Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Helpful Helpers

It's tough getting good staff these days, isn't it? Angelina Jolie blaming her representatives for denying some of the members of the press access to her wonderful self while she promotes a story of a journalist who died for freedom of the press, but no one said she was educated. And, I'm quite sure she never expected to be criticized for her vanity and arrogance. Senator Webb blaming his aide for the gun incident at the Capitol, finally coming clean that of course it was his gun, after he let the aide sit in jail over the incident. After he remained silent as to his ownership of the gun. There's a stand up kind of guy.

The problem comes into play with people in the spotlight, doing good deeds, when they start to feel entitled. Entitled to more. More perks, if you will. Elected officials become arrogant, expecting monetary gain, world travel and special treatment. They forget they work for us, the taxpayer. Once out of power, there are book deals, corporate boards on which to sit, lobbying firms enticing you with sweet employment packages.

Celebrities forget the very people they criticize may have purchased tickets to their movies which made them incredibly wealthy and free to live the good life. Do they really think only those on one side of the political aisle buy tickets to movies?

President Clinton, starting off retirement from public office as a man in debt, not even owning his own home, and now is worth about $50 million. Before they were officially out of the White House, Hillary had the commitment of an $8 million book deal and Bill's promise to put her into the Senate, then the White House herself. So far so good. She feels entitled to all of it because Bill has been a public servant all of his professional life. That means, of course, living off taxpayers but never mind. She even became a partner at the law firm in Little Rock because of his career. Her claim of intellectual superiority? Not so much. Like everything else of these two people, all hype. Or, as is said in Texas, all hat no cattle.

Hillary's current outrage against 'big business', like big oil? Well, seems she and Bill have lots of millions worth of stock in companies like WalMart, oil, and pharmaceuticals. Yeah, we're shocked. WalMart, on whose board she sat for many years, collecting payment for her service to them, is now attacked by the likes of her as an unfit employer. The oil companies she now insists do not deserve tax breaks to continue operating? Lots of money made of them by these two. And I wonder how Hillary's socialized medicine works into her drug stocks?

Barack Obama, showing his rookie status again, claims he won't do negative campaigning because he's all about a new tone in Washington. Then a commercial is released where he refers to Hillary as the senator from India because of her campaign contributions. Oops. A little negative, not to mention racist and is now on the outs with Indian voters.

He blames his staff for the commercial.

It's just hard to get good help these days.


Layla said...

So true and a most accurate post on the stupidity of these moronic and hypocritical people.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Perfect, Karen.
Those in positions of such wealth and power truly must lament that there are so few like them, to hire.
It is no wonder that things fail.
They can't be everywhere. You have to sympathize with their position.

On top of that, some of us won't do as we're told.

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to say hello.

No, really, I just wanted to say I can't wait for the day you and I sit across a table from one another and have a tipsy political discussion.

But then I thought better of it, and decided to just say hello.


Besides, your intelligent eloquence would overpower my instinctual squealing on nearly every point. I'm convinced.

seawitch said...

Hey, they're the elite!! How dare us little guys dain to question them?

AC said...

Didn't I red that Hill/Bill shed their Walmart stock? Darn that internet getting info out to the loud people!

I wonder if Ms. Jolie understood any of the lines she uttered in the movie I shall never see. Hey, she should have an eclair or something...I saw her pic at the grocery in the check out line. Lack of food has gone to her.....ooops, that would be blaming her cook or personal trainer or someone else. There is always someone to blame.

You know, I would really like to go to a movie, sit in the dark and cool, and enjoy a respite from the heat and humidity but I have to check the list of actors against my never-see list. It is getting harder and harder to go to one.

I think the last movie I saw at a theater was the last Harry Potter. Thank goodness a new one is coming out soon! No one Please, should tell me anything about anyone involed with the film, let me have a couple hours escape.

Beverly said...

I just reread your post. I had never heard the phrase "all hat, no cattle" before, but then I'm not from Texas.

It does fit this post though. The hypocrisy is hard to take. Why is the public so blind?

wordnerd said...

When people ask me how I can be "a conservative" (like it's a bad word), the first two words out of my mouth are, invariably, "the hypocrisy".

You hit the nail on the head here.

And to Beverly. The public is so blind because they only see, and hear, what and how the media delivers. We don't stand a chance.

Jennifer said...

I have to point out that hypocrisy is party-blind. While the examples here are blatant, an equal, but not opposite, post could be written substituting conservative stalwarts and neophytes for their liberal bretheren named here. It goes both ways, always has, always will. The only thing that changes really is the boisterous vocal outrage of whichever side is feeling more threatened in the moment. If there is no (or little) threat, there is less of a rush to point out the obvious miscues. It's so rote, it's nearly become "mad-lib" politicking - fill in the appropriate politico and affiliation here.

I say this with only love, mad respect, and goodwill, as I voted for Bush, not once but twice. Granted, I wished then and wish now there had been an alternative, but conservative is a tag used to define my positions, for the most part.

The slinging of the mud and arrows has as much validity when tossed by the right hand as it does when tossed by the left. This is the shame of it all, that this nation built on the strength of its history is filled with politicos who refuse to learn from it. That and the whole glass houses thing.

I have mad respect, too, for your principled and determined stand against partaking of the talents of those whose views you disagree with. By association, I am weak. Because I plan to be first in line to buy my first ticket to see 'A Mighty Heart'. If it's anywhere as moving as I expect it will be, that first ticket purchase won't be my last, either, I fear.

This is WINDBAG ALERT length, I'm sorry. And I hope it's coming across as I intend, and not as something more than that. If I know you, my friend, as I think I do, I feel fairly sure you'll "get it".