Monday, June 18, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere

Every single day for the past week has brought afternoon and early evening thunderstorms. We've had intense thunder, hail, lightning, streets flooding, the whole enchilada. We have a continuance of this pattern to look forward to again this week.

Yes, I am on sinus medication.

We stayed in for Father's Day due to the nastiness outdoors. I grilled steaks and the day was very quiet.

The son began a summer school class this morning. It's a concentrated class, which means he sits there from 8:00 to 1:00 and finishes the course in 2 weeks time. It's the second semester pre-cal course. Poor kid got my math genes. His father is a math and science genius so he doesn't relate to us at all about this.

Next month he makes up a Chemistry class. Don't go there.

The immigration reform bill will be back in play in the upcoming days. It's been interesting watching and listening to those on both sides. Late last week Senator Trent Lott, D-MS, decided to be the conservative basher du jour. He decided to bash talk radio and it's listeners. He claims talk radio is running the country. Would that it were true. Too bad he's forgotten the same talk radio hosts he is busy criticizing now are the same who passionately defended him when he made his politically incorrect, albeit innocent, remark during the birthday gathering of Strom Thurmond. More importantly, too bad he's forgotten for whom he works.

Conservatives are not against immigration. Conservatives are against illegal immigration. It's not a difficult concept to grasp. Follow the laws all ready in place. Close and secure the borders, both north and south. Distribute tamper proof id cards for all those entering this country.

Simply know who is here.

The argument I don't understand is the one stating we have to let the illegal immigrants come out of the shadows. Well, I don't know about where you live, but here everyone is quite free to roam in the sunlight.

This massive legislation is just wrong. It was developed in secret by a self-appointed group of Senators headed up by Teddy, the swimmer, Kennedy. That alone is a big enough red flag for me. The committee process was abandoned. Amendments on the Senate floor were curtailed, especially by the Republican minority.

It's just wrong.

The fines will not be paid. The touch back provision requiring them to go back to the home country for a year is a joke. The paperwork for those applying the legal way is so backed up that a massive onset of more paperwork will further muck up the system. It would be better to simply do nothing than to enact all that is in this legislation. We should take it a step at a time.

One foot in front of the other. Slow and steady.


Paul is a Hermit said...

The bill stinks and because so many unlikely people are crawling into the same bed with it, it stinks to High Heaven, as the saying goes.
It, so far, has clearly demonstrated what was to have been extinct, back room deals between enemies.

The point is that they do not worry as much about 13 miliion illegal Hispanics as they worry about 27 million Hispanic voters already elligible to vote and paying back those businesses using the 13 million as cheap labor who contributed heavily to their campaigns. Still add, say 10 miliion new voters, why, that's enough to make Al Gore cry.

Yet each one of them stands and makes speeches on the sanctity of American Law and doing what is right. They never mention their private BUT. The one which says do as I say, not as I do.

srp said...

I think the part of the existing law that says you are an American citizen if you are BORN here is ridiculous. Other countries don't have this. They stream across the border pregnant to have their children here, and then we don't break up the family. Nuts! I am tired of paying for their health care in my taxes. Our taxes pay for the indigent health care at hospitals all over the country. I was there in Parkland, I know where they go for health care.

Here in Virginia Beach a drunk illegal alien ran into and killed two teenage girls. He had been stopped before but the police didn't call immigration because of the city considers itself a safe harbor city, or some such nonsense. I don't care for lawsuits but if I were those girls parents, I would sue the city and the police for all their worth.

seawitch said...

We're getting the daily thunderstorms now.

And as one of Senator Lott's constituents, his arrogance over this has many of us very angry.