Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tasked With Reflection

I was tagged by Karen,, yesterday. I am to reflect on five bloggers and write a paragraph of each.

Here are the rules:

1. Copy this post (meaning the rules).
2. Reflect on five bloggers and write at least a paragraph about each one.
3. Make sure you link this post so others can read it and the rules.
4. Go leave your chosen bloggers a comment and let them know they've been given the award.
5. Put the award icon on your site.

Well, I can do the first four anyway. The fifth one I'm not sure about.

So, I am listing five blogging friends for different reason according to individual traits yet all I enjoy reading. It was difficult to limit it to five. I know it is summer and everyone is busy and hot and tired and all that. Just do what you can.

Paul, at, has been referred to as a genius hermit. I would agree. I find my hermit friend to be a comforting presence in my little part of the blogosphere. Though quite capable of voicing strong opinions when a topic hits a nerve with him, he is a voice of reason. A calming voice for me. He makes me smile with his kind words of support and he reminds me to take a breath. I think it would be a pleasure to sit and visit in the cave with a beer or two between us, solving the problems of the world.

Roxanne, at, has been a steadfast friend, regularly commenting and gently nudging me when she feels I have lost my way a bit on an issue. Roxanne is a gifted photographer, a loving mom, a devoted daughter and an excellent big sis to brother, Stephen. She is a woman of great faith and a learned person. A medical degree, a go-getter of a college girl daughter, beautiful cats, a sweet dog, and her trusty camera. Talk about a blessed woman! Now she is very busy setting up a new house, a fabulous, large house for her family to live together.

AC, over at, lives in Tennessee on a piece of land where she plants, harvests and sells glorious produce like beautiful gems of tomatoes and berries, peaches, too. She encourages my love of political commentary and we may have been separated at birth. I truly can relate to her posts about life in general, families in specific. Her knowledge of literature intimidates me, which pushes me to sharpen up my memory. I hope, hope, hope we both get our dream trip to Ireland next summer, especially meeting up in a pub for some terrific companionship.

Jennifer, at, is a writer. The woman can write. She inspires me to just do it. She says she enjoys arguing with me over my commentaries and I enjoy that a lot. She agrees with me part of the time so I know I'm not too far off base. She also is an avid reader and I note her recommendations. I wish I had her house cleaning gene. We both are list makers, though.

Janie, at, is also a resident of the state of Texas. She lives in west Texas and we share a bond of the oil field. She is an inspiration with all she does, including participating in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. The mom of two grown boys, she works more than full-time, is married to a great guy, hunts and shoots in competitions, and is proud owner of Zack, the Wonder Dog. She, too, is a woman of faith.

I've chosen these five blogging friends because all are people I think I would be completely comfortable with from the time I came into their presence. My fantasy is, after I win the lottery, to have a weekend get-together with all the folks who enrich my world through blogging. Eating and drinking, whether iced tea or adult libations, and yakking together. What would be better?

There are others, too, but these are the five I chose today.

Reflection is good.


Paul is a Hermit said...

You sweetheart. What wonderful words to have said about me by my brilliant, warm and steadfast friend. I'd no idea, I was happy just to think you, who I respect so much, tolerated my long comments and that you came and commented on my weird posts. A mystery, but dear to me nonetheless.

To share a weekly discourse about everything over a beer would be a pleasure. That would be great fun. Believe me, I come here for the knowledge you write each day, facts I would not know otherwise and facts which help me form my opinion, a better opinion.
My political advisor, my beautiful friend, one of a few characters who make me happy. Thank you, Karen.

Jennifer said...

First of all, you humble me. In more ways than one. And I hope you know the feeling is mutual.

I think the differences of opinion we do have just make us more interesting together. You name the place, and I will do my level best to be there.

Secondly, you do realize we'll never get Paulie out of his cave after this? His head - I kid! - no, seriously, his heart will be much too big and full to fit through the entrance now.

And lastly, but not leastly: I hear you. No crap being given. I'll do it! I'll do it!

Thanks again, darlin'. You're one of a kind in my book.

Janie said...

Karen, Karen, Karen...

What did I do to deserve such respect from you? You continually amaze me with your immense knowledge of things going on in our world. You inspire me - to be more aware...plugged in, as it were. And I'm getting there...bit by bit...inbetween shoots, and work, and ...;).

Anyway, thanks so much for your kind comments.

And I will play!

Incognito said...

Will look forward to checking their blogs out.

srp said...

You are so kind and I am so ashamed to have been so long from my writing this week. Actually, I am using one of the girl's old laptops and apparently it can pick up a little signal and get on at the new place.

I do have a title for a new post, if I ever get the energy to write it... "Life Is Like A BOX!" No chocolates though.

I do love to come here and catch up on the happenings I've missed. No cable or time to watch so I can count on you to always give me the real scoop and not just the sound bites they play over and over and over.

And to be in such company! My goodness, I am honored!

I took a little time off today.... to go to Williamsburg and bring a load of BOXES for Nyssa... she has to move out of the dorm for 3 weeks before moving back in... I do hope that she can get herself moved to Oklahoma or Florida or wherever she ends up in grad school! I don't think my knees have another move in them!

Oh, yes! Happy Anniversary! I do hope you get to Ireland and send back some wonderful cool descriptions of the gorgeous island. If things keep going as they are on the political front... I think you will be due a break and what a nice break that is indeed!

Thanks again for the kind words and I will do my best to do my post...

AC said...

I'm stunned! and humbled, mostly humbled. The company is so incredibly great -- I look up to, admire, anticipate and learn from these same people and you every day. To think that you receive one iota of even fluff entertainment from me, well, wow, I really am touched. Talk about encouraging!

I agree with Paul, I learn from you and am better informed and clearer in my own opinions for reading here. (I also hootingly agree with Jennifer, that he will have to use his pry bar and pick ax to widen the door of his cave.)

I'm going to work on that Ireland dream harder than ever. Thank you, Karen.

PS...I listen to Laura Ingraham every day hoping to hear another call-in from you. I am positive I will recognize your voice.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Upon reflection, I don't think it counts if I'm the one calling himself a hermit genius :)

Jennifer & AC, oh, please, like they're not going to be off balance from swelled heads too. Deservedly so, but large nonetheless. However, they should be docked a point for picking on me.

c.a. Marks said...

Very well done! Now I have five new blogs to check out! Off I go....although, I do recognize one of them and thought it was lost forever. Glad to see it is not.

Frasypoo said...

Your friends sound like great people.There is something about Texans,they seem very nice!

wordnerd said...

LOVE your list! Great job!!! :)