Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some of This, Some of That

Today brings a bit of this and a bit of that.

Pat Leahy, D-Vt, kicked off the Senate Intelligence Committee, as its chairman, a few years ago for leaking classified info to the newspaper reporters when the opportunity arose, said this upon the resignation of Alberto Gonzales: "The Attorney General's resignation reinforces what Congress and the American people already know - that no Justice Department should be allowed to become a political arm of the White House, whether occupied by a Republican or Democrat". See, he's all bi-partisan and all. What a guy. Does the name Bobby Kennedy ring a bell, Senator Leahy?

Leahy would do well to remember the separation of the three branches of government he is so fond of whining about to the administration whenever they do anything of which he disapproves. Like showing up in the morning for work. That group of senators still think they get to make the president's administrative appointments.

Another endorsement in for Hillary Clinton : Fidel Castro gives props to a ticket with her and Obama on it. She must be proud.

Good news for the American people/bad news for John Edwards: The U.S. Census report was released and poverty is down in our country. Sorry, John. Wages are up. And the uninsured that all of the socialists running want to pander to? Seems that 45% of the uninsured in this country are illegal aliens. 45%. The next biggest percentage is the 19-24 year old segment of society. Makes sense. They fall off the parents' policies at 18 and some until college graduation, but it's always been like that.

Ever been to an emergency room in Houston on a Friday night? Ah, good times.

New York architect Robert A.M. Stern, dean of Yale's School of Architecture has been named the architect chosen to design the George W. Bush presidential library. No official announcement as to where it will be but rumor has it that SMU has been chosen, in Dallas. It's one of Laura's alma maters and George W. donated a million to fund the Laura Bush something or the other there.

Lucy, the fossil found in Ethiopia in 1974, making her the oldest fossil found at the time, is on display here in Houston. She's visiting for a while and letting folks gawk at her to see more evidence of the progression from ape like beings to humans now.

As contrast, yesterday an original light saber prop from the original Star Wars was delivered by NASA employee to Space Center Houston as part of a commemoration of the 30 year anniversary of said movie.

Ancient man to space man. If nothing else, we are a city of dramatic contrasts.

Note to Kenye West: President Bush and Laura Bush were in New Orleans and Mississippi today to remember Hurricane Katrina's arrival on the Gulf coast two years ago. Black folks were hugging him, freely and openly. Guess the president must have found some black people he doesn't hate, huh Kenye?

Apparently they didn't get the memo, Kenye, as most seemed to be reaching out to hug him as he moved to them.

The Katrina cottages built in Mississippi are awesome. Unlike New Orleans, the state of Mississippi came up with a plan for moving people back into homes and thus, received the federal money. The state of Louisiana, however, is doing the same old, same old. So corrupt, still, that plans aren't being made and money isn't being distributed. They'd like to say it is Bush's fault. The only blame I have for Bush is that he has allowed the state to have too much power in the state of emergency. The governor and the mayor have failed miserably and the federal money is slow to be received because of them. It's a disgrace. Plus, the people of Mississippi are used to doing for themselves. Whole towns in coastal Mississippi were completely destroyed, gone, after the hurricane came through. New Orleans didn't receive the full force of the storm and the infrastructure of most of the city remained in tact.

And so it goes.

Senator Tim Johnson, D-S.D., made an appearance for a crowd in Sioux Falls yesterday. He is hoping to return to his senate duties next week after all this time. He's making progress from speech and physical therapy after his massive stroke. I'm proud Republicans wished him a full recovery at the time of his stroke and none moved to have him replaced. I'd like to think the Dems would have done the same for a Republican but I don't.

Now, I think Johnson should announce he won't seek re-election and go on with his life as best he can.


seawitch said...

I am so tried of the elected officials of Louisiana constantly whining that Mississippi received a disproportionate share of Federal money for rebuilding.

The Katrina cottages are adorable!!! And the style fits in so well in this area.

Frasypoo said...

They need to get rid of Nagin...he is their biggest downfall
Kanye is an idiot,cant stand him
Great post your sarcastic best today!I love it!

Paul is a Hermit said...

Leahy is always happy to subvert the Constitution or any other American principal to defeat what he thinks are Republican misdeeds and he thinks everything they do is a misdeed. The Democrats, he's pretty sure, do nothing wrong. I cannot stand the pompous hack.

Brit Hume, yesterday, reported that Edwards, when asked how he squared pushing for Americans to sacrifice for the environment with the fact that he lived in a 28,000 sq. ft mansion responded that he worked hard for everything he has.

I knew none of us did, but did he have to say so publicly?

Lucy. Still haven't reburied her, huh? So much for Eternal Rest. Elvis is going to face the same fate some day, I'll bet.

Debbie said...

You've been nominated for The Nice Award.

You deserve it!

Have a great day.

wordnerd said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. As usual.

And you are so right about Louisiana. We are our own worst enemy here. The cottages are wonderful, they are up and running, and people are going home. Here? Yep. Just keep your fingers crossed for Jindal. He's polling 63% right now, so there's a true glimmer of hope.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Anderson Cooper (from that network!) did a good and at times, very sad podcast yesterday about N.O. for about 29 min. A lot was about volunteers and activists. Interviews with people trying to come back. Opened my eyes a bit. Problems I would never guess still plaguing those folks.

Debbie said...

Mississippi did things right. They don't have rampant corruption like Louisiana does, specifically New Orleans. People don't sit on they butts in Mississippi and wait for somebody to do things for them, they take personal responsibility. Big difference.

Such a 'nice' post, ha.