Thursday, August 09, 2007

Those Wacky Kids

Continuing the mad dash to the far left, all of the Democrat candidates for the presidential nomination ignored the Democratic Leadership Council meeting in Nashville and opted instead to attend the YearlyKos convention in Chicago. This is the convention attended by the leftist bloggers and party activists. The DailyKos website is the sponsor and creator of the shindig. This is a truly nasty website and the founder is a thirtysomething man suffering from what I commonly call the "Neapolitan complex". He's a little Greek guy who has been determined to make it his life's work to completely destroy the Democrat party.

Now, he doesn't think he is destroying his party. He thinks that by demanding his followers go as far left in the political arena and advance policies of the extreme, they will succeed in winning back the White House in 2008. Maybe so. However, I would argue that this tactic hasn't worked in the past and nothing leads me to think they will succeed this election cycle.

More and more the Dems are looking like the party of McGovern. You remember how well that election worked out for the liberals, don't you? The far left has completely cowed the presidential candidates into submission. Hillary has now become an anti-war candidate, although her husband's administration put the policy of removing Saddam from power into effect in 1998. The Dems have been hoodwinked into appearing in a 'debate' on YouTube and now doing the bidding for this site.

You may remember the founder, Markos Moulitsas from Berkeley who once remarked that the first of the contractor's killed in Iraq had it coming to them. That's cleaning up the remark considerably. He is just vile and encourages the most vicious of posts on the website. It's a badge of honor for his village.

So, the traditional gathering of presidential candidates at the DLC is ignored. Founded in 1985, the DLC began as a venue to counteract the McGovern left of the party. After the humiliating defeat of McGovern by Reagan, lobbyists, consultants and politicians came together. Even some Mondale supporters joined in the beginning. They were to bring about a new Democrat party, more in the mainstream. The Washington insiders and older businesses were key to its success as a kingmaker. Clinton was a proud recipient of DLC support. It'll be quite difficult for even Hillary to try to go back to disguising herself as a moderate for the general election. The Heartland doesn't like the bombthrowers, you know. They want civility and results.

But, the left is wacky in the blogosphere. They demanded the candidates ignore the Fox News and Congressional Black Caucus sponsored debate in Nevada. It worked. Then candidates like John Edwards rushed to confirm attendance to the Chicago convention, least he be seen as some sort of moderate person, even though he is a former member of the DLC.

Pajamas Media has been doing excellent reporting about the developments over at the place of the KosKids.

Seems Kos co-authored a book with a blogger named Jerome Armstrong, his site being MyDD. Armstrong has been fined by the SEC $30,000 to settle stock-touting allegations, according to the Drudge Report and Pajamas Media. According to Blue Crab Boulevard, "This was the incident where Kos circulated a demand that other lefty blogs deprive the story of coverage. They obediently complied. Funny how the left likes to charge that the right are doing that sort of thing but ignore confessions of that on their side of the aisle." To try to change the subject, the KosKids are calling Drudge 'gay'. Those wacky kids.

So, despite rants to the contrary, corruption is alive and well in the far left. According to Watching the Watchers, "In April, Armstrong received the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Award for Political Organizing for the Twenty-First Century Democrats "for his visionary leadership in working to create the online netroots community, which has changed the face of politics forever in America by creating a mechanism for people to come together and demand accountability from their leaders." Now the group has removed any references to Armstrong on its web site, even this photo with the award.

According to the SEC, Armstrong made at least $20,000 by selling shares he received from the promoters of the stock he was touting. He didn't disclose in his postings that he was being compensated for making the postings. Oops.

Perhaps a scoop of ice cream with the humble pie?


michilines said...

Sweetie, first off, Kos is not Greek. He's from south of the border. He came here as a kid and served in the military.

Since you are a Republican, you should clearly understand the majority problem with the DLC. It's something that is happening in your own party.

As for the rest of your rant -- there's not enough time in the universe to even bother.

You live in Houston, though, and that interests me. How's the fundraising going? Will anyone listen to you? Does every person you talk to think you are off you rocker?

Fundraising for Republicans must be difficult now. You know Tom DeLay will probably be indicted by the first of the year via Abramoff and then he did cost Houston $2 mill for that little election.

Do you know a guy who blogs as Rorschach? You two should get together. Perhaps together you two can keep yourselves afloat. Oh and with Kathleen's help -- if she ever "returns" to blogging.

night night sweetie

Angevin13 said...


Kos is indeed part Greek, and, part, as you say "south of the border" (Salvadoran, I believe.) So, right off the bat you prove your ignorance - you can't even get your nutroots straight!

Whatever. Kos is a punk. And it sounds like you are too.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

As for the rest of your rant -- there's not enough time in the universe to even bother.

Apparently you had enough time on your hands to express your sophomoric level of discourse and ignorance.

Next time, don't keep typing 4 more paragraphs worth of drivel after proclaiming that you don't have time to address the rest of Karen's "rant". The real truth: You didn't have the intellectual capacity to address what she wrote.

Have a good night's rest, "sweetie".

AC said...

Tee Hee, this michilines is a good one. This comment would be fun to....oh gosh, what is that word when a writer picks apart every sentence and refutes each silliness with fact, what is it??? I'm blank on the word but there's not enough time in the universe to even bother.

Anyway, i almost feel sorry for her. I took a look at her blog and all she has is an obsession with one of your blog Links. Maybe with you too, now, Karen, you really twisted her knickers.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Dissect, AC.

The "Democratic" Party is a misnomer in this century. It no longer exists and has morphed. Into what?

I think the Pandering, as opposed to Pondering :), Party. All its leaders could be called, Panderers.
Because that is what they do. Pander to what? To the destruction of a Nation as we know it and the resurrection of a vicious form of Socialism which brooks no dissent or individual thought and resorts to personal attacks in place of rational thought.
Which also uses deception to gain what cannot ever be had by honorable discourse.
Panderers to a radical left which is held together by hatred. These people are or would be, criminals, vandals, those for whom life's fun is attacking decency and kindness. They are the people setting fires, jumping on cars and destroying property, attacking aimlessly for attacks sake. They care no more for their fellow man than a rock does.
Power is all. Gained by any means.

Frasypoo said...

I visited michilines blog...if you can call it that..she seems obsessed on commenting on another blog!What waste your time with that...michilines ?Do something original...your own mind talking through your keyboard.

Karen good post...I got side tracked though at the comments

AC said...

I remembered.......its -- fisk, so apparently there is enough time in my universe!

Beverly said...

They found you again, didn't they.

Donald Douglas said...

Great post, Karen! I hate Kos more with each new nugget of information about 'em. Hatred personified - or blogified - that's Markos and his crowd!

Burkean Reflections

The Vegas Art Guy said...

What kills me is that say 20 years ago I was a blue dog democrat a Reagan democrat if you will. Socially liberal, ecnomically conservative, pro military that sort of thing.

But for every step to the right I took the democrats took about 4 to the left. Now 'conservative democrat' is almost a contradiction in terms, and that's not good.

PS Michilines,

Never mind.

michilines said...

PS Michilines,

Never mind.

My thoughts exactly.

mamapajamas said...

Michilines... re: "My thoughts exactly."

So... why is again it you're bothering to respond? Could it be that you "doth protest too much"?

Is there some sort of psychoneurotic reaction going on here?