Monday, August 13, 2007

She's Overcome Already

So, showing their usual level of class and grace, Edwards and Obama are on tape saying goodbye and good riddance to Karl Rove. Leahy furthering his Watergate style of deeds conspiracy ideas. And, again they forget they are not running against President Bush in this election. Just waiting on Hillary's remarks now.

So, at the age of 56, with his only child starting college in San Antonio, Karl Rove is stepping out of the political consulting business. He and his wife will live in their home in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Good for him.

He's so hated because he is good at what he does. He was tuned into the conservative movement on the Republican side and rode it to the White House. Not so many consultants can make that claim. He's too far to the right for my taste but he's advanced some good policies. He's been instrumental with pushing forward tax breaks, Social Security reform and judicial nominees.

A good friend of mine introduced me to Rove's first wife several years ago. We were at the same functions on a couple of occasions and I had some interesting conversations with her. From her account, Rove has always been obsessed with politics. I have to say, I can relate.

Hillary Clinton would like to be the next black President, Bill being the first according to Toni Morrison and himself. In some circles Obama is not considered black enough, whatever that means, so, does Hillary have black cred?

In the Clinton pattern of crisis mode - any issue they wish to advance is considered a reaction to a crisis - She has the Youth Opportunity Agenda as her initiative for solving the crisis of "neglect facing young black men." A crisis of neglect. She told CNN's White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, in order to keep her strong black voter support, as president she'll "call for a national response". Code for hold on to your wallet. According to Les Payne in Newsday, Hillary said, " 1.4 million young men of color between the ages of 16 and 24 who are out of school, and out of work and too often out of hope. It includes nearly one out of every three young African-American men. They're not earning legal wages or learning marketable skills; many grow up without fathers, locked up in prisons, or end up losing their lives, or taking lives, due to guns and violence." She said her crisis is not a "moral crisis but an economic crisis". She wants to expand Headstart, Increase funding to schools and rehabilitation projects and tackle the excesses of the criminal justice system. Morality is not a condition Hillary is one to address. She's no "Stand by my Man" kind of woman, you know. Until he promised her a Senate seat. And a run at the White House, too. There's your morality.

She is one scary candidate. Especially her views on overtaking every aspect of the educational system. She was going to have education as her issue as first lady in Arkansas, and she failed to move the state up one place during all her years when this was to be her focus. Still on the very bottom.

She was pandering this day to the National Association of Black Journalists. Just another group to promise the moon. This will turn your stomach:

"In a moment of levity with the black columnists, Clinton joked about how, as a flat-toned Midwesterner, she sometimes lapses into a drawl in the South and tends to drop her "g's" more around black audiences. In a snide reference to author Toni Morrison's comment that her husband was the "first black president," she mused: "I do find myself dropping g's. I lived all those years in Arkansas, and you know, I'm in this interracial marriage."

The fake accent is insulting, the attitude that she can out-black any person of color, as she likes to say, and then take all the minority votes for granted with pandering lies she can never accomplish. And they eat it up. How much longer is the Democrat base going to be happy as perpetual victims?

If I see her one more time linking arms with a row of black politicians and ministers and singing "We Shall Overcome" one more time...


Paul is a Hermit said...

Darn, Karen. I had paragraphs going and need to realize, this, is not my blog.
The waste of money on education makes me go into the same thing, over and over. It's a simple formula of committed parents responsible for their kids from birth through graduation, including almost total backing of teachers who are also backed by their administration and legal system while being themselves held accountable by everyone.

There is no answer to Washington, it's elected, it's staff and all it's bureaucracy.
Vote every politician out and nothing will change due to the bureaucracy left.
There is no rational answer and thus thought the colonists, I think.

Incognito said...

The irony is that they are willing to accept a "black" white but not a "too white" black.

srp said...

A crisis of morality indeed. In Dallas, when I was on the OB rotation at Parkland, the average age of those who were delivering was 15. Babies having babies with no fathers and being raised by the grandparents who had their kids at age 15 and were just now old enough to begin to be responsible... economic problem?... yes. But the root of the problem is a moral one... no respect for themselves or others. No respect for values. Look at those whose parents teach them right and wrong, responsibility for their actions and the moral way to live... they become productive, successful... no matter what racial background you are. I think it IS a moral breakdown that is at the root of the problem.

If Hilary is elected we are in for big trouble, from abroad and from within. Not only that... I think her voice will drive us all crazy within four years, if not sooner. Is there a real person in there or is she a Stepford Wife... robot type like she sounds.

Beverly said...

Paul and SRP have said it, too.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Yea, she's black? Really? How about supporting tradtional families for a change or do we want Newark NJ to be the model for urban living? sheesh!

kip152 said...

Hillary may be the worst choice for President we have, except for all the other choices.

Janie said...

I like Karl Rove, too. I think he is a man of excellence.

Hilary, on the other hand, I do not like. She tells everyone exactly what she thinks they want to hear.