Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday's Findings

The statue of limitations has run out in Mexico and officials are dropping charges against Dog Chapman. Finally.

Cindy Sheehan, running against Grandma Mimi Pelosi in San Francisco, announced plans to go to Syria, Jordan and Iraq. How did that tour work out for Grandma?

Sean Penn is visiting his new best friend, Hugo Chavez. He's gone to Venezuela in hopes of being taken seriously as a freelance journalist. I can't make this stuff up. You remember his fascinating insights from his visit with Saddam and the boys in Iraq, don't you? And his canoe trip in New Orleans, armed with a rifle, to 'help' Katrina victims? Well, you know, if George W. Bush would just run this country correctly, Sean wouldn't have to. Do you think the rally Sean attended with Hugo, mostly to denounce the Iraq War and speak of the common hatred they have for Bush violated any kind of journalistic ethics?

The Dems still are trying to find something to brag about as far as legislation is involved. They voted on passing the final 9/11 Commission report suggestions. They failed to mention that 37 out of 39 have already been put into place by executive order by Bush. So, that leaves two - the ramped up inspection guidance and they make no intentions known that the massive amount of committees be reduced, as suggested, to consolidate the oversight of intelligence and terrorism concerns.

I tuned into C-SPAN for a bit yesterday and was wondering if it was the U.S. House of Representatives that I was watching. What a circus. I stumbled upon a coup executed by the majority when the Agriculture bill was going the way of the minority opinion. Several Dems changed their votes after much arm twisting and one was Nick Lampson, D-TX. He has the old Tom DeLay seat. He'll have some 'splainin' to do to the home voters. The drama occured after a very close vote, 215 - 213, on a provision to allow welfare benefits and health care to illegals here in this country. The minority was opposed to such nonsense and some honest Dems voted with them. So, Pelosi and her followers lost the vote. The Congressman with the gavel, however called the vote a tie. The Republicans protested. Loudly. The vote was then opened back up and allowed to continue on until the arms were twisted hard enough to bring the count to 212-216. This hasn't been done before, after the gavel is hit.

One hundred Republicans walked out in protest. The vote was pulled. Steney Hoyer, Majority leader apologized this morning and both sides have agreed for the bill's vote to be scrapped and they will find a way to work it out.

Grandma Mimi needs a bigger broom to clean up that House. It is more corrupt, more earmarks (no matter what she labels them) and making up rules as they go. The voting machinery and microphones mysteriously were not working properly for the first vote taken this morning. Hmm.

John Edwards has gone after Hillary for taking $20,000 in campaign donations from News Corp, parent company of Fox News. He says Fox News is hostile to Dems. Hostile while donating to Hill? Rupert Murdoch just had a big fundraiser event for Hill and Bill in NYC. Edwards didn't want you to know that he received $500,000 in advances for his last book, published by HarperCollins, a News Corp subsidary. He says he gave the money to charity so it's ok. He didn't say he received another $300,000 for 'expenses' while the book project was underway. No word where that money went. He also received campaign contributions from News Corp execs but downplays it now by saying they were just 'middle level' execs. Does that make a difference? Does he imply only CEOs and Corp Presidents count? Hey, what about the little guy?

The frosting on the cake yesterday? Chuckie Schumer's face as he heard Diane Fienstein's statement in the Senate Judicial Committee as she said she would vote yes to send the nomination of Judge Leslie Southwick to the floor of the Senate for a confirmation vote. Chuckie must not have been informed that she was the only Dem to vote with the Republicans on the committee. So, the nomination will finally be brought to the floor for a vote. It's for the 5th Circuit Court, which includes the state of Texas. So, the committee vote outcome of 10-9 was quite a disappointment to Chuckie, who vows to block votes on Bush judicial nominees. He never voted for them anyway, I don't know why he acts as though he ever thought the president was entitled to his nominees. Chuckie's face fell. It was priceless. The smug smirk was briefly on vacation. Priceless.

The typical Pat Leahy inspired smear campaign was in full force against Southwick. He renounced any previous statements in his career that offended people before the committee during the nomination process. The Dems are always shouting for apologies, but refuse to 'move on' if it comes from the other side.

Whole lot of nuttiness going on out there.


vicki said...

Really. From the ridiculous to the sublime on the political scene. You're a good sort to present this survey, Karen- makes me laugh and cringe.

Debbie said...

Are some people crazy or what? I had not hear about Dog Chapman, I'm glad to hear the news.

On Cindy Sheehan, (gag) I felt sorry for her for about 2 minutes, then she proved to be a NUT. Maybe they will keep her in Syria.

AC said...

I caught a bit of Dog and Beth on Larry King--Alive! last night. Love the Dog. Love the Bethie.

I missed the chuckie face-fall. Do ya think it'll be on YouTube?

I have never heard such spin concerning the 9-11 committee'd think that NOT ONE thing had even been considered. Even i didn't know that 37 out of 39 were exceutively ordered. Thanks Karen for keeping up.

Flciking through the movie channels the other night (Braves were looosing) I got stuck on something interesting enough UNTIL Penn showed up on screen. Yipe! Click Away, he's hideous (-ly stupid). I'd almost feel sorry for him, except I am not that charitible a person.

Angevin13 said...

Nice round-up, Karen!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Once again, a nice job on the summary. I saw most of what you reported on, I didn't know that there were other geeks who watch C-SPAN as much as I do. UpChuck is a joke and a national embarrassment. He reminds me of the nerd in high school who now is getting even with everyone.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Only 100 Republicans walked out? Can you believe that? What were the others waiting for.

There's only one reason we know anything about Penn and Sheehan, isn't there? The media loves a good show and many seem to be dropping all pretense of, what was it they used to tell us they were there for? now it's to find as much entertainment for themselves as they can and create as much dissension for the rest of us, as if tending a garden which will yield more fun for them as we beat each others brains in.

Edwards is so obvious about his hypocrisy and yet, last I saw 13% were for him. I think if he went around laughing in their faces calling them stupid, his numbers might go up. The media must be rolling in their after work drinks, all that does is just reinforce their belief America can't govern itself. Which Chavez must think by forming his opinion of us from the likes of Penn and the other wackos paying homage to the Great Hugo.

How can Chuckie talk without laughing? Everything he says is ridiculous but I'll bet he would draw even more than Edwards. No wonder Hugo believe he can beat us.

His fellow politicians can keep a straight face when Chuckie's talking too, that should be the acid test on whether one is considered professional, listening to Chuckie without laughing.