Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Elite Ignorance

I survived the first installment of "God's Warriors" so far so good is what I say. The worst for me was when she included Jimma Carter in the discussion of the Palestinians. He's still clueless. I keep thinking about him telling his inner circle that he'd 'make the Jews pay' if he was re-elected as President because of his inability to negotiate lasting peace in the region. He is just plain nasty.

Tonight it is the Muslim extremists who are highlighted. Waiting for Christiane to costume up while in Iran, interviewing a sect there. The birthplace of our current terrorist dilemma. And, who was in charge? Jimma.

I understand that during tomorrow's Christianity installment, Christiane will ask a member of a 'fundamentalist' group, as she describes them, "In noting how girls at some BattleCry events are encouraged to wear long dresses, Amanpour asks the group's leader how it is different from the Taliban. That, according to an article written by Matthew Balan on the NewsBusters site. Comparing a group of Christians encouraging modesty and chaste behavior in young girls to the Taliban. No stretch there, I guess. Elite ignorance on display again.

Speaking of elitist ignorance, have you notice that the radio company founded by geezer feminists like Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem has failed? No more paychecks after this week's according to their front office. Named Greenstone, it began in September 2006 to deliver "de-politiced, de-polarized talk radio by women hosts for female listeners" according to Steinem who also said it would offer "an alternative to current radio talk, which she described as very argumentative, quite hostile, and very much male-dominated." It was picked up by a whopping eight affiliates in small and mid-sized markets. According to the CEO of Greenstone, Susan Ness, "We developed fabulous shows, but we were not successful getting station carriage. Perhaps it was because we ere ignorantly perceived as being too feminist or too political. (It's odd that radio executives consider Rush Limbaugh entertainment and not political, but women - well, that's another story.) All they had to do was listen!"

Women as victims. Potential listeners too ignorant to tune in for their fabulous shows. Mean old Rush Limbaugh is so successful. Waaaah! What's the matter, couldn't she work Karl Rove into her excuses? Note to Ness: does Air America sound familiar? Liberals don't need talk radio, they have all tv, except Fox News to some extent, most newspapers, etc. Your gender had no bearing would be my guess. And, if it was perceived as too feminist, maybe you should have thought of that as you trotted out Fonda and Steinem as the spokeswomen, extolling the superiority of the talent of women.

And, as Geoffrey Dickens pointed out in his writing of this development for Greenstone, they still have the love of the Today show on NBC. It's not even bringing up the failed attempt by them, after they promoted the launch with Jane Fonda last year. Shocking, I know.



Paul is a Hermit said...

Fonda should, had justice prevailed, have been running the inmates radio station in a women's federal penitentiary for the past 37 years, give or take. That's the only airwave coverage she ever deserved. Yeah, says me.

Steinem, failure is man's fault. Success was in spite of them.
Hmmm..., scratch that, even Gloria had to get something right.

Incognito said...

Only recently read about the radio station. Had never heard about it before. So much for that!

Watched the 2nd part too.. interesting.

Debbie said...

Oh darn, I was gone until late and forgot all about God's Warriors. Oh well, I heard that her slant on God's Christian and Jewish warriors is pretty slanted. Let me know what you think. I will try to catch the next segment or the replays.

Beverly said...

I'm so glad you keep me enlightened. I had never heard of Greenstone. Oh well, ho hum.

David is in a public school. I think it is pretty amazing that there are apparently several smart boards in his school. I hope your son has a wonderful senior year.

jon said...

"Perhaps it was because we ere ignorantly perceived as being too feminist or too political. "

It's typical of extreme liberals to 1. Miss the point of any matter, and, 2. Never accept responsibility. 3. Even when they think they're not politicizing a matter, it's inevitable that they will.

Not once did they question whether their content was relevant. To them, it's self-evident that anything they want to talk about is relevant and people should listen to them.

The real question is not why they didn't succeed but why they were picked up at all.

Frasypoo said...

Gloria Steinem.....Jane Fonda...
Too much for all of us real women !!!
Atleast no one said it was Pres Bush' s fault!!

wordnerd said...

Just a matter of time, frasypoo! W will be the blame for all of it! Karen, did you see it won its time slot? Sheesh.