Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Resigned to the Stories

So, the week began with the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. Kind of surprising but not really. He's done all he can do in D.C. for this president and as long as he's around will remain a source of continued disparaging remarks and actions. Who needs it? He's a good man who deserves better. I think he was in over his head for the Washington atmosphere, where this president is so hated by the left and irritating the right. It's the start of the new school year and his boys can start fresh.

You know who I think should replace Gonzales? No one. I think the acting AG, Paul Clement, the current solicitor general should just remain in the job. He can be reappointed acting AG for the rest of President Bush's term, over and over as the time constraints demand. Why do I think this is the way to go? Because the pit bulls of the left who are running the show, Schumer, Kennedy, Leahy, Conyers and the like have made it abundantly clear that all of the investigations will continue no matter what, no matter that there is nothing of substance to investigate, and as they admit there are no smoking guns to anything. Schumer has openly stated that any appointments of judges will be slow going and obstructed, if possible. Do you think they'll put through any nominee with dignity and in a respectful manner? Of course not. It's still all about bashing Bush. It's what they live and breathe for there. It's also why they have an 18% rating with the American people. It's ok with me.

Deny them a platform for their pious grandstanding.

And then today brings us Senator Larry Craig, R-ID. Seems he was caught and arrested for misdemeanor public disobedience and pleaded guilty in Minnesota. Seems he was caught in an airport men's room and had been the subject of a long term investigation. Seems the newspaper in Idaho has a big article on him, going back to this fraternity days in college, over 40 years ago. He says he's innocent, not gay, and now has lawyered up to fight back. Why did he plead guilty to something he didn't do?

Time for him to resign and show some respect to his wife and family. Stop dragging them through all his just for the sake of his ego.

See, this is why I am so resentful of the far right, the 'religious right' of the Republican party. They hijacked the platform of my party and claimed moral superiority to the Dems. It's just wrong and it sets up stuff like this to detract from work that needs to be done. As long as it is a sport for wealthy pornographers, like Larry Flynt and socialists like George Soros who backs the group known as C.R.E.W. pushing this story on the media, to offer money to anyone who can produce a good story of Republican hypocrisy, well, this is the atmosphere that is created.

I have no patience for all the hypocrisy going around in D.C. these days, from both parties. Neither are doing the work of the people, neither are conducting themselves as adults, neither are abiding by professional ethics. The Republicans lost their way after a dozen years in power after being in the political wilderness for over 40 years. The Dems rode back to power in November, promising to stop the corruption and earmarks, the rampant spending and leave the tax breaks alone. Not happening. Every thing is status quo.

A pox on both their houses.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Karen, that's a most sensible idea for A.G. There is no chance for a fair hearing.
The name I've heard most mention as a replacement today was Chertoff! The man needs fired, not promoted. May as well bring back Reno before him.
I have no respect for Gonzales or Chertoff because of their leaving the immigration issue to simmer, maybe because The President said so, I don't know.
Neither have I patience for either House. They are watching Washington burn and fight over scraps. And many individuals are sounding so sanctimonious and sickening while it does.
Craig, what a Dork. He waited a month before he pleaded and says he was rushed. Oh, please.

AC said...

poxpoxpox, triple dog pox.

Also, how far will Castro's endorsement of Cli.../Ob... (they who shall not be named) carry? From some things I read in the UT school newspaper, Cuba is a wonderful spa resort with a bad and unjust reputation foisted upon the uneducated by conservatives.

Beverly said...

Amen, sister. You need to be syndicated.

wordnerd said...

A-men, sista. And I mean that NOT in a religious far-right way! :)

I love your idea for A.G. You're right -- with those guys on the committee? Talk about a quagmire!

Anonymous said...

I personally would be abandoning that ship if I was onboard as well.

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