Monday, August 06, 2007

Looking Ahead

Saturday 13 squirrel boxes were completed by members of Boy Scout troop 825, under the guidance of my son and his father. The Eagle Scout project is complete and delivered to Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The President of the operation happened to be there as the boys delivered the boxes and she was full of gratitude and gracious in welcoming their participation. One of the volunteers brought out some baby squirrels there for the boys to see.

To reward themselves, my guys went to see the movie, "The Simpsons" Sunday afternoon. Doh!

Today I mailed off our order for the son's Senior pictures. I didn't go hog wild and get the super duper packages. I did order an extra, though. I purchased all his proofs of the different shots taken, (there are 13!) and for the fee they will touch them up and take off the studio's banner across them so they can be framed.

Our son's 18th birthday is Labor Day weekend. Yes, he was my Labor Day baby. Who doesn't appreciate irony? I've been trying to decide where we should go to celebrate this special birthday. We wanted to get out of town and take a break from everyday routine for a couple of days. I chose New Orleans. Hotel reservations have been made, Max has a reserved spot at the boarders place (which is our vet's operation), and now we'll have a nice celebration to look forward to as the end of the summer approaches.

Our son was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. He was going into third grade, age 7, when we moved to Texas. My husband and I lived there for 12 years and truly enjoyed it. We haven't been back to New Orleans since Katrina. It was always a favorite destination for a long weekend or quick trip to get away. My husband has been throughout the area as he traveled for work and reported back on the devastation he saw so it'll be interesting to see what progress has been made. He hasn't been in the area in about 7 or 8 months now.

We'll act like tourists and hang in the French Quarter where little damage was done and it is up and running. We'll be careful of the increased murder/crime rate. We'll go by and see where the husband lived as a bachelor for 7 years, in the uptown area of town, to see how the area looks now. We never hung in the 9th ward anyway so don't plan to make any big effort to go there. We'll wait and gauge our curiosity level when we get there.

I have a new weekend bag to break in. Good times.


Paul is a Hermit said...

The young man is getting quite a treat, a nice weekend in New Orleans plus some good tips on bachelor hang outs from his Dad! Maybe admonitions from Mom.

Paul Simon mention Lafayette in a song, his attempt at Zydeco or a tribute to it. Said he'd see a Clifton Chenille (sic?) and those cajun girls dancin' or something.
All irrelevant but so much for my Lafayette knowledge. If you liked it, then it must be good.

AC said...

My parents went to new Orleans for their honeymoon and talked about (most of) it still all their years together. T and I went to the Jazz Festival in 1990 but the crowds were a bit much for us and we tooled around French Quarter while everyone else was at the show. The food was just spectacular but even then there was quite a bit of street crime, lots of drug exchanges taking place in plain sight. So you be careful, ya hear!

I do love the little jaunt and the looking forward to it all. I want a food report after!

wordnerd said...

Cool! We are doing the same thing in October, for Miss Priss's 13th birthday. We were able to get a condo right in the Quarter and are looking forward to ringing in Lucky 13 right there in the middle of everything!

Chenier, Paul. Chenier! ;)

vicki said...

It sounds as though you have a great weekend coming up- and new luggage to boot- that's fun. That wil be a memorable 18th birthday trip for all of you. You are such a southern gal- makes me wonder if you have a good southern drawl going.

vicki said...

P.S. AC is right- we'll need a food report. I was 20 my first trip to New Orleans and I still remember Bananas Foster at Brennans.

Frasypoo said...

Sounds like a great trip,something we have on our to-do list !

Jennifer said...

Very envious of your pending excursion, I must say. My boss - who lived in New Orleans for 2 years twenty years ago - just returned from a four day conference there. I'll be most interested to hear what you think about the state of things, as opposed to his opinion.

I adored our trip there, just before Katrina. I still feel eighteen kinds of lucky at having had the experience when we did.