Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Scribblings

This month's Coffee Donation to the Troops from my standard order went to : MNCI JCC-1 Unit 42007. Didn't have a base or city but from a quick search on the Internets seems to turn up at Camp Victory in Baghdad.

From the AP on 8/10/07, via "A general dropped all charges Thursday against a Marine who had been accused of killing three Iraqi brothers in response to a roadside bomb attack in Haditha in 2005. The evidence does not support a referral to a court-martial," Lt. Gen. James Mattis wrote in his written decision."

Continuing, "Lance Cpl. Justin L. Sharratt, 22 had been charged with the murder in the deaths of three of those killed after the bomb attack Nov. 19, 2005. The decision to drop the charges followed an earlier recommendation from a hearing officer who listened to evidence in the case. Under military law, a commanding general has total jurisdiction over a case. In his recommendation, Lt. Col. Paul Ware said murder charges brought against Sharratt were based on unreliable witness accounts, poor forensic evidence and questionable legal theories."

Ending, "The government version is unsupported by independent evidence," Ware wrote in an 18 page report. "To believe the government version of facts is to disregard clear and convincing evidence to the contrary."

Representative Murtha? Should we be holding our breath for your upcoming heartfelt, impassioned apology to this Lance Cpl and his loved ones? I know we're between elections now and all but I'm thinking it is the very least you can do for him.

Mayor Ray Nagin thinks it a bit of publicity lagniappe that the murder/crime rate is still at such high levels that the stats warrant media notice. "Anti-violence activist Baty Landis called Nagin's remarks 'stunningly insensitive'." According to a news blurb in the Houston Chronicle, while as mayor of the city of New Orleans, he worries about the killings and dangerous criminal activity, the reporting of the crimes "keeps the New Orleans brand out there." What an idiot.

Hillary was in town yesterday, scooping up campaign contributions at a rally, then at a 'private function' among the fabulously wealthy. The tv coverage of the rally was interesting. There she was, doing her standard screeching, monotone while promising the crowd everything under the sun but forgetting to mention we all will pay dearly in the wallet for it, yet the comments after the speech by attendees showed nothing good for her in particular. One young woman said she hadn't made up her mind between Hill and Obama, the other said both parties need to come together and find solutions on Capitol Hill. Weird.

And the Iowa Straw Poll Saturday with the result most were expecting: Romney was the winner. My reaction? Ho-hum. I like him, I like his wife and family. He's a smart man, a good politician. He'll never beat Hillary so I hope someone else is the nominee. Frankly, I don't care who it is as long as he can beat Hillary. That is all that matters this election cycle. Sometimes it's like that. Sometimes we have to vote party affiliation. In today's world there is no way I'll vote for anyone but a Republican to keep our country moving forward in the war on IslamoFacism. I don't want anyone who caves to the Kos Kids and their anti-war rants.

McGovern wasn't right then, and not now.


Beverly said...

I agree with your post, but I find it so sad to think that we are always thinking of the lesser of two evils.

I cannot imagine enduring her harangue for a term of service. Have you ever read "The Doctor Is In" I believe he is He has some good posts about socialized medicine with references to things in Canada that have gone awry.

Can it be? Take a look. He's very astute.

Frasypoo said...
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Frasypoo said...

Interesting stuff today!
I think sometimes people forget what war means
I hope too that we will have some knight in shining armor jump out at the last minute to save us in the presidential elections

Paul is a Hermit said...

Owww! Now me, I'm unelectable. My favorite, Mitt, has a chance. Having said that, watch a smoking gun show up tomorrow about him.
My luck.
If Jimma can get elected, who can't? I don't think it's fair to any of them to try to make them stick to what they said 20 or 30 years ago if they can explain how their current beliefs evolved. Then, they're either lying now or they're not and that's the hard part to tell.

One thing Hilary has to do is always speak softly, much above that and she sounds "SHRILL!" And grating to me. If her handlers are smart, and who doesn't think Bill is brilliant? They already have a voice coach working on that.