Monday, August 20, 2007

Voicing Opinions

Watching C-SPAN's morning show, Washington Journal, format revolved around two blogger guests. The first up was Matt Stoller, a liberal/progressive blogger. I tuned into the program about half way through his time. From what I saw, it's just as well. What a pompous little snot. All he did was continuously describe the Republicans as 'a gang of criminals' and wildly dishonest statements, such as the usual tripe of Bush lied us into war, we torture as a military policy, Gonzales is a criminal, and of course the standard bash of the Bush family in general. He's young so I can only assume that fact is a big part of his naive world vision. He seems to think being anti-war and socialism is the way to go. Both losing strategies, but maybe with maturity will come some wisdom.

The second blogger featured was Liz Mair. She bills herself as a libertarian Republican. She was interesting. Her world vision was a bit more sophisticated. She is American but educated in London and Germany. She practiced law in England before moving back. She received a lot of calls from Ron Paul supporters. She said he has no chance of the nomination, of course, but does like his voting record.

If I heard the moderator correctly, each morning this week the program will feature bloggers and other commenters in the media.

I ran across an interesting article on the NewsBusters site over the weekend. A 'journalist' who has a blog was called on a theory he was promoting and so he backed down claiming he was only joking. This was straight out of the Kerry playbook, reckoning back to his 'joke' about the intelligence level of military personnel. Seems 'journalist' Charles Feldman has a B.A. in political science and would like you to know his own political opinion. Maybe he missed the day at NYU when the professor spoke about journalistic integrity when he was pursuing his M.A. in journalism. He posted that Hurricane Dean is heading toward Texas and it must be because George W. Bush is from the state. He went on to say the hurricane is to punish 'Tex-assians', as was the flooding brought on by Tropical Storm Erin.

Just when you thought Bush Derangement Syndrome has stooped as low as it can go after a relentless seven years of every foul, self-indulgent tirade possible hitting the airwaves and print media, here's some new fodder: "While forecasters try to explain why mother nature seems bent on unleashing her fury on the Lone Star state, the bigger question to ponder is - is this weather so foul, God's retribution for giving onto the world George W?? (Think that last line got me on some FBI/CIA watch list?) It is something to seriously consider. The Bible is filled with accounts of divine retribution ;and if there is one thing God ought to be pissed about, (or at least embarrassed about) it's Baby Bush..."

What a charmer. He finishes with "Keeping with this religious theme...if it is true that man is created in God's image, the thought that the almighty might look like George W is enough to convert someone to Satan."

Frankly I hope that this guy and Stoller remain out there in the public discourse front and center. They speak volumes about the civility of the left. So much for the argument that the right is so 'mean' and nasty. Stoller, in particular, labeled Republicans as racist and homophobes several times on the part his segment I saw this morning. Good thing he doesn't resort to stereotypes that have long been discounted as his style of argument. He continues to prove that if you have no educated argument, you name call.

Frequent, front and center. Fingers crossed.


Beverly said...

I can't believe the nastiness that is out there.

God's going to have the last word.

Frasypoo said...

"pompous little snot"
That was funny,I was laughing so hard
What will they do when Bush finishes his term ?Who will they point fingers at ?They have made snide comments about his daughters engagement too which makes me so angry
I hate it when they call all Republicans racist..makes me mad.Why would there have been a Colin Powell and a Condoleeza Rice if Bush and party were racist?

Jo said...

I have gotten to the point I want to stick my head in the sand and take a nap. The ugliness of the far left is so distrubing. Frasypoo - yes, who will be their next target when GW retires to Crawford? Oh wait -- I just had a lightbulb moment -- maybe they secretly are hoping for another republican president so they can keep cranking out the hate. Otherwise, they might melt like the wicked witch of the west under a bucket of water if they can't spew their trash day in and out.

Debbie said...

I didn't see it. Liz Mair blogs at GOPProgress I think, not sure. I get emails from her when she's sharing an article with other bloggers. I don't always agree with her.

You were probably being nice when you said "pompous little snot", ha.

wordnerd said...

Oh my! B.S. like that makes me ill -- and isn't it interesting? Prophesying and God's punishment for our evils are what liberals make fun of hard-core right-wingers about, right?

Paul is a Hermit said...

If a liberal Democrat is elected, they won't skip a beat, shifting gears and attacking Republicans for what they've done and for what they might not be letting their woman implement.
They'll go about dismantling as much progress as they can, as much military as they can, as much border as they can and salivate for the day the Supreme Court needs a new Justice.
They may revive the need to expand the court's membership. Just in case.
Not enough room to list it all but the hatred will never turn into good sportsmanship, will it?

Donald Douglas said...

Nice post, Karen. I'm ever amazed at the sheer idiocy that passes for informed comment nowadays.

Burkean Reflections

The Vegas Art Guy said...

What flipping civility? I've found 1 blog on the left that is civil, even if I disagree with 90% of what they say. The rest are well...