Saturday, August 04, 2007

Blogging with Wine

I am watching "My War Diary" on the Military Channel tonight. Do you watch it? It's videos of footage from Iraq produced by the soldiers. It is incredible stuff. I cannot express my admiration and gratitude for the U.S. military enough. You know, when I was growing up, back when the dinos roamed, the Vietnam War was on the evening news every night as we ate dinner. I grew up with war as the lead story each and every night. Walter Cronkite was king. So, as a teen, I was naturally very anti-war. Bobby Kennedy was going to save our country, don't you know. I was too young to know the corruption of the Kennedy clan, I just knew the name was a bad word in my house. Teenagers are liberal. That is how it should be. I have one in my house now and I am ok with it. Now, if he's thirty years old and still of the same opinions, well, it's a different ballgame.

Turns out I married a Vietnam veteran. Who knew? Now I see both sides of war and the life of a soldier.

Let's think about the tragedy of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, shall we? Scary, horrible story, to be sure. So, how long did it take for the Bush Deranged to blame the administration for the event? About ten minutes. What utter fools. But here's the real travesty, the media is lapping it up. Have you noticed? Every cable and network news channel has resorted to the same talking point, well, if we weren't spending so much money in Iraq, the bridges would be safe. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

First, the budget for the Department of Defense has absolutely nothing to do with the budget of the Department of Transportation. NOTHING. As usual, the defeatists are taking pot shots and the media, their willing accomplices, are jumping on the bandwagon.

Yesterday Laura Bush was there to offer support and comfort. Then today the president went there. Begrudgingly, the media has to say he was a welcome visitor and the trip was successful. But so far we have heard from Senator Amy Klobuchar, the junior senator from Minnesota, who has been in the senate for about 5 minutes, claim that "we've spent $500 billion in Iraq and we have bridges falling down in this country", she said on MSNBC. "I see a connection between messed-up priorities". Yeah, I've got your messed-up priorities, Amy. The messed-up priorities are when politicians try to make political hay out of a national tragedy.

Senator Klobuchar, you are a stupid, ignorant bitch. That's the facts. The fact is that the current administration has increased federal funding for highways every year, all the way into 2009. The state of Minnesota received an increase of 47%. Do you really think it's the fault of this administration's that your bridges weren't properly maintained? No, of course not. You are just taking pot shots and doing the bidding of your pathetic leadership.

Shame on you, Senator Klobuchar. You do not deserve to be in office. And, there you were, taking the free ride on Air Force One with the president, smiling and back slapping with all the others there like you were really concerned with the people of Minneapolis.

You make me sick.

I expect to hear all the incredibly stupid comments made on news shows by those who wish ill of our country to make political points, going unchallenged, but for sitting politicians to turn tragedy into political speeches and camera time? Disgusting.

And our brave soldiers continue to fight for the rights of these traitors.

God bless them.


Law and Order Teacher said...

I visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial today. Has your husband done that? I was OK with my service before the visit. Now I am still trying to come to grips with it. The visit really made me think about the significance of what I had done. It was very emotional and I'm still reeling. Overall it was something that I needed to do and believe it or not, I feel better. Read my post about the experience. Give your husband support and allow him to deal with what he saw. Also read the book I mention in my post. I read it all at once without stopping. Cathartic.

Paul is a Hermit said...

If I really felt the President and his priorities were to blame, the last place you'd see me is around him. But she knows a good number of her constituents would not take kindly her snub, so principals out the door until he turns his back.

I had a, good for you, Anderson Cooper, when I watched his podcast this past Friday. They highlighted the waste of Federal highway money and the lead was Pa's own ex-congressman, Bud Shuster. His highway to nowhere, named after him, in Central Pa. at a cost of over 600 million, as bad as Alaska's proposed bridge. Maybe CNN (Ha! Maybe?)was picking on Republicans but that doesn't matter, waste is waste, though Democrats used to be better at it.
It's everywhere and Minnesota's good Senator knows it and year after year they do nothing about it except to add more unneeded projects instead of fix what we have.

It makes me sad, it's like the yearly vote getting slogan of 'We need more policeman'!
Really? And where are we putting those they catch? As of now, the answer is to release those they recently caught because our jails are full.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Wow, great blog. I'll be adding it to my blogroll. Blame Law and Order Teacher I saw your comment on his blog... lol

The over/under here in Las Vegas for Bush getting blamed for the bridge was 24 hours and the under was the winner. I hear that next time the over/under for him getting blamed will be in the 16-18 hour range.