On June 19, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger landed on Galveston Island with news that the war was over and slaves were free. The celebration of today's Americans commemorates the end of slavery in the United States.

Sometimes I read something so over the top that the statement lingers in my mind for days.

A couple of days ago I read some blogs no longer on my daily reading list. I read one commenting on a recent tragedy in Austin. During the Junteenth rally a child was hit by a car. A mob scene developed with the rally goers physically attacking the driver of the automobile and the passenger in the car. The driver was killed. The child was taken to a local hospital, treated and released. Fortunately the child's injuries were minor.

The driver wasn't committing a hit and run offense. It was an accident in a crowded situation. The driver immediately got out of the car to attend to the child before help arrived.

The driver was Hispanic. The mob was mostly black from the Juneteenth rally. Remember the L.A. riots some years ago when the motorist was pulled from his truck and beat to a pulp? Think that.

The Austin Police Department are downplaying the incident, for whatever reason.

This blogger I read states the problem is rampant hatred of Hispanics in our country. She states the incident brings to her mind thoughts of the Holocaust.

Wow. What history class did I miss? Maybe it's time for a field trip to a Holocaust museum. We have a magnificent one here in Houston that I can wholeheartedly recommend. Our museum tells the complete story of the Holocaust. I have learned facts both times I have visited. They also have exhibits of Rwanda's genocide. That would be in line with the Holocaust, historically speaking.

We might also want to remember that the Jews were murdered on the basis of their religion, not because of their country of origin. Blurring the lines doesn't move the debates forward.

No mention of this tragedy implied racial bias brought on the brutality. Does she assume black people are rounding up Hispanics and murdering them? No mention of any one's legal status in our country was brought into the report either.

It's a common alarmist comment, this Nazi stuff, isn't it? Particularly when a Republican is in the White House. Since his inauguration we have heard the constant thread of criticism that President Bush is a Nazi, conservatives are Nazis, brown shirts, marching in lockstep. All to conjure up thoughts of Nazi Germany.

As Jon Stewart of the Daily Show fame, no conservative, chastised a guest not so long ago, "No, only Hitler was Hitler".

Why claim it is all about rampant hate for Hispanics? Seems to me if the hatred was rampant, Nazi style, we would read of daily murders solely because the victim was originally from Mexico, central or South America.

I now remember why I stopped reading that blog.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Teddy? Kicked out of Harvard for two years? Remarkable. Apparently when fairness held sway there. I did not know that.

See? That blogger has bought into Amnesty's supporters that honest, hard-working, poor, law abiding Hispanics are hated and vilified to even mention the Holocaust.

That is exactly the image those supporters want hoisted upon those against it. That we are as evil as any such people who have walked the earth.
There may be racial reasons to any assault. But the vile stretch being assigned to anyone resisting Teddy & George is sickening.

Incognito said...

What a hoot about Teddy! Ha!

And Jon Stewart.. pretty amazing..

as for the blogger comment...it's mob mentality, pure and simple, and happens all the time. Very sad that people have that rage within themselves that can go as far as killing another human being.

srp said...

Please say they are going to arrest those who beat the man to death! It is terrible when you can be above the law because you are rich and famous. It is equally horrible to be above the law because law officials are afraid of being called racist if they do their job. An accident is an accident, murder is murder... plain and simple.

Jon Stewart is a graduate of William and Mary... sometimes he is pleasantly surprising and then other times... NOT!

Jessica said...

You're cracking me up about Teddy!

Hatred of hispanics? Good grief, what an idiot. Good thing you did stop reading that moronic blog!

Just another way to detract from the real issue.