Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Column A, Column B

OK, my all time favorite childhood toy, except for my Chatty Cathy doll, was the Easy Bake Oven. Bad enough that it was recalled recently due to a pesky burning the child's hand problem. But now? The Chinese have added Polly Pocket sets on the gonna-kill-the-kids-with-lead-poisoning-and tiny-magnets nightmare. This will not stand.

In Austin, First Lady Laura Bush was honored with a library named after her. She spoke to the audience about the meaning of libraries in her life and what it means to the current patrons. She reminded all of the Texas Book Festival in November (always well received and interesting) and the National Book Festival in Washington next month. Both festivals were the idea of Mrs. Bush and she saw her idea to fruition in both instances.

While in Austin, in the Westbank Community's library, Mrs. Bush was the target of anti-war protesters. Three of them. Two were holding "Impeach Bush" signs. The third was busy sipping her coffee. That is an unbelievably small operation for Austin, a well known liberal haven. They all three felt the need to publicly let their opinion known that Laura Bush must be held accountable for her husband's decisions. Ok.

On the anniversary week of Elvis' death, can we please have a moratorium on the Viva Viagra commercial using the music of Viva Las Vegas? I just find a circle of men sitting around and singing about the drug to that tune disturbing.

Seen Hillary's first venture into political commercials in Iowa? It's a pip. She says President Bush has forgotten the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of all the things she could have used, she chose to lead with that attack. First, the President isn't on the ballot. Second, the day it began to run, the President was at Walter Reed visiting injured troops and their families. Again. And, how many times has Hill visited? And do we need to be reminded her handlers had to 'persuade' troops from New York to sit at her table at chow time so she could get her photo op with them when she visited Iraq and Afghanistan? They were running from her. Or, how about the image of Hill demanding the military guards at the White House not be in uniform while she was running it? She didn't want any of her ilk to be 'uncomfortable'. What's that say? And the fact that the troops didn't want White House duty during her reign as she used them as butlers at State Dinners. Just another group of house staff to her. But, don't you dare question her support of the troops.

And, finally, Barack Obama's latest anti military blast. During his latest tete a tete with supporters at a rally, he said President Bush's policy in Afghanistan was "solely of air raids and bombing on civilians." His campaign spokesman, Reid Cherlin, confirmed this quote when questioned about it. Confirmed it. Excuse me, Senator Obama: there are over 17,000 Army soldiers in Afghanistan and about 3,100 Air Force. Aren't you in Congress? Do you attend briefings and read reports?

Another Winter Soldier campaign moment. Not only is he an empty suit, clearly, but he's not even proving worthy of the VP slot on the ticket. Seems President Bush isn't the only leader who graduated from Ivy League schools, Harvard and Yale, who can be labeled 'stupid'. Cuts both ways, I'd say.


Paul is a Hermit said...

China's communists have found a way to kill us and our pets without losing a single casualty of their own. With the assistance of some in corporate America as usual.

I mute the sound on the Viagra comm., the singing irritates me. If I were an Elvis fan, it would irritate me more. I can see them being happy about their discovery but it's a poor way to show it. Sitting around with the guys, singing?

After seeing pickets being allowed at the funerals of our troops, it surprises me not that Laura has her own mindless idiots.

Hilary. But see, unless you sit with the voters reminding them of her hypocrisy, they forget and giggle with giddiness about returning to the Bill and Hil days. What will he do next? What will she do. A fre*king soap opera!
So many do not consider the cavalier way they will use our troops for their own amusement.
How to have voters remember for more than a second is the issue.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Hillary may be in cruise control now but when the real election starts we'll see just how good she really is. People have been collecting ammunition to use against her ever since her husband left office knowing that she was going to run for president one day. I hope Dick Morris has got his vocal chords in shape for 08.

Frasypoo said...

If we were all held accountable for our I' d be headed straight to hell!!!
That ad for Viagra made us laugh too!!!It was disturbing...though I am not sure if this one is as bad as the other one telling you contact your doctor if it lasted for more than 5 hours!!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness. I had a Chatty Cathy, a Betsy Wetsy, Easy Bake Oven. What nice memories. We didn't know anything about lead paint then.

On the Viva Viagra ad, I was listening to local talk radio and the announcer was complaining about the "gay men sitting around singing about Viagra". I had to laugh, because I don't think the men are supposed to be gay, but hey I could just be dense.

All those ads for Viagra, Cialis, etc. are really corny.

Speaking strictly from a medical perspective, those meds do not work like the ads say they do. If you have certain diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and others, medication can only do so much for ED, it can't work miracles.

Jessica said...

Oh my where to start.

I had an Easy bake Oven and a Holly Hobby Sewing Machine. I'd love to have them again!

As to "viva viagra" I almost lost it when I heard that on the radio last night. Let the man rest in peace!!!

As to Hillary....oy!

Beverly said...

Well, I see I'm the old one here. The first doll I had that did anything was one who wet. that's all. I'm not sure if she was a Betsy Wetsy or what. That was probably about 1949. My, I am old.